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Samson » June 2nd, 2022

What is the choice of independents in light of the political impasse? Arab explains

1st June, 2022

Independent MP Hussein Arab clarified today, Wednesday, about the option of dissolving the House of Representatives, stressing that it is a last political solution in the event that political boycotts continue.

In a statement to the National News Center, Arab said, “The option to dissolve Parliament is very difficult, and if we do not find quick and final solutions to end the political blockage, we may resort to it as an alternative and last political option.”

He added that “if the government is not formed and its file is resolved during the next month, most members of the House of Representatives may resort to the decision to dissolve the House of Representatives.”

He pointed to “the importance of the initiative of the independent representatives during the next stage,” noting that “the initiative of the independents may be the end of the political blockage or the political process.”


The political process, since the early legislative elections and until now, has witnessed great confusion, as well as political boycotts that have resulted in the disruption of an entire system. LINK

MilitiaMan » June 2nd, 2022

So clearly they have been for warned as stated above. Dissolution is about to boil over…  They have a mere 15 days or less.. lol ~ MM

We have been told more than once this last week that they read it twice. Why say it over and over? They also told us the have the vote and then adjourned the session to an undisclosed time frame for return. I think the wording was, ” until further notice.” Sorry, but all the varying points of view has me thinking there is more to the story and we are about to find out the meat of it. Them starting to talk numbers is a key focus. They haven’t told us anything about numbers..  They suggest there is nothing to hide? lol I can think of one major thing they are clearly hiding, imo. ~ MM

Al-Kaabi : The Emergency Food Security Support Law is ready for a vote

Today, Thursday, the head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Hassan Al-Kaabi, confirmed that the emergency support law for food security and development is ready for voting, and while he specified the amounts allocated to three ministries within the law, he announced an increase in the allocations of the Ministry of Electricity to 5 trillion and 300 billion Iraqi dinars.

Al-Kaabi said, in a statement to a number of media outlets, including the “National News Center”, that “after the parliament completed the second reading of the emergency food security support law, there is a team inquiring about the schedules of the law and what the allocated amounts are, and certainly there is nothing to hide.” LINK


Dissolution and or even granting the Prime Minister additional powers is in the cards too. Sadr has been like a tactician in battle. He has the parliament in the cross hairs. There is nothing much they can do at this stage. A) Join him and form the government of face dissolution and or even an unknown that is additional powers granted to the PM.. Losing ones immunity from the affects of a dissolution with all the corruption files in the hands of the integrity committee is I am fairly sure a very serious position to be in. One that could of some serious consequences. imo ~ MM

An informed source: Al-Sadr refused to receive any Iraqi or foreign figure

2nd June, 2022

A source close to him said that the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, refused “to meet with any Iraqi or foreign figure during this period who wants to discuss the crisis.”

The same source confirmed that “Al-Sadr anticipates an Iranian movement, behind which is the new Iranian ambassador, Muhammad Al-Sadeq, by informing his office of an apology for not meeting the personalities who wish to discuss the political crisis.”

He added that “the political body of the Sadrist movement headed by Hassan al-Adhari, did not conduct any negotiations or meetings in the past two weeks, after informing all political parties, al-Sadr adhered to the option of the national majority government, and refused to confiscate the right to form a government from the Sadrist movement.”

As for after the 15-day deadline expires, the same source said that “there will be a new movement for the Sadrist movement towards various political parties to present its vision in forming the new government, and the reason for its insistence not to repeat the Al-Attar mixture that formed 7 previous governments and did not increase Iraqis but misery” as he says.

And the source considered that “the continued inability to form the government in the form that the Sadrist movement insists on, makes the issue of dissolving Parliament and going to new elections or granting Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s government some powers to run the country’s affairs as options.” LINK

Is there light at the end of the tunnel. It sure looks there is some that feel Iraq is about to enhance the economic situation in Iraq and the world.. Fairly sure for Iraq to enhance not only themselves but also the world at large, they’ll need to go international.. They will not be doing that at an imposed 1460 exchange rate.. Or the would have by now.. imo ! << MM >>

Shafaq News / Iraq’s Prime Minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, received on Thursday the new US ambassador to Baghdad, Alina Romanowski. Al-Kadhimi praised, according to a statement by his office, that Iraq cares for strengthening ties with the US in all fields.


He expressed Baghdad’s readiness to work and achieve stability and enhance the economic situation in Iraq and the world. The two sides confirmed that security and military cooperation between the two countries is ongoing to end terrorism. For her part, Romanowski said that Washington looks forward to more joint work with Baghdad, especially in the economic, cultural, and educational fields.

Source: Dinar Recaps


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