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Samson » June 2nd, 2022

Expert: Iraq Gets About 4 Thousand Dollars From Selling Oil Every Second

2nd June, 2022

On Thursday, the economist, Nabil Al-Marsoumi, revealed the rate of financial revenues generated from selling oil per second.

Al-Marsoumi said in a Facebook post seen by / the information / that “the total oil revenues until May 2022 = 50 billion dollars,” adding that “the average monthly revenues = 10 billion dollars and the average daily revenues = 331 million dollars.”

And the rate of revenue per hour amounted to “13.792 million dollars per minute = 230 thousand dollars, while the rate of returns per second = 3,833 dollars.” According to the decree.   LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


The Snod » June 2nd, 2022

Just a quick chime in…it’s frustrating to watch, but personally, staring at the Iraqi political theatre will only frustrate you.  There are signs of considerable leverage over the Iraqi/ Iranian dialogue that leaves me very hopeful. 1. Iraq has been cleared of Ch. 7 by whom I believe to be a conglomeration of the most powerful people on the planet.  

They know what is going on from the Iranian side and it didn’t stop them from dropping the bankruptcy.  2.  We are all caught up in the Central Bank Digital Currency system.  And I do mean pretty much all of us—US, Europe, and the ME.  This is no longer conjecture, conspiracy, or theorization.  Biden signed off on it himself. The USA has been given White Papers just like Iraq.  

No nutty hi-jinks from Iran or Iraqi parliamentarians have the leverage to stop this.  Perhaps, our biggest clues of how the timing of this will work out in Iraq to go digital may be all the discussions they are having over gas and electricity with Iran.  It would be most advantageous to tie commerce with Iran if possible.  Isn’t it interesting that these dialogues have picked up.  

Not to mention, China has showed up again.  People will show up again at the end if they feel like they are about to completely lose out.

Tivon » June 2nd, 2022

Most parliament and House of Representatives already voted for all paragraphs that pertain to the citizens to be implemented with or without a seated government. Which includes Citizens Entitlements. What falls under that? The Oil & Gas Law. Which is not contingent upon the formation of the government.


They have told us multiple times as  Al-Zamili mentioned just days ago that they are working around the political blockage by still passing laws without a GOI. The Food Security Law is a prime example.

We are a few days away from it becoming official. So I do not put any emphasis on the political impasse. They have shown no real obstacle as of yet that has deterred what is intended for the F.S.L. So I am watching prior to 15 for major news to break.

The forming of the government has become a formality. Not something that needs to be done for the HCL/Oil & Gas. You all forget things so easily even when it’s only 24 hrs old  IMO


The rights movement confirmed that the adoption of the emergency food security support law aims to empty the government budget of the surplus.

The movement’s spokesman, Ali Fadlallah, said; For the program {Al-Mastra}, broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel tonight, that: “The government deals with the people in the manner of a corrupt doctor, and if the Iraqi parliament is really interested in the citizen, there is a financial management law that is an opportunity.”  

He added, “The caretaker government has the right to dispose of the surplus of the 2021 budget, amounting to 14 billion dollars, which is supposed to be used to raise the value of the dinar and increase the balance of hard currency.”

MilitiaMan » June 2nd, 2022

Agreed Tivon that the present government is currently doing work and will continue to do so. The fact that Sadr is not taking visitors from Iraq or Foreign entities shows that his focus is on, “You know where I stand politically and that is that.”

Dissolution is on the table and let that sink in everyone. That fact is likely why there is much ado about the FSL being all over the place in the news and in one instance they even call for it to be shelved for to execute the 2022 Budget. Either way Sadr has no intention of budging from his stance.


The threat for / from the dissolution must have them stirred up. Losing immunity and their cash cow named corruption, is not going to be without some ruffled feathers, as we can see. lol  That 30 day (15+- day left) window that Sadr gave is fast approaching and is like a time bomb ticking for those that are not on board with him. They are not likely to wait all that long knowing that. 

I too am looking for the Finance Train and the Political Train to hit the platforms at the same time, they are congruent imo.. The conductor will announce the arrival of them over a very loud whistle be sure upon arrival, can’t wait and look forward to an impasse even sooner than that. That threat of dissolution may pick up steam.. lol Pressure can do amazing things on ones mental state. lol.. We shall see.

We are not waiting on future elections at this stage. There are far too many things completed on the Finance side of things. The e-government side of things, the automation side of things, the digitization’s side of things, etc.. All of that hard work has not been done to be put off for another 4-6 months with no guarantee they could even get an election done in the next round based off the current record. PM K has the legal side now and when dissolved, he will too.. Sadr can give PM K more power if he choses as well.. . imo ~ MM

“”And the source considered that “the continued inability to form the government in the form that the Sadrist movement insists on, makes the issue of dissolving Parliament and going to new elections or granting Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s government some powers to run the country’s affairs as options.”””

Samson » June 2nd, 2022

A Deputy In The Framework Pledges The Passage Of Food Security To Achieve This Matter

2nd June, 2022

Member of the coordination framework, Representative Muhammad Al-Baldawi, confirmed, on Thursday, that the framework’s deputies will not vote for any paragraph of the food security law unless explanatory tables are attached to the exchange so that the specialized committees can fully control the exchange mechanisms, while indicating that the law will only be passed after specifying a specific period for its effectiveness, and in the event of approving the budget, it shall be considered null and void.

Al-Baldawi said in a statement to “Information”, that “the second reading of the Food Security and Development Law faced a torrent of criticism and pointed out many defects by the interference of the members of the Council, due to the presence of vague paragraphs in which it smells of corruption and financial waste.

He added that “the framework’s deputies and a large number of deputies will not vote for any paragraph of the food security law unless explanatory tables are attached so that the specialized committees can fully control the exchange mechanisms.”


Al-Baldawi explained, “The law did not specify its validity period, and this matter may be a substitute for the budget. Therefore, the attempt to pass it in this way will face a rejection by the members of the Council,” calling on the Finance Committee to “add a paragraph to determine its validity period, as well as indicating that in the event of approval of the budget is considered null.”   LINK

TIVON » June 2nd, 2022

So now they are worried about not having the ability to use the budget as political football if the “Food Security Law” actually utilizes services, projects, and Investments, along with “Citizen Entitlements” to address what the budget was supposed to do last year which is to give them “Purchasing Power”.

Why are they concerned about the time period as to the validity of the law? They want to guage how long it will take not to be able to loot any more funds that supposed to go towards infrastructure or social services and programs that address the economic crisis.

Why is it important to know how long and effective the law will be? As long as the citizens are benefitting shouldn’t the framework be happy that they are no longer suffering of basic essential items?

They are nervous that this law can act as a defacto budget? I wouldn’t disclose anything to them just to be petty. They don’t deserve to know that information since they have found skill to keep citizens in the dark about their private backroom dealings to shield off investigation into corruption in their bloc.

We do not want them controlling anything. The Framework should be considered a Non-Essential Item of Interest’. IMO  

MilitiaMan » June 2nd, 2022

That is likely why Sadr is not taking guests from Iraq nor Foreign entities. Not even the Iranian Ambassador.. They are all on notice of the 15 day window left to seat the government. If not, dissolution looms thickly!! They’ll start to feel the boil here fairly quick..

AS for gauging how much the can steal, well that may not be the case any longer if the CBI has the control of the auctions.. The audits of oil revenues, the automation at the borders are coming on line with transparency, etc., that will curb the amount anyone can steal… If they do, it will likely be painful for those that get caught with illicit gains.


The new system is to be very transparent, and that system is said to have already started the implantation and activations. imo ~ MM

Source: Dinar Recaps


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