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Expectations of demonstrations erupting during the summer of Iraq, more violent than October

Political analyst Ali Al-Baydar warned, today, Saturday, of the outbreak of massive protests throughout the country with the advent of the summer which will be more violent than the October revolution

Al-Baydar said in a statement to (Baghdad Today), “The Iraqi street has completely lost confidence in the political system, as the early elections were the last opportunity to correct political and governmental work and legislative and oversight “.performance

He added, “Despite the passage of 7 months since the early elections and 5 months after the deputies took the constitutional oath, the country is heading towards a constitutional, governmental, administrative and parliamentary vacuum, as there is “.almost complete paralysis affecting state institutions

Al-Baydar pointed out that He pointed out that “the country is going through several complex crises, including the economic crisis related to the livelihood of citizens and a service crisis that includes water and electricity, as well as a security crisis as a result of the increased “.movements of terrorist organizations and armed groups

He continued, “The solution to the political crisis lies in collective and even tacit “.consensus within the components   link

Politician: Al-Kazemi’s Convoy Threw A “Vent” From The Street’s Anger


On Saturday, political analyst Kazem Al-Hajj considered the attack on the convoy of the caretaker prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, during his participation in the funeral of the great poet Muzaffar Al-Nawab, as a result of the accumulation of mistakes committed by Al-Kazemi’s government, which did not provide any tangible achievement for the Iraqi people.

Al-Hajj said in a statement to / the information /, that “there is no doubt about it and as a result of the difficult conditions that the Iraqi people are going through and the failure of the Al-Kazemi government to present any real and tangible achievement at the popular level, as well as its attempt to present financial laws to steal public money across the Iraqi street, expressing its anger towards The government’s actions, and the public threw stones at the convoy.”

He added, “Any outlet that allows the Iraqi street, we see it expressing its anger at the accumulation of mistakes Al-Kazemi and his government, which are supported by some political forces, and this is what happened today during the funeral of the deputies.”

The funeral ceremony witnessed the convoy of the caretaker prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, throwing “stones and shoes”, while Al-Kazemi’s protection attacked a number of mourners.  link

Next Wednesday .. Who will prevail in the food security law, for the devotees or for those who refuse.

In a new round of the conflict that has been going on since the end of the early parliamentary elections until now between the Sadrist movement, which won the highest seats and those who joined it, and the coordination framework and those who lined up with it, what will happen in next Wednesday’s session that was devoted to voting on the food security law that the two sides wrestled with And raised to the Federal Court and refused and then returned to the front in a parliamentary manner.

His latest developments were clarified by the representative of the Ishraqa Kanon bloc, Muhammad Jassem Al-Khafaji, in a statement to Noon news agency, saying, “The proposed law is presented within the work of the Council, specifically in the Finance Committee, and it is not hidden from everyone the active role of the Iraqi judiciary in preventing an attempt – (what he described) – slipping into more constitutional and legal violations in the process of legislating laws, the latest of which is Federal Court Decision No. (21) which was issued before days, and he explained the description of the government for managing daily affairs and what are the tasks entrusted to it, including the lack of legislation or proposing laws, so the food security law submitted by the government was rejected.


As a result, the decision of the Finance Committee was to proceed with its legislation based on Article 60 of the Iraqi Constitution and Article (112) of the internal system of the House of Representatives, which It provides for the possibility of enacting laws by the competent committee, to avoid this constitutional violation, so it was submitted again to the Presidency of the House of Representatives and referred to the Legal Committee to express a legal opinion in order to proceed with its first reading in the House of Representatives and then vote on it.

He added, “It was Voting on the decision in the Legal Committee is approval by the majority, but we proved in the vote that we do not agree with it, and that this law is also a violation within the same previous framework because it contains a financial aspect and a financial obligation for the government, which is contrary to the Constitution and the decision of the Constitutional Court and its decision No. (21) of 2015 to legislate laws

The parliament had a financial aspect, so the decision was to be presented to the government to obtain its approval, and this means that we did nothing because the government, by law and constitution, does not allow it to legislate, and it was read in the first reading in the House of Representatives, and the problem is that the law contains many things far from food security and providing the food basket for the citizen And it has percentages of spending on certain projects and giving the authority to the government for the purpose of borrowing, repaying debts and repaying loans. At the same time, the Federal Court made it clear with its decision that the issue of providing food, medicine and security is a routine matter among the government’s daily work in managing matters and it is obligatory in it, and the session will be next Wednesday

It is to vote on the law and we will try to make it within the constitutional frameworks.   link

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