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Soon.. Solving the political impasse in Iraq

The leader in the coordination framework, Ali Al-Fatlawi, confirmed today, Thursday, .that the solution to the political impasse in Iraq is very close Al-Fatlawi told “Baghdad Today”, “All the political parties have realized well the danger of the political situation remaining as it is currently in terms of obstruction and great intersection between all parties, and for this everyone now wants a solution and wants to end this blockage, and this confirms the approaching “.resolution of the crisis

And he indicated that “everyone realized that the policy of imposing reality on the political parties, marginalization and exclusion, was not and will not be accepted by the influential forces on the political and popular arena, and for this everyone will be sitting soon at the table of dialogue and negotiation to find solutions that satisfy all “.political parties in Iraq   link

Always heard that worldwide banking reconcile and make changes at 02:00 eastern time Thursday mornings.

The end of the month is Tuesday, just six days away, pretty exciting !!! Tony also said many other currencies are revaluing !!! Watch CBI website told to the Iraqi people.

hopefully an indication on Sunday night update on funding. Do hope it happens to go by Tuesday. Hang in there!!

Mountain Mole:
Just saying there has been much talk of the RV needing an extended weekend, a holiday connected to a weekend(3 days) well, we have one coming up this weekend, oh that is the end of this month of May.


Al-Kazemi: Iraq has become one of the most important countries in the Middle East in terms of economic growth

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi considered, on Thursday, that Iraq has become one of the most important countries in the Middle East in terms of economic growth.

This came in his speech during his attendance at the launch of the National Strategy for Early Childhood Development in Iraq (2022-2031).

Al-Kazemi said during the speech, “This government came in difficult and complex circumstances with specific tasks, and it performed them, which is the establishment of fair and fair elections, and with this we took the initiative in order to create better economic and security conditions, and the government succeeded after we were on the brink of economic collapse.”

And he added, “International indicators and reports confirm that the Iraqi economy today is the fastest growing, and that Iraq has become one of the most important countries in the Middle East in terms of economic growth.”

Al-Kazemi added, “We have succeeded in overcoming many challenges according to the capabilities and capabilities available to us, while others require longer work and greater cooperation between state institutions, political blocs and all parties of Iraqi society.”   link

The UN Security Council between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve the oil dispute

The UN Security Council between Baghdad and Erbil: a UN envoy with a Kurdish request to resolve the oil dispute between the center and the region.

International intervention on the crisis line between Baghdad And Erbil.. Where, after a Kurdish request, news spoke of the UN Security Council sending an envoy to solve the oil conflict and organizing the relationship between the center and the region in a dangerous precedent that did not occur before.

In a precedent that has not happened before.UN Security Council As a result of a Kurdish request, a representative is sent to resolve the differences between the center and the region related to the oil file in a clear and explicit external intervention in the local affairs, but this will not, according to deputies, prevent the implementation of the Federal Court’s decision, which considered the Kurdistan Oil and Gas Law null and unconstitutional.

International intervention, according to the regional government, comes to regulate the relationship between Baghdad And Erbil After the chaos of positions and statements, only that Some deputies from the Kurdish side see that The relationship will not be regulated except by enacting the Oil and Gas Law, which was suspended in the year 2007 for reasons of political and economic aspect.

The news that talks about an international intervention to resolve the oil dispute between Baghdad And Erbil It is only an indication of the extent and depth of the crisis to the extent that the internal mediations were unable to find a solution to end this conflict.    link

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