Dinarland Highlights for May 31, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 5.31.22


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Folks on my banking side and redemption centers still believe redemptions will start on the 1st (June). I am hoping and praying they meet that goal…

There is still great expectations for today…To me this is the calm before the storm…and they have been very effective at shutting down leaks…as to where we are at right now… Redemption folks are very confident that this appears to be our week…In Iraq there are quite a few articles dropping and they are all about passing the budget, seating the government and Food Security.  They are in a mad dash to raise the value and remove the zeros…there has been constant and nonstop news coming out of Iraq.

I pray tomorrow is “golden”…I am still hearing tomorrow is the goal.  News has been positive from the banking side…But I am a bit worried we have not gotten more information from banks. They are still under the expectations that tomorrow will be a “go” day for announcements and setting appointments…I cannot remember a time when we were this close.


Mountain Goat


“the Federal Oil and Gas Law is still ink on paper and has not been legislated and there is no way out of the current crisis except by legislating a law regulating oil and gas.”

Okay so now we have it in writing from Kurdistan in that the Federal Oil and Gas Law is still ink on paper and has not been legislated…The Kurds will use this issue to get what they want out of forming the new government.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Al-Rasheed Bank of Iraq outside international sanctions after 30 years

The bank will enjoy the confidence of the global system and international financial markets, specifically  by collection credit lines for foreign trade. They are not going to be doing that with a program rate…We are watching the convergence of a country in renaissance.. IT is going to be an amazing event to be apart of, even if from the outside looking in…


Godlover (KTFA)

Finance is finalizing the 2022 budget, and good news for lecturers and contracts

The 2022 Budget, they already have the main draft done many many months ago…So past articles that suggest they need weeks to complete the 2022 is not likely the case..imo. The articles state above that there is a Finalization of the Budget Law for the year 2022 today…This all looks very good.. imo Now, lets see if they have a work around with the government or not and they seat one.  Quickly.



Tivon (KTFA)

Al-Jabri informs the religious references in Najaf about the file of food security and high prices globally and locally

This article is a banger … advisor from Al-Kazemi…stated that the rise in Iraq’s hard currency reserves will increase confidence in the Iraqi dinar and will increase its stability, “stressing that “the Iraqi dinar is approaching “Full Coverage” of hard currency reserves in light of the current exchange rate.”

Do you know how heavy this statement is? … these reserves maintain the “Purchasing Power” of individuals, as it preserves the real income of the individual from fluctuations in the event of the deterioration of the dinar. Come on people it doesn’t get any better than this.  All of these statements are only a couple or few  days old.



Outside investors want to invest in Iraq but we really need a balanced and stable economy and a stable government.  We don’t need the whispers of a civil war because that’s what it looks like it’s heading into…Iraq is right there [in a good way] on the verge.  It’s so close.  It’s right there but it just has to get their crap together and stop the bickering and get rid of the corruption and they’ll be well on their way of getting back on track and sooner than later have a much stronger dinar and we will see the exchange rate change in the positive


Nader From The Mid East

The reinstatement will not go more than 1 to 1 to start then it floats.  That’s how it’s gonna happen…I don’t think it’s gonna be in the $6…no country will be in the 6 against the dollar….



Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground TV report]

FIREFLY:  We see currency reserves are projected to be $90 billion

FRANK26:  90 billion?  And you have toilet paper money? You see they are preparing themselves for a de-peg…

FIREFLY:  Then we see an American spokesman on TV saying they are backing Iraq and Iraq will be the cornerstone of stability for the region.

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