The Office of POOFness Weekly Report: Update from POOF, Susan, DJ 6-5-22


” The Office of Poofness “



The needs of the masses are many and the name of the game has changed enormously to that of undermining, disallowing, crackdowns, impossible to gain right outcomes with due process. It is all seen and you are held to the high watch of doing the right thing.

So be it! Get the goods together and stay centered. Make it a watch party of sorts. Be the name of good in all that you do. Be the name of love in all that you say. Be the strength behind the 8 ball and play like you have never played before.

Here’s the skinny. The scattered resources that have occurred by and large insofar as bankers, lawyers, officials in the money biz, are all in flux. Just stay centered yourselves and allow for the fall out that has to occur before anything changes hands. You keep hearing this or that is going to happen. Well, so be it, but the time is a mystery that has to remain such for now.

Everything out there has to be transparent and until that happens nothing much can move. If we knew the date and time we could not tell you; once you know and print it, the whole world knows. Negotiations are not to be had in this matter at this stage. And not until the moves are made that brings to the forefront the aims and the end results desired but no, those won’t happen yet. Good try but the good guys are in place, not in full control but in place.

That is the news; and we can’t add much else to it. You’ve been patient this long. What’s a couple more weeks at this point?


Love and Kisses,




STILL…… Very slow progress but it is STILL moving progress.





The human mind has an amazing capacity to gather and store information. The problem is it lacks the capacity to draw on “all” of the information it has gathered and stored, to make decisions. The fact that we only utilize 10% of our brain is probably a built in safety mechanism to stop us from going crazy. In theory if you could draw on all of your accumulated knowledge to make a decision, you would never make a bad decision.

Since the birth of the electronic age followed by the computer age the scenario of decision making has taken on a new format. Analytics are the new governing decision makers. With added capacity of data storage, information can be drawn upon to configure algorithms to achieve or predict specific outcomes, or probabilities, and is how most decisions are generated.

Simply explained, an algorithm will draw on data of 1, 2,3,4,5 and logically predict 6,7,8,9 as the probable outcome. When an unforeseen element is introduced into the step by step logic of the algorithm the end result or resolution to the problem can be less or not accurate. The implementation of a new financial system (QFS) is solely based on very sophisticated algorithms. The Information pool these algorithms draw upon to predict a desired end result is where the problem lies. Remember, bad information in bad information out.

If you have wondered why the constant delays in the implementation of the new system is because the bad players have figured it out. They can’t interfere with a quantum encryption algorithm but what they can do is interfere or pollute the information pool the algorithm draws its information from. And if the information being utilized to create the algorithm is skewed, polluted, manipulated or inaccurate then the outcome or solution to the given problem may also be inaccurate. This is where we are right now.

The good news is the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) systems used to create the algorithms are constantly reevaluating, purging, replacing and making adjustments to the information pool the QFS algorithms draw from. All the heavy lifting has been as far as who gets what, how the new currencies will be backed, how the funds will be monitored and how old liabilities will be honored. All that remains is the delivery system.

So we all must be patient and understand that if there is even one kink in this armor, and they implement the new system, the end result would be literally total global financial chaos.

In the meantime I wouldn’t let your curiosities make you drink the Kool-aid of Intel providers who, for some reason, feel the need to speculate and exaggerate the event. Nothing favorable comes from speculation. These writers sound smart because they don’t have the responsibility of decision. It is easy to make bold statements when you are not required to implement them.

But in the end , when things don’t add up, either you don’t have a calculator or you forgot to use commonsense by simply asking.




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