“The Time is Now for Spiritual Focus” by Jai Guru Dev – 5.26.22


Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 6:53 PM ET on May 26, 2022

Dinar Chronicles is a RV/GESARA/Redemption orientated community. It is THE hub where one can visit and get a synopsis of the many different well known digital warriors’ latest intel or opinions. To the ‘Newbies’, (a Newby is one who has in the last 3-5 years become aware RV/GESARA/Redemption but is spiritually aware enough to feel its authenticity), it is a Godsend, a community that validates their inner knowing of something better out there than the current controlled and manipulated existence that we have been indoctrinated into from birth. A platform that introduces them to a like-minded community, a community that waters and fertilizes the seed of awareness that has been lying dormant within those who gravitated towards the website.

Dinar Chronicles is more than a RV/GESARA/Redemption platform. It is an integral process in changing the consciousness of the planet. On multiple levels and multiple dimensions, it channels the isolated single flickering lights into a blazing community of unified fire that collectively assists in burning down the matrix of control.

It gives the ‘Newbies’ burst of energy that turns them into Spiritual Warriors. Eager at first to believe every post they are exposed to.

Changing their family, friends .. everyone becomes their main focus. 

Wisdom then kicks in and they became more discerning, as they realise that one must use one’s own judgement when taking in information from the blogs. Yet there is a commonality that never changes. Change is on the Horizon, from Dark to Light. This inspires them to become stronger in their efforts to change everyone they come into contact with, very often with resistance to the point of becoming labelled a conspiracy nut.

So one has to know more detail in order to convince others and every spare moment is spent on researching; the Vatican, the Queen, Biden, when is Trump coming back into power, med-beds, Celestial Chambers, DUMBS, adrenochrome, the QFS, the Illuminati, the genuine Elders (those with an AK number), the Secret Space Program, the Vaxx … it really is a never ending rabbit hole. Dinar Chronicles provides the appropriate links for most of one’s research.

Perhaps one can understand more clearly the importance to the spiritual influence of such a platform. It is much, much more than a RV/GESARA/ Redemption platform.


Now it’s time to focus on how you are expending your energy. There are many topics worthy of your time to research and discuss. There are many topics that are irrelevant. For example

– Reality Check. – You know Trump never lost control. Does it make a difference if he is instrumentally effecting planetary change from a chair in Mar-El-Lago, on Air Force One, or the White House. The chair is unimportant to the process, why do you frustratingly waste energy on your idea that it should be the White House chair? Is it because that you doubt that he is still in power? Or is it because your ego wants to show your friends/family/peers that you were right?

 – Reality Check – The RV/GESARA/Redemption has already manifested in higher dimensions. It is only the pockets of Time experienced in the physical dimension that one must come to grips with. The manifestation is inevitable, the time is known to a select few. (Perhaps more than a select few because processes to effect this change have already turned from a flicker into a heart warming fire as this involves more and more people knowing the timing to assist to implement systems to effect this change.) 

It is time to refocus your energies from Spiritual Warrior to Spiritual Creator (a higher level of consciousness that understands that everything Is As IT Should Be).  Don’t get caught up in the smoke and mirrors.

Change your focus from the detail of the change to the outcome, the inevitable. RV/GESARA/Redemption (now literally on the doorstep) is the initiating of changing this planet from Dark to Light, indeed not only this planet but the entire 7th  Universe.

As our human instrument is time constrained, we only have a certain amount of time and energy to expend during the course of a day. Is your focus on the chair that Trump sits on, or the magnificent new future that awaits this planet and Universe. If it is on the new future, you will download the role you have been chosen to assist in implementing this change.

You see the trigger for the rebirth of the new planetary/universal system has always been set for the most spiritually/energetically appropriate moment. It has never changed. It has never been held up because Biden is still in power, the Queen has not officially been proclaimed deceased, the consciousness of people is not quite there yet! Astrololgy is based on the principle that when you were born the planets where in a certain alignment at the place and time you were born. This then engenders certain characteristics that will shape your journey through life. This is true. 


If you had the knowledge of such systems and the other energetic systems that the Astrologers were not aware of, and you could choose the exact time and place of birth to initiate the rebirth the entire planet and Universe, would you not choose that specific time and place to initiate the birth? The RV/GESARA/Redemption process initiates the birth of an entirely new enlightened system. It will be effected at exactly the right time and this time has never changed. The smoke and mirrors we experience about the timing of this change is simply to ensure the least resistance to effect this change.

I suspect the release of the funds for historical assets to be redeemed is the trigger. The trigger for the rebirth.

I have belonged to a fairly large community of redeemers for a few years, and I have noticed that the dialogue has moved from the details of how the change unfolds to what the new future will entail and how we can assist in the change when we are financially empowered.

My wish is for the emphasis of the contributors to Dinar Chronicles to focus more on the aspects of the new world as opposed to the detail of how and when to get there. I understand that both aspects are necessary for attention, just to shift the focus of the how and when to the magnificence of our new reality.

A moment of self-indulgence. I would like to honour Tarryn and Ben who have been focussed from day one on the magnificent new era, and as a result have already played a significant role (more than they realise) in greatly assisting to initiate this change. They did not have to wait to be financially empowered to make a significant contribution. 

To all the unknown hero’s working tirelessly behind the scenes to effect this change, I am sure I speak for all, we honour you.

Jai Guru Dev


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