The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 5-31-22



Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 5-31-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday May 31st and you’re listening to the Big Call – Welcome everybody for tuning in from all over the globe whether live or on the replay

Ok let’s start talking about our intel – let’s see where we are – Tuesday I knew we were close – no check that – Last Thursday – on Thursday’s call  I didn’t think we would get anything before the last day of the month (today) or tomorrow – the first day of June – I think I told you that –

So – what we’ve received since then is certain information has made its way to our premier bankers at Wells Fargo – they did have a conference call – with the banks and redemption centers on Saturday and their target date – the term was- they were pin pointing Wednesday – (tomorrow) as the day to start –

Now we didn’t know if we were going to get notifications today – tomorrow or when – and we still don’t know exactly – they don’t want us to know – but what we do know is – there is a meeting that’s going on right now – that may have just ended at the start of our call tonight – or let’s put it this way – based on the time zone that it occurred in Reno and based on the fact we heard about – the information that they were going make a decision about –which was which day to start this on – which was supposed to be tomorrow June 1st  or possibly Thursday the  2nd of June –

Now – that information that was to be decided upon was to be completed by 10 – 10:30 Eastern tonight – Well Bob gave me a time hack at 12 minutes after 10 – went to about a quarter after so —- in other words – that meeting or that decision is wrapping up “NOW”

I believe that – I told you Thursday – that the first of June makes complete sense to me – to start on the first day of the month – now we have heard from another strong source in New York – that is saying that from his best information – we should be notified tomorrow (Wed) late morning – I am going to call late morning 11/11:30 am




So if that occurs can we get started Wednesday afternoon/Evening? Quite possibly – maybe all they will do is take appointments all day and we would start on Thursday

So if we get notified it’s either going to be tomorrow morning – late morning – then we should start set our appointments and possibly start tomorrow or Thursday –

Obviously if they are waiting to this very last minute to make that decision in Reno – and we know a lot of the people there for this meeting – they are making that decision now – they have to be looking at everything – everything – probably keeping an eye on the QFS – they are looking at their algorithms that are saying go or no go – everything is being considered –

So it’s probably not the easiest of decisions – but I know they are ready to make that and they may have actually made that decision now –

So what had to be ready?   By today all the currencies of the world needed to be gold backed / asset backed –

By tomorrow morning all countries banks needed to be on the Quantum Financial System – by 9 – 9:30 am

By noon tomorrow (Wed) all countries currency needed to be asset backed – so asset backed by noon tomorrow




By today all countries needed to be on the Quantum Financial System and by 9 – 9:30 in the morning all countries needed to be – all banks in the United States needed to be at least Basel 3 compliant –

Some of our tier1 banks are Basel 4 compliant already – they are ahead of the groups but there are a lot of tier and tier 3 banks that want to be a part of this – the exchanges – NOT part of the zin – forget that – not bonds but they are currency exchanges – So those banks need to be compliant with Basel 3

So those criteria coming together now – some by today – some by 9 in the morning – some by noon Eastern daylight time –

So could notifications come out late morning? Yes – Could we get notified and set our appointments tomorrow afternoon? Yes – so that is how close we are –

So I want to say this before we go any further – I have one other point to make about Iraq – Iraq is supposed to have their currency the Iraqi Dinar – changed of rate in country that would be made known tomorrow (Wed) morning – Iraq time – which is now – our time  (Tues night)

Iraq keeps getting closer – even though they are a sovereign nation they are doing it out of respect for us and our country – to hold back – they have held back and held back and now it is time to let it go

(Skipped over talk non dinar and intel related)

So listen – the other thing is that whatever happened the past week at the World Economic Forum essentially was a bust – and I’m very happy to say none of those things that they think they were going to put out against sovereign nations around the world – none of that stuck – ok and so I’m excited about the results that came out of that meeting – Our time is coming

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins 1:13:33




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