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Entry Submitted by Mark W at 6:54 PM ET on May 15, 2022

The other day I wrote an op-ed here questioning the truth of much of the information coming from the “truthers”.  My intent was not to malign the individuals who act as truthers but rather to bring a light to their sources, who have consistently been spreading falsehoods.  I actually suspect that most truthers have good intentions…with a little ego mixed in (it is intoxicating to receive praise from many quarters).
I am also not grousing, my intention was not to start a negative movement of any kind.

My intention was to bring to light a more clear understanding of the situation we find ourselves in.  I happen to believe that we must look to God, Christos, the light and truth, instead of relying on information that we cannot confirm, from a gaggle of online truthers, who mainly pass around the same info, which no one can confirm.  As we all know, it is almost impossible to make sound and correct decisions if the information we receive is either incorrect or incomplete.

Here are a couple of the claims (among many, many examples) that I have found impossible to confirm, with links so you can read for yourselves:

1. Claim: “As of Tues. 10 May the Gold-backed Chinese Yuan had replaced the fiat US Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.”
I have worked in international finance for years and this kind of event would be major news. Even if this event was intentionally down-played, there would be mention of it in major banking newsletters and financial publications. I have found no mention of such an occurrence. Here is a link to a financial publication that specifically talk about China’s reserve currency status. It appears that the claim that the Chinese Yuan is the pre-eminent currency in the world, is false.

Here is the article:

2. Claim: On Thurs. 11 May Q and Trump announced on Telegram, “The Global Currency Reset has been fully Activated.”
I am a subscriber to Trump office, Donald Trump (Official) and various Q channels and none of them announced that the GCR has been officially activated, that I could find.  Below are the links to check out the Trump Office channel and the Donald Trump (Official) channel, for yourself.

Trump Office


Donald Trump (Official)

These are just some quick examples of a regularly occurring pattern.  We are given false information to support claims that all is progressing rapidly now.  Yet, most people who are more connected than our truthers (such as Kash Patel, Dan Bongino, are suggesting that events will unfold over the next few YEARS…and, the people must elect patriots this year in the 2022 elections.  Of course, how many of them are suggesting that we must first fix the election system before November?  How many of them are talking about the false system run by the British Monarch that must be removed before we can be free?  How many are adding 2 + 2, that if the WHO fake law (fake because politicians have no right to give away our sovereignty, literally) goes into effect, you can forget about the elections having any consequence at all?

We are unfortunately inside a bubble of lies and/or misunderstandings.  How can we hit the target (of freedom, etc.) if there is so much confusion?  We literally need God’s help.  We hope there is a strong and honest White Hat Alliance.  But, I am calling out whomever is passing out lie after lie, stop it now!  Stop your rationalizations for telling those lies.  Get the people involved in this war.  Telling everyone to sit tight and trust the plan doesn’t cut it any more.  How are we to trust a plan that we know nothing of?  How are we to trust you when you spread lies?  Come clean and do it now!  By now, the Cabal has catalogued your efforts to psyche them or get them to expose themselves since you have used this tactic over and over again.  Even the stupid eventually learn.  So, let’s get everyone involved. Next, let’s arrest these Cabalists before they do more damage, some of which may be irreversible.  Time is up.  If famine and the WHO legislation take hold, what comes next will be on the Alliance, if such exists.  The patriots in each nation will rise up and wholesale violence could ensue with Cabal followers fighting the patriots and millions of good people dying, after the vaccine deaths already in the books.  This is a Satanic dream come true and it will be caused by the lies and delays from the supposed strategists in the Alliance.  

It may need to happen (the patriots arresting the royals and politicians) but it could have been better organized than what is coming in just a few short weeks.  So, I say to the Alliance (again presuming that such exists and we weren’t all fed psy-op baloney), YOU WAKE UP!  


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