“Corporate Structure” by Logan B – 5.22.22


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 1:15 PM ET on May 22, 2022

I just watched a show about a time traveler from 3036 who came back to warn us about the past unfolded from his time to ours. Basically despite the efforts of good people to overcome the evil that exists they are eventually defeated and forced to live underground and are called beneathers. They are not chipped so they have no access to food provided on the surface by three super corporations that now rule the world. Instead of a projected population of a hundred billion or more if population remained unchecked there are less than 2 billion. The people on the surface all live in sealed pods because the atmosphere is toxic from pollution. They live in servitude to their corporate masters. There is no entertainment like tv, movies or sports. The only thing they have access to is books that the corporations allow them to have. They have nothing and they will learn to like it. 

His DNA did not match anyone from our time as if he was not born into the world in the usual way but was somehow artificially created. Probably a soulless clone. The future super corporations won’t be able to have humans with souls screwing things up for them. Bad enough they still had souled beneathers to deal with. 

The reporter that was going to his house to interview him noticed that he was followed. The time traveler disappeared and the reporter read a story a couple of weeks later about a burnt body found with it’s left hand missing where the chip was.

In the series Star Trek Picard Q appears to Picard to tell him that if he does not go back to 2024 make sure a certain event happens the Borg will take over the galaxy in Picard’s time and the Federation will be no more. It surprised me that the current producers do not foresee the world changing hardly at all in two years. People are still driving gasoline vehicles and using clunky smartphones. 

I think what all this means is if we do not replace the corporate structure with a cooperative relationship or complete individual sovereignty the corporations will eventually merge together to become super corporations. One of the super corporations the time traveler said was called Rothschild. This is not projected right away but within 50 years. 

Everyday that the QFS is not activated is another day gone by that this possible future for humanity will become a reality. I do not believe for one second that a bunch of ragtag nobodies are going to convince a world of Walmart shoppers and SUV drivers that they should stop the lives they currently lead and no longer support the banks and corporations without an RV of unlimited wealth to beat the corporations at their own game and offer the people something better such as everything that the corporations offer only completely eco-friendly, nontoxic and free.

Our mission should the NPTB allow us to accept it is now not only to save billions that are currently suffering from our slave masters but we need to save the eventual demise of the whole souled human race from these corporate monsters.



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