“Hooray!” by Logan B – 5.27.22


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 8:50 PM ET on May 27, 2022

The silly minions are holding steadfast to their notion that they will succeed in getting rid of us and having this planet to themselves. The NPTB have finally given up begging them to change their minds and join us. Over six years for me reading about Mother God and Others pleading with them but it has been going on much much longer than that. They have finally literally said the hell with you and are cutting all ties with them. They will finally stop expending any more energy on that wasted effort and instead turn their full attention to helping those that want to see the RV/GCR, GESARA and the Golden Age brought to fruition. They are promising that we will see real tangible progress and results of their efforts very soon. 

The NPTB have everything in place to stop whatever the minions want to throw at us not by force but by either rendering their weapons harmless or turning them off. The minions have sealed their fate as they will be powerless to fight and have nowhere to run. 

I am holding the Light to this statement. I don’t want to be writing a follow-up to this six years from now that it never got done. It can’t be six years anyway because the end of the world as we know it will probably be done in 2025 and we will all feel fine. The Cosmic Central Sun is scheduled to do a magnetic pole shift and since our sun and earth are quantumly entrained to exactly follow it’s movement exactly at the same time we will too. This will cause the oceans to slosh around and wash the lands clean with huge tsunamis. This is why I have long said don’t waste your RV money on trying to make this 3D hologram a paradise. By all means though make improvements for those forced to live in squalor but they and you do not need opulent luxury. 

The minions plan to ride out these tsunamis in underground city bunkers. They will be removed before this happens. If we have not achieved full ascension by then huge motherships will whisk us away on a site seeing tour of the universe where we will have the opportunity to fast track our ascension in crystal light chambers. If we want to return to earth we will truly have a heavenly paradise prepared for us by God Himself. 

So by all means don’t consider long term interest bearing investments which hopefully will cease to exist soon because usuary coming or going needs to be outlawed and done away with. Don’t invest in the stock market. That really needs to die. Don’t buy gold or silver despite what gurus might be telling you. I think this whole thing about gold-backed currency is a lot of hokum. St. Germain or the Rodriguez Trust does not need the world’s gold for their violet flame infused money no matter how much these gold hoarding zealots think their worth. Don’t worry about setting aside a big nest egg for your retirement or children. Spend like there really is no tomorrow on improving peoples lives for the short term and give away your money til you are in excruciating pain and then get up in the morning the next day and give some more. If you manage to get rid of it ask for more. If you have proven you have done good work with what you had you will get more. There is definitely no shortage and there never was.

Three more years would be a walk in the park with an RV and GESARA to get us there but it will feel like an eternity without it and having to endure this life of slavery to the end.



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