“59 Years Ago the Journey Started” by Texastreeman – 6.6.22


Entry Submitted by Texastreeman at 5:40 AM ET on June 6, 2022

Hello : Family

This journey started back in 1963. So much has happen over the years.

So many people in this project. Their journey has not even started yet, they was just born. 

I look back into the days when Jesus walk this earth. Jesus talk with many and told them story’s.

People would come from miles and miles when they heard Jesus was coming.  There would be people sitting and listen to a man who talk with plain English. Not with make up English names the model doctrinaire words used of today times. 

Those words was strong meanings and the people had faith in the words one man said. 

Intel is like the days of Jesus. You are told of intel and ask to have faith with providers. 


But that is not enough for so many !  As I’ve been told ” Have Faith of a mustard Seed ”  watch how God works. 

If I told you back in 1963 that taking down the deep state was not going to take 59 years to finish. Your faith would have turn into a tomato seed, not a mustard seed. 

Faith is a very strong word for people to believe in. Just to act on the word faith. In 2022 people can not even come close to hold their hearts and mind around the word FAITH. 

What am saying here today. We have well.  I’ve heard now over 7 million people around the world into this project. 


The world is moving so fast today in 2022. Then the days of Jesus.

But the words still have the same meaning.   FAITH.  


I’ve listen to these rooms. What are people asking about. What kind of questions are you looking for. 

I get calls from around the world asking me when is it going. How come we keep waiting. Who is in charge. My life can’t wait any longer. I’ve lost everything waiting. 

I have one word why! Center of your life is all about YOU.YOU.YOU. 

I get calls from reno, DOD as well. But I don’t share and talk. Why ! They have faith I won’t go out and tell everyone. Yes we all have our circle of people to trust. 

If you would just stop for a week. Just one week.  Put yourself on the bottom of the list. And turn around and ask for FAITH OF MUSTARD SEED. to believe on what this journey has been thru the last 59 years.

Take a step back and think of the men and woman who has died believe in the Faith of mankind can take down the Deep State. The hardship they all went thru week after week. Fighting the good fight. 

Fighting for mankind. So one day. Just one day this world can be free. 

But the 7 million people here on this journey. Can’t stop thinking of their self first. I need this now. I can’t hold out any longer. DOD needs to let this go now.  To many people are dying waiting on this money to exchange. 

Same words was said from the group before you and the group before them. 

So right now ! You are saying. Well now the world needs it. Really.. The world needs it now ! That’s how you feel. 


I say you are wrong. I see men and woman on these shows and rooms. Have more greed in your eyes and mind. Then the one’s before you. 

Then the word Faith. Faith that God can see in this generation heart. We want to be the chosen one’s to do humanities projects. 

From what I’ve heard in 17 years is crying. Why can’t it go today, today, today over and over. 

If God has chosen this group in 2022 of June to receive his blessing it will be done.

Stop for one week !  Start turning Greed in to faith that this journey ends this month. Before more died and join the list of people we have lost. 

If you don’t start changing your heart. How can you be call

” True Humanitarian ”  take just that word and pray on the meaning. What you have to give up. How you have to go into the world. 

It sounds like the words 2000 years ago was said. Go unto the world and do good deeds and save a soul. 

Me personality felt the calling to step out of my past journey. Walk into this journey to help humanity’s life on earth. As Jesus said. Take up my word and follow me. 

To work as a humanitarian. To work on projects. To bless people. See people’s eye’s cry as you help them. As you open the door on the new business. 


Where do you define the word ” humanitarian ” . Can it not be from your heart to give on to others freely. Work on others soul. Watch a mother cry because you help feed her children tonight and for the next month. Are is it to open up a million dollar company and put 200 people to work. 

Ask yourself how do you define the word.  HUMANITARIAN. 

I leave you with this !  The GCR/RV won’t be here this week or next. 

But have Faith.. 

Pray and ask for faith as mustard seed to change your heart from thinking of only you. Now not all people are thinking of them self. But over the years listening into these rooms and shows. I’ll say more like 78% are looking at their self. Turn your heart to become an Humanitarian. So we can finish this part of the journey. Oh this is just the payment part. Wait till you see what’s to come of you to do as an Humanitarian !  Oh you don’t think we are going to just give regular Jane or Jim millions of dollars. Then say go build a business. Oh you are only on level 1. You have a lot more to do before you can go into the world and become a HUMANITARIANS ! 




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