“ISO 20022” by Logan B – 5.29.22


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 12:42 PM ET on May 29, 2022

I will start this post by saying first off that the SWIFT system in the west is here to stay. The US, Canada and EU have no intention of ever adopting CIPS or any other platform from Russia or the Middle East. 

The ISO 20022 standard is not something new. It was adopted worldwide in, get this 2004. China had already been using it since 2003. For most industry standards when a new standard is adopted companies have two choices. They either retool their factories and upgrade their software or cease operations. Such was the case for IEEE when ethernet was declared the network standard for computer networks worldwide. The banking industry saw two major problems with adopting the ISO 20022 standard. It was going to be expensive and it would lose them a fortune of what they were getting from charging fees for every bank that the old standard routed money to before the money finally got to where it was going. They would also lose by not being able to leverage this money that wasn’t theirs for weeks while it crawled through the system. This new standard stopped all that by enacting a direct branch to branch transfer in minutes. When many countries of the world realized that the Rothschild banking system was doing this they complained but nothing changed until 2008 when BRICS nations adopted the Chinese CIPS system and now 108 countries are using it. 

Dinarians have been waiting for many years for the Dinar to revalue after they learned that Kuwaiti currency was revalued and made a select few western insiders very rich. The problem is that when the western governments learned that ordinary Joes were now privy to get rich themselves to the detriment of the Iraqi people who would now benefit from a revaluation it was decided that as long they can help it the BIS and IMF will never approve it. 

The new standard will not start to be adopted in the west until November of 2022 and it will not need to be mandatory until November of 2025. Considering there are many companies that could have their platforms for ISO 20022 installed and utilized within days you know they will wait until the last possible minute. There are companies that offer gold-backed XRP currencies in blockchain but many of them are in court battles and some are already shut down. I think it is only a matter of time before they are all shut down so be careful putting your money in them. 

No, Wells Fargo or HSBC are not ISO 20022 compliant in North America and they will not start, maybe, until November of 2022. When MarkZ was told this his quick and terse response was these banks do not have to be compliant for the RV to happen despite Nick Fleming saying there will not be an RV until they are. 

So, sorry Bruce and MarkZ, either your banking sources are being misinformed by their superiors or you are being outright lied to. Maybe these bankers are on our side and think they can sneak this past the Rothschilds before they are fired or worse. For this reason they have been afraid to pull the trigger on the RV until they are assured by the Alliance that they will be protected. The white hats have said flat out they will not help the bankers make us rich and until recently the Galactics have been avoiding us and not willing to get involved. St. Germain is not involved with the RV. He has had the living QAS ready to go for GESARA for many years which will be on a financial system totally separate from the Rothschild system. The CIPS nations could have implemented the RV many years ago for their own people but decided it would not be fair to do so and since this whole thing is based on fairness and equality for all have not done it. Maybe some newbies here weren’t around when the Chinese tried to force the RV for North American and were stopped thousands of times. 

Our hope now is that the Galactics realize how important the RV is for humanity will remove those that still have the power to stop it and help those in western countries that want this done make it so. My understanding is that is exactly what is happening right now and hopefully it will be done quickly. No 



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