Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 26, 2022


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 26 May 2022

Compiled Thurs. 26 May 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

“Timeless Tales”

February 6, 2022- #4821 Music & the Spoken Word (

Hans Christian Andersen was the only child of a poor shoemaker who rose from poverty to the top of European society through talent and tenacity. His most enduring contribution to the world of literature was fairy tales. His own life was anything but a fairy tale and included plenty of heartache and trouble, though he affirmed, “Life itself is a wonderful poetic tale. An invisible and loving hand directs the whole of it. It was not blind chance which helped me on my way, but that of an invisible and fatherly heart that beat for me. The history of my life will say to the world what it says to me – There is a loving God who directs all things for the best.”

That is not a fairy tale. It is a timeless truth for us all.

Judy Note:

Future Events, Whiplash347:

  • We have all been under Project Mockingbird & Paperclip our whole lives. Everything is wrong. The Music Is About To Stop.
  • Jed McCaleb, Stellar, IBM Worldwire & countries themselves plus militaries are working on the new Quantum Financial System.
  • Each Continent will have 1 central location with Upgraded Quantum Technology for example USA = Arizona, South America = Brazil, Africa = Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Each Continent will have 1 main token released & it will represent each country on that continent.
  • This will help everyone & their countries stay stable, avoid inflation, taxes etc.
  • Protocol 19 to 20 would be the complete merging to Quantum Systems.
  • 19 was the Black Swan Event: The New York Stock Exchange to be hit with a Sun’s Corona CME (Cover Story) Think the Old Bailey in V for Vendetta [On The Clock]. It is the ISO20022 Regulation and Transfer of Wealth.
  • Castle Rock means all the Big Bad stuff goes down on Biden Admin.
  • 34 Buildings bombed, All Major Dams, Stock Market Crash. Major Cyber Attacks to Shutdown Earth.
  • The Event starts with Water. Double Meanings. Dams & Liquidity, Stock Market, Financial. It is based on the 3 Day War “Bay Of Pigs”
  • Others have shown the 27th as the day the Election is flipped previously.
  • There are massive Cyber Attacks coming to shutdown Earth. Trains & Planes will be grounded/halted.
  • What follows the Event is the Activation of EBS & a 10 Day Worldwide Movie

On the Global Currency Reset: (No new Intel since my last report)

  • The gold-backed Chinese Yuan has replaced the fiat US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
  • On Thurs. 11 May the Global Currency Reset was activated according to Q and Trump.
  • The King Pin of the GCR – the Iraqi Dinar – has been removed from the International Sanction’s List and Iraq has been told they could revalue their Dinar at any time.
  • According to Charlie Ward, on Fri. 20 May the tokens were issued and banks were given liquidity in the new financial system. Funds would be available to the General Public somewhere around the end of May to the beginning of June.
  • According to Bruce on Tues. Evening 24 May:
  • The three remaining countries of Israel, Lebanon and Mozambique would be connected to the QFS by Wed. 25 May 1:00 am EST.
  • Redemption Center Staff were expecting something to happen on Wed. 25 May.
  • Bond Holders were expecting to be notified on Thurs. 26 May.
  • Funds were to be liquid in Bond Holder accounts on Fri. 27 May.
  • Tier 4B could expect notification sometime between Wed. 25 May and Wed.-Thurs. 1, 2 June.
  • Judy Reminder: No one, and I mean Absolutely No One knows the exact time and date that the codes will be entered for notification of Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) to set redemption/ exchange appointments. That would be decided from calculations of the Military Quantum Computer and based upon concerns for safety of The People. Trust the Plan.

On the Restored Republic: On Tues. 17 May, 2022 a Constitutional Convention of 38 states was held in Washington DC, where US Inc was declared officially dead and the US Republic was Restored to principles of the original Constitution. …Fleming

The Real News for Wed. 25 May 2022:

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

Global Financial Crisis:

Brief History of the Global Currency Reset, Role of the Chinese Royal Red Dragon Family and significance of 9-11-2001, Tironianae/Z Ultra

1. In 1913 the US Congress secretly voted to allow a new private bank, the Federal Reserve (FED), to print money for the US Treasury under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.


2. The FED alone would be allowed to have full global monetary authority over rest of the world.

3. During Bretton Woods (1944), the NATO Alliance and the United States needed collateral to “put up” in order to launch their world domination plan. So they asked the Chinese Royal Red Dragon Family, who had also funded the American war against the British Empire in the late 1770’s.

4. The Red Dragons agreed to lend their gold to the Central Bankers for a maximum fifty-year period, ending in 1996 (plus a 5 year transition or grace period, making the back wall return date September 11, 2001).

5. With this benevolent act, the global Central Banking System was born, allowing all good standing sovereign nations to borrow redevelopment capital, and/or leverage through trade, in order to rebuild their war torn countries post WW2.

6. The central bankers decided to keep the gold for themselves, and began devising a strategy to accomplish this evil end. They manufactured a few wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, Bosnia, Kuwait and Iraq.

7. When the Red Dragons gold lending expired on Sept. 11 2001, then came 9/11, which lead humanity down its current military and financial pathway into Afghanistan, Iraq (again), Egypt, Syria, Israel/Palestine (again), Libya and finally Ukraine.

8. All of these wars were in directly response to giving the Red Dragons back their collateralizing assets to a rapidly defaulting Central Banking System.

9. This discrepancy built to a head when the Red Dragons demanded payment for derivatives debts on Lehman Brothers in 2007—and insisted that their gold interest must be paid back.

10. When Lehman could not pay off the debt call, the USG declared a global financial emergency, borrowing $700B from its citizens (T.A.R.P.) in order to maintain repayment schedules negotiated by Federal Reserve Bank to the Red Dragons.

11. As of March 1, 2015, the FED nor the United States of American Corporation (founded in 1871) had the liquidity left to satisfy its debt repayments, and thus turned over the USG to White Knight Military leaders within the US Pentagon, and they now run the country’s affairs. This transition has quietly been rolling out going back to 4th quarter 2012.


12. (pointrightindex) So if you hear the term “Global Currency Reset” or “Revaluation of Currencies” in the future, simply understand the world is resetting back to an economic balance between sovereign nations, whereby each nation agrees to “revalue their currency” in harmony with a pre-agreed, common gold standard of value to both measure and trade wealth.

13. Now that the Red Dragons have claimed ownership of the Federal Reserve Bank and all its assets through sovereign treaty defaults, our once strong USD has lost all its worldwide credibility and value.

14. As a result, the Red Dragons have replaced the USD with a new global digital currency called the Treasury Reserve Note (TRN); and they have backed it with gold. In essence, stabilizing the US economy, while at the same time replacing the old global reserve currency (USD) with a basket of new global reserve currencies, headlined by the Chinese Renimbi/Yuan (RNB/CYN) respectively.

15. All smaller sovereign countries, once completely dependent upon the almighty USA and FED to determine their own country’s currency value—have been released from economic bondage and allowed to revalue their currencies against a gold standard.

16. BRICS is an acronym representing the nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, and their economic resources united together, have replaced the United States as the world’s leading economic power, as well as the USD as the global reserve currency by which all other currencies are valued as equal.                                                                                                                                                 

17. Born out of necessity, the BRICS Alliance Redevelopment Bank was thrust into the spot light with a 100B endowment from all participating alliance members. This new global monetary lending source has all but replaced and eliminated the need for the private Central Banking System old control mechanisms, namely the International Monetary Fund and World Bank—both of which were created during the Bretton Woods Conference circa 1944.

18. The new BRICS Alliance lays claim to over three billion in total population, 60% GDP and controls vital transportation, military and natural resources in several strategic locations across Asia, Africa, and South America.

19. The BRICS Alliance quietly audited all global debt, and then prepared to collateralize all debts against their own gold reserves. This meant that the Red Dragon Elders had to agree to put up the physical gold to cover the entire world’s debt. HT/JR

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Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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