The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 5-26-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 5-26-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday May 26th and you’re listening to the Big Call – I am glad we have the platform where we can share – we can have some fun – I am excited about what we have to share tonight – Thank you everybody for tuning in from all over the globe whether live or on the replay

Ok let’s see if we can get this done in 10 or 15 minutes –This is the latest update – I did get some information about a half hour before the call started tonight – it’s really helping us to see what’s going on and where we are

First of all – we believe at this point all countries have connected to the QFS – we had 3 countries that were lagging Israel – Lebanon and one other – and those three were to have been connected to the QFS as of 1 AM Eastern Daylight time yesterday (Wednesday) – coo – good – connected – done – good –

Now – most of the banks are also connected and are Basel 3 or 4 compliant – but there are some stragglers that were not Basel 3 compliant and they need to be – to do exchanges – so even though they are not going to be dealing with zim those are only to be used at Wells Fargo redemption centers and possibly some Chase redemption centers but not really anywhere else –

You will be happy to know that the majority of those tier 3 banks and some tier 2 should be connected and should be Basel 3 compliant by this weekend – so that is good –

Also – there are some countries and I don’t have a list of these – there are some that are not yet asset backed – could be gold or other assets – to support their new currency – cause all currencies in the globe are backed by the amount of valuable assets – gold – silver – palladium – platinum – precious jewels – oil – etc – all of those things are valued and give value to the currencies around the globe –


So – there are still a few countries left that need to get asset backed and are supposed to be by Monday – this coming Monday – maybe over the weekend – I have heard – and I am going to give them until Monday because thinking by that time – we’ve got this Memorial Day that we celebrate here – so our weekend goes Sat Sun – and Monday – I don’t care so much that it is a 3 day weekend in terms of banking  here I don’t think that’s really a big deal for us – so I think that is ok

The other piece that we are getting is we had heard last night that we would have liquidity and our exchanges would start – the bond holders and tier 3 would get access to their funds in 6 days – that would actually put us  – we start with Thursday – Friday – Saturday – Sunday – Monday – and Tuesday would be in 6 days – so I think what we’re looking at – by the way – Tuesday is the last day of May – the 31st – so the first day of June is then Wednesday –

Now is this possibly going to happen before the 1st of June?  A logical person would say – they would not start before the 1st of the month – that would be the day we start on – doing exchanges – That may be the case – however – most recent intel that I received this evening – is pointing to this starting maybe a day or so sooner – which means the bond holders – and we had heard this yesterday – the bond holders have moved from being notified on Saturday evening or night – to this coming Monday – they got a two day move from Saturday to Monday  evening or night

Now the latest update I have on that is we could be looking at notifications for the bond holders and for us going out Monday evening or night and showing up in our inbox on Tuesday morning – It could be designed to go in early Tuesday morning – and then you set your appointment – and possibly set your appointment on Tuesday for Tuesday the same day – so it’s possible that we do get this before the 1st of June It’s also possible that we get notified on the 31st and set our appointments for the 1st of June – (Wednesday)

So that’s basically – you know we could get there a day sooner which is what brings Monday night into play – it could – it’s possible – we can always hope for that – but any way we go we should be based on everything we are hearing – we should be in place to set those appointments on Tuesday at least for Tuesday or Wednesday –

So that is what I’m getting and it’s not from just 1 source – this is multiple sources that are confirming the timing on this and so I’m excited about that because it takes us where we need to go in less than a week

Tonight is Thursday we should be exchanging in 5 or 6 days – we’ll see what happens – we are excited about that –


I mentioned the NDA’s on Tuesday night to do a list about exempting 4-6 people that are working with you on your projects – like family members etc – putting that on a typed written paper to hand in to the representatives

I’ve talked about the fact that you are going to have time to set up your Quantum account of course – the mother lode where everything goes – you will transfer a certain percentage could be up to 50% of your funds from your exchange into your primary account with Wells Fargo –

I don’t know if we are going to have enough time to set up a secondary account with Wells – which I would like to do – you may just have to come back to your bank in a day or so to do that – that I am calling the secondary or spillover account – that the interest earned in the primary account will go to –

The other thing we did not go in depth on is the zim is one thing that goes into the Quantum but the other currencies like dinar – dong – rupiah – etc those currencies you should get the value of those immediately  and I would try to put into my secondary account (spillover acct) –

I would try to keep that separate from the zim that is in the Quantum account and then the amount of that that is transferred into the primary account which earns the interest – let’s see where that goes – it might be that it’s all combined in that primary account – currency and a certain percentage of your zim redemption – We’ll see what happens

Remember the zim is extremely valuable and denominations on zim are very high – and get use to what a trillion dollars looks like or a quadrillion dollars looks like – with 15 zeros –

So I want to say it’s very important that we get our presentations ready to go – as far as the timing goes – we could all be there by the end of this month – we could go all the way to the 1st of next month which is Wednesday – I would love to have it before the end of the month – that would be great

The timing is great for this to finally come in and I believe we have everything  – once those few countries come in with asset backed currencies by the weekend – Iraq did not put out the rate this week as we had been told but  were being told from Iraq that the new rate will come out this weekend probably Sat or Sun so they can trade it Sunday night with the other countries in the Far East – the new rate I know what it is but I can’t say it – it will be a very strong in country rate and that will also be traded up probably – we will have an excellent rate for us – I am excited

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