“The Next Financial Step” by Ron Giles – 5.21.22


Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 1:50 AM ET on May 21, 2022

The Next Financial Step

If you listen to the real news, you are aware that the Next Step in our Financial Disclosure is being talked about frequently by some really credible intel people. It is being said that the Banks have been connected to the new Quantum Financial System and that it is now running with the banks’ help. While this is good news there is some misunderstanding that can be cleared up easily.

The best way to assess what is happening is to look at what the end result will look like and see how each component now will build-up to the new financial system. Let’s take a look.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is the new system that the world will use for all financial transactions big and small and everything in-between. The word “all” is the functioning word that does not leave any transaction out unless when using cash. Why yes, Cash. Sorry Cabal, the all-new Digital System will continue to use cash along with the normal credit card type transactions. We will look into that later below.

With the QFS in place, there will be the addition of the new Financial Service Centers. What? Yes, Financial Service Centers. It is part of a new financial industry called the Financial Services Industry. It will function like the banks as a service to mankind in all of their financial dealings – just like a bank. The entire banking system will become obsolete due to the lack of funds. The QFS does not support how the banks made money. The SWIFT and CIPS transfer systems will not be needed. Why? Because all transfers will be an account-to-account transfer in the one structure of the QFS.

IE: If EXON wants to purchase a tank of oil from America, they will go through all of the procedures that they now require for the shipment and when the funds are to be transferred to complete the purchase, EXON will go to the QFS through their own connection to the QFS and simply transfer the Millions of dollars from the EXON account to the American Seller’s account and the transaction will be completed. Simple because there are no banks involved, all accounts for any transaction are in the same QFS financial system. Account-to-Account transfers are initiated and completed by the two parties involved. 

Two things make this possible. The first is that all financial accounts are in the same location, so there is no requirement for a third party to do the transfers. The Transfers are done by the people engaged in the transfers. The second thing is all currencies are of equal value so there is no need for the Bank Of International Settlements which made money on all exchanges of currency.


Paying your bills is the same easy process. The company accountants will monitor the transfers electronically and will have an easy time keeping track of the new way of doing business. The QFS has no time limit on keeping their data of all transactions because it is permanent, like the Akashic record. With the Income Tax being negated there is no reason to have all of the data that would support the collection of IncomeTax. Things are changing for the good of businesses and people. The only thing left is to pay the Sales Tax on all new things except food, medicine, and some other non-essential items. 

That’s how it will be.

For now, though, let’s delve into what people are saying and how we should interpret what they mean.

First of all, none of the Digital Gold Certificates in the QFS have been activated, not even for the Alliance or anyone else. Yes, they are prepared but are not active. That won’t happen until the QFS sets the price it will use for the gold. This will determine how many units of currency a kilo of gold will support or back the currency. When the price of gold is set by the QFS, then the QFS’s Digital Gold Certificates can be activated.  That means there is no money in any accounts in the QFS. To activate the Digital Gold Certificate, there has to be a “Transaction.” This transaction will be the Redemption of Zim Bonds by the Alliance. When we sell our Zim To the Alliance, that is the transaction that will activate the Digital Gold Certificates into our QFS accounts. Sorry Juan, there will be a redemption or there will be no active QFS Digital Gold Certificates. Email me and I’ll send you the memo. Keep in mind that the redemption of the Zim Bonds will only be done for Alliance Vetted Humanitarians. No one will really know if they are vetted Humanitarians until they go to their redemption appointment where they will either redeem the Zim or be told they are not Humanitarians and will not receive any money. Most SKRs will not be funded. That’s just the way it is. 

I have always been aghast that gurus talk about people getting 11 Million for a 100 Trillion Zim Bond. That isn’t the way the Alliance will work the redemption. Guess who has the money and will do the real redemption Appointments using their Alliance Agents. Alliance Authorized Banks will do the exchanges for Dinar, Dongs, etc. Those who have done their homework and have aligned themselves with the Alliance will be happy, others will curse the gurus for all their lies. These gurus will be treated like we will treat Politicians.

The Cabal wants us to be a cashless society, but that is not what we want. The QFS has a way to provide for the use of cash within the QFS. Digital Gold Certificates are a block of electronic data that represents an increment of money in the QFS, IE; Dollar, Yuan, Pound, or Mark, etc. If you want cash, go to the new Financial Service Centers mentioned below and ask for cash from your account. They will put the cash through the cash assignment machine and the Digital Gold Certificate will be transferred to the serial number on the cash. You make your purchase(s) using the cash and those who receive it and want it to go into their QFS account will take it to the Financial Service Center and deposit it. The Serial number on the cash will be transferred back to the Digital Gold Certificate that it came from and the cash will be taken out of circulation. There is your usable cash – sorry Cabal you failed again.

Love Won Society is a structure for Zim Holders to get the correct Alliance directives for the Alliance way of redeeming Zim Bonds and other bonds. We know because we have been told the correct way they want the Zim Bonds to be redeemed. We are not limited by the guru’s false intel when it comes to the rates we will be asking for. Our LWS minimum suggested rate for the redemption of Zim is $500,000 per Zim Dollar. Our hearts tell us if we should get more. Many are into the Millions because their Humanitarian hearts are giving them the rate they should ask for. Why do they need these high rates you ask? The answer is in the work the Alliance is asking us to do like fund the Financial Service Centers. Some Humanitarians will be installing wheelchair ramps in homes in the area they live in, but the Alliance has much more for us Humanitarians to do. One hell of a lot more. The wheelchair ramps will be done for those in need, but we are being positioned to do the heavy lifting of mankind out of poverty. We Humanitarians of  Love Won Society will be changing the World Economic system. It is achievable using our LWS Programs. It’s the Alliance plan given to man to accomplish the end goal of a new Economic system that includes all living humans; and supports the Golden Age of Mankind.


Let’s take a look at the Financial Services Industry. The banks have lost their ability to make money. Everything the banks charged us for will be free in the QFS. So the Financial Service Industry will need a huge amount of funds to pay for the services provided in the new Financial Service Centers. LWS has employment contracts that will be given to every employee in the service industry. Certain People in our programs will be involved in supplying the funds to do this work. We will be paying all of the overhead as well. AND we will not be paid back for our participation. It will be free. We will be paid for our Participation using the Structured Payout Program. We will be paid a handsome annual payment for the 100 years we will be participating in our Humanitarian activities. We will not need to make money, it is given to us to use as we see fit in service to mankind. That’s the way the Alliance has set it up.

The Banks have been cleansed by the Alliance. Certain individuals in the banks have proven worthy to participate in the Financial Service Industries and have been or are being trained to perform as if they were bankers, but they are Financial Service Centers’ employees. Their training has already started. Did you know that? Yes, these people will become Financial Service Center employees and will receive huge wages for their service to mankind. Love Won Society is in harmony with the Alliance and they will use us for the things they need us to do with our funds. That’s why we get the higher rates, the Alliance will use us and the funds we have for their purposes.

When you align yourself with the Alliance some real nice benefits come with it. Love Won Society has aligned ourselves with the Alliance and have positioned ourselves to receive all that the Father has in store for us. It’s our inheritance and yours as well and we will be getting it out to everyone.

There are no limits to the number of people the Alliance has prepared for this work. We are told there are many more who will align themselves with Love Won Society to do the Humanitarian work of the Alliance. If you want to find out what is going on and how you can be a part of the Alliance way of doing things, consider joining with us. We have established a training program where each individual is responsible for their own training. We encourage you to find out for yourself what we are doing on our website

The next step is right in front of us if you know the Alliance Plan. It is unfolding miraculously. It’s fun to know these things are true because we get to keep our vibrations high as we are buffeted by the mainstream media. Service to mankind is our goal and this is why we are chosen to do this work along with the Alliance.

Love to all and to all, love one another

Ron Giles


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