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Tivon » June 1st, 2022

Tuesday Night :  Listen, remember that list? What was number 12? The Stock Market Crash correct? Guess what the Feds are doing tomorrow? Starting QT-(Quantitive Tightening). What will be the result? Crash.

QT will head off inflation. The market may tank, there may be a year or so of difficult times, but the cost/value of everything will equalize to the market. So eventually their monthly allotment will go further. The smart move is to shift funds into Gold and Silver.

Scarter13 made a post speculating that the reinstatement would occur during the turmoil to basically steer off a depression. Which is true to a costly degree given that savings, stocks, bonds, that most are invested in will still lose their capital. Remember all we need is a catalyst for everything else to start falling in place in succession.

Tivon Cont….Prophet Julie Green spoke of a specific timeline which is/was early June where God will start to build his kingdom. Which was between June 1st/6th. How would she know something ahead by months when the Fed just made the announcement today?

Once the Feds start QT tomorrow the economic crash will ensue.

I knew one of those items would get us going. And here it is walking up to the plate to hit a homerun in the 9th inning to outer left field. I am sorry for the elderly who may have 401K’s tied up in the stocks. In war we have casualties. So be it. Keep in mind people. It was the economic crash in 1933 that got you into this mess. It will be the crash of 2022 that will get you out. 

Q3Proud » June 1st, 2022

Love your Analysis Tivon. Such Clarity. Also, In 2018 I was told the Marker would be the Stock market would in fact take a 15k-25k Drop. I tweeted this in 2018.

Samson » June 1st, 2022

Parliamentary Integrity: Most of the corruption money goes to banks outside Iraq

31st May, 2022

A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Ahmed Taha Al-Rubaie, confirmed, on Tuesday, that most of the corruption funds go to investments or banks outside Iraq, noting that political courtesies, personal relations and interests with some parties contributed to closing some corruption files and looting public money

Al-Rubaie said in a television interview that “when conducting referendums in accordance with international public standards, Iraq is mentioned at the forefront of the most corrupt countries, and that most of this money goes to investments or banks outside Iraq

He pointed out that “despite the complexity of the routine in recovering these funds, the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which represents foreign policy, as well as the administrative and executive aspect related to the Integrity Commission, must find international coordination to prosecute the corrupt and recover the looted funds outside Iraq

And he indicated that “there are a lot of pressure papers on the countries owned by the Iraqi government and the Integrity Commission that can be used, especially since many of these corrupt people are diagnosed and their accounts are known in foreign banks and can be used as a pressure card through trade and economic relations with these countries to recover Iraqi funds. This matter needs a real will on the part of the state

Al-Rubaie suggested that the government “contract with discreet international institutions to move in international courts for the purpose of recovering these funds in exchange for a percentage of the recovered funds,” stressing that “political courtesies, personal relations and interests with some parties, contributed to closing some files of corruption and looting public money or contributed to delaying recovery and obstruction of official procedures and others  LINK

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