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Samson » June 6th, 2022

A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government to Baghdad tomorrow, (today) Monday

5th June, 2022

The Kurdistan Regional Government announced Sunday, that it has decided to send a negotiating delegation to Baghdad to maintain dialogues with the federal government in order to guarantee the constitutional rights of the region.

A statement by the Government’s Information and Information Department, received by Shafak News Agency, stated that with the aim of perpetuating the dialogues between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government and in order to guarantee the constitutional rights of the people of the region

A delegation from the regional government will go to Baghdad, including both the Minister of the Region for Negotiations With the federal government, Khaled Shwani, Head of the Cabinet Office of the Regional Council of Ministers, Omid Sabah, Head of the Coordination and Follow-up Department, Abdul Hakim Khusraw, and Head of the Office of Financial Supervision in the Region, Khal Hadi Jawishli.

This comes a short time after the regional government confirmed that the federal government had reduced its financial obligations to the region on a monthly basis.


Baghdad used to pay 453 billion Iraqi dinars per month (about $380 million) as salaries to the employees of the Kurdistan Region, but it stopped them after the region conducted the independence referendum on its part, and because of what Baghdad said that the region was not committed to handing over its oil according to the terms of the federal budget.

After several rounds of political negotiations, the region was obligated, according to an agreement with the government in Baghdad, to hand over 250 thousand crude barrels per day of crude oil produced from its fields to the state-owned company SOMO, and hand over the revenues to the federal public treasury. 

But the oil and financial dispute returned to the scene of the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, after the Federal Supreme Court declared on February 15 that the oil and gas law of the Kurdistan Regional Government was unconstitutional and abolished, and obligating the regional government to hand over all oil production from oil fields in the region and other regions that the Ministry of the natural resources in the Kurdistan government by extracting oil from them and handing them over to the federal government represented by the Federal Ministry of Oil.

The Kurdistan Region described the decision as “unconstitutional” and was based on a law dating back to the time of the previous regime, and the regional government stressed that “such an unconstitutional decision cannot be accepted.”

And the Kurdistan Region began to sell its oil in isolation from the federal government, after a stifling financial crisis as a result of the collapse of oil prices during the ISIS invasion of areas in Iraq, in addition to the disputes with Baghdad that prompted the latter to stop paying the salaries of the region’s employees.

Baghdad says its national oil company, SOMO, is the only one authorized to sell Iraqi crude oil, but each side claims the constitution is on its side. Since the Iraqi oil and gas law remained imprisoned in the drafting stage due to differences, there was room for maneuver.  LINK

TIVON » June 6th, 2022


People of Dinarland as I stand before you today on the cusp of historical events to take shape and shift the paradigm of power back into the hands of the people who are the true owners of their rightful inherited power and freedom bestowed upon them by God’ and that no man shall infringe upon it at the behest of his own greed.

The people of Iraq will no longer be the footstool of oligarchs or any monarch intent on usurping the will of the people by looting their land of its wealth and selling them down the river to aristocratic hegemony.

Today will mark a turning point in history for this once great country. What a time to be alive. Are you ready KTFA? Do you think you have garnered enough knowledge and wisdom to carry forth your mission to build a new way of life for yourself and community? You have been pushing this boulder up hill for years. Once they switch the oil contracts from Kurdistan to Baghdad you can wrap this thing up with a nice bow.

Now that you stand only feet away from planting your flag how does it feel knowing you beat out all the naysayers and doubters who gave up tucked their tails and sold their currency because to them it could never be worth anything?  

Read this article as many times as you like and soak in how important this is for your investment. Please, just understand why today you were blessed to do so. IMO

Zeeman » June 6th, 2022

the fsl as usual  has been postponed till wed the last possible day. being iraq it would not surprise me it they postpone it till the next session/ imo  

TIVON » June 6th, 2022

Not necessarily as they told us last week that the 8th was the deadline. So I wouldn’t say anything was postponed. I do not know why they would refer to it in that manner as we knew this was the targeted date. There’s nothing to scoff at in that regard. Because their Wednesday is basically our Tuesday night anyway. We will wake up with what we need to know.

Godlover » June 6th, 2022


It will be interesting to see how this plays out. As you state, Wed is their last chance to vote on the FSL, with their recess beginning on the following Thursday. Will they extend their session? This seems pointless to me. Why extend their working session when they are not even doing their job in the first place. Will parliament be dissolved? I feel it is unlikely, as we have heard this empty threat for years with current & previous members.  To postpone until they return after recess, would be another crime to their citizens. Seems to be in our & their best interest, to pass it by this Wed.

Samson » June 6th, 2022

Directing a new mechanism to reduce cases of fraud and manipulation in customs centers

06/05/2022 23:50:42

The General Authority of Customs, one of the formations of the Ministry of Finance, announced today, Sunday, the initiation of a new mechanism to reduce cases of fraud and manipulation in the currency auction.

The Director-General of the authority, Shaker Al-Zubaidi, stated, according to a statement of finance, that “after coordination and follow-up between the concerned departments, the Ministry of Transport will provide the General Customs Authority with the validity of the issuance of the entry of goods through land, air and sea ports, and in turn the authority informs the Central Bank of Iraq.”

Al-Zubaidi added that “the Federal Integrity Commission praised the proposal of the Customs Commission in an attempt to control fraud in the currency auction,” noting that “the Prime Minister’s Office issued circulars based on the letters of the General Commission of Customs and the Integrity Commission to the Minister of Transport to work accordingly.”

The statement pointed out that “this step comes within the framework of the Ministry of Finance’s ongoing efforts to stop the waste of public money and harm the national economy, and cut off the path of spoilers and manipulators in all customs centers and outlets.”  LINK

MilitiaMan » June 6th, 2022

Right on time. They control the currency auctions and get transparent borders so that the corruption ceases in the peoples favor. The corrupt cash cow is going bye bye.. imo Another powerful and necessary item to have before us. Secure the auctions and secure the borders while managing and monitoring the flow of goods and revenues. I imagine the EFL getting sorted will have the WTO happy as can be.. imo ~ MM


TIVON » June 6th, 2022

I was anticipating what you would impact onto this article. We are looking so good. It feels like I woke up with a rush of headlines just further confirming what we all have been reading over the past week. There’s almost nothing to add at this juncture.

They head of the Iraqi Border Ports already seized 3,000 violations since implementing the automated mechanisms. The electronic audits have basically eliminated corruption. He stated sometimes those who are involved in smuggling have relations with influential parties and people in order to protect them, and when they are arrested, they are dealt with according to the law, regardless of their affiliations.

Basically political figures who are or have been delaying a budget since 2014 are involved in many cases from customs, auctions, and the borders. Especially Post 50. Returning to the Constitution by signing over oil contracts to Baghdad where the Iraqi citizens by law are entitled to oil revenue is another banger. Short  and to the point.

The Federal Court already canceled the Oil & Gas Law in Kurdistan. And Post 57 is basically warning Kurdistan that if they don’t hand over the oil they will face judicial problems they do not want to deal with. I am loving where we are right now.

The head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Hassan Al-Kaabi gave us a heads up about the end of the legislative term not ending without a final vote on the FSL. The corrupt parties are in the cross hairs. Avenues to looted funds are being cut off.

Article 95: General Tax Authority issued a clarification regarding the Integrity Commission report that there is damage to public money estimated at 4 trillion dinars as a result of the corruption of the window for selling hard currency, while it indicated the preparation of an electronic program that eliminates the corruption cycle.

The Director General of the Commission, Osama Hosam Jawdat, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the hard currency auction follows the monetary policy of the Central Bank to control the exchange rate,” noting that “when someone makes a transfer abroad, he must match this transfer with imports because he took the transfer at a price.” The official exchange, not the one in the market.

Samson » June 6th, 2022

The Patriotic Union: The Barzani government must be prudent and hand over oil to Baghdad


6th June, 2022

Today, Monday, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Faiq Yazidi, confirmed that it is not possible to challenge the decisions of the Iraqi judiciary and bypass the Federal Court.

In an interview with (Baghdad Today), Yazidi said, “The safest for Kurdistan is to hand over oil to the federal government and to deal directly with Baghdad economically.”

He added that “due to the wrong policy of the Democratic Party in managing the oil file, the price of a liter of fuel has reached 1250 dinars, and this is a dangerous precedent.”

He stressed that “challenging the decisions of the judiciary will lead us to indispensable problems, and the one who bears the tax is the Kurdish citizen.”  LINK

TIVON » June 6th, 2022

Purchasing Power for Iraqi citizens is on the brink of an historic opportunity. Kurdistan has no other options at this point. Dragging your feet and whining on the way to court is not helping anyone. It’s inevitable at this stage of your stubbornness.

The countdown can either end in explosions for you. Or it can end with celebrations on behalf of the citizens. We await your decision. Either way you won’t be in the way much longer than the window given to you to make your allotted timely move to sign over all contracts expeditiously.

The nervous sweat running down your nose onto the paperwork will cause the ink to smudge over your signatures so please wipe your face before you proceed to void over your ownership by default of unintelligible writing no one will be able to demystify.

Do you see now my fellow Dinarians? Do you understand how you will become a asset to everyone around you who denied this investment and deemed it fruitless? Now look where we stand today. You will be miles apart from those who will stare from the other side of the economic ladder.


Be wise with your wealth. Be generous with your offerings. Be confident in all you do. My time here is coming to a close. And so is those who have assisted you all the years who brought you invaluable information.

I appreciate everyone at KTFA. Thanks for creating this forum and cultivating us as students to stay the course throughout this arduous challenging process. What a ride it has been.    IMO

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » June 6th, 2022

The National Union comments on the oil law: Our position is with the constitution and its appeal

5th June, 2022

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan commented Sunday, on the Kurdistan Judicial Council’s rejection of the Federal Court’s decision regarding the export of oil.

The official of Baghdad organizations in the Union, Rabha Hamad, said in an exclusive statement to “Mawazine News”, that “the union’s position is with the constitution and resorting to it, so the parties must sit at the dialogue table and meet to deal with the matter.”

She added that “the solution to the issue is to legislate the oil and gas law,” noting that the Federal Court law is binding and can be applied through understanding and legislating the law by returning to the constitution.  LINK

Oil rises again and exceeds $121


06/06/2022 09:39:24

Oil prices rose today, Monday, in the oil futures market, by about two dollars.

Brent crude futures recorded $121.78 a barrel, while US crude futures reached $120.99 a barrel.

And oil, at the end of last week, recorded the sixth weekly gain, as West Texas Intermediate crude rose to settle above $ 118, achieving a weekly gain of 3.3%, while Brent crude ended Friday’s trading at the level of $ 121.35, with gains of $3.74, or 3.18%.

On Thursday, the OPEC+ alliance agreed to increase production during July and August.

At the same time, job growth in the United States exceeded estimates, indicating continued economic growth that will boost demand for crude and refined products, according to a report published by “Bloomberg” agency.  LINK

Government revenues at the end of 2022 will reach 142 trillion dinars

6th June, 2022

The Ministry of Finance announced, on Monday, the data for the month of April, indicating that the total oil revenues until the month of April amounted to 45 trillion dinars, and non-oil revenues amounted to 2 trillion dinars.

The ministry stated, in a report seen by / the information /, that “the total current expenditures are about 29.7 trillion Iraqi dinars. As for investment expenses, they amounted to about 2 trillion dinars.” As for the total advances granted until the end of April, it was “2 trillion Iraqi dinars, and thus the surplus achieved is up to April 13.5 trillion Iraqi dinars.


He expected that “the total total revenues until the end of the year will reach 142 trillion dinars, while the total expenses and advances will be around 100 trillion Iraqi dinars, and Iraq will achieve a surplus that will exceed 40 trillion Iraqi dinars.”   LINK

An Iraqi court sentences a British man to 15 years in prison for smuggling antiquities

6th June, 2022

On Monday, the Karkh Appeal Court sentenced a British citizen to 15 years in prison, and acquitted another German, on charges of smuggling antiquities out of the country.

The two suspects, British geologist James Fitton, 66, and German psychiatrist Volkar Waldmann, 60, had been part of a tourist group since March 6, before they were arrested at Baghdad Airport on March 20, after they were found in possession of 12 items. Antiques are mostly ceramic and pottery breakers.

In the first affidavit, the judge said that the defendants, who attended the session wearing yellow uniforms, are being tried according to Article 41 of the Iraqi Heritage and Antiquities Law, which stipulates a penalty of up to the death penalty for “whoever deliberately removed archaeological material from Iraq or attempted to extract it.”

James Fitton’s attorney said he plans to appeal the ruling on the grounds of no criminal intent. The judge, in the presence of an interpreter, first heard what Weldmann, who lives in Berlin, had to say, and found two antiquities in his bag.

In his statement, the accused denied that he took the two pieces, saying that Fitton gave them to him. He also said that “there was no indication that these artifacts are antiquities and it is forbidden to take them.” He added, “When Vuitton gave me the pieces, I put them in a transparent bag and left them in my bag in a visible way and did not try to hide them, so they appeared in the X-ray machine, and I was supposed to return them to him before we entered the airport.”

Along with the other accused, 10 artifacts were found that were taken as well as other artifacts from two archaeological sites in the Dhi Qar Governorate in southern Iraq that date back to the Sumerian civilization. “I did not realize that it was against the law to take these pieces,” Fitton said in his testimony before the judge. “What puzzled me was that some sites had warnings, guards and fences, and others were open.” He added that “the majority of the pieces” he took “were very small”.  LINK

Seven years imprisonment for the former inspector general of the Iraqi Ministry of Health

6th June, 2022

The Investigation Department of the Federal Integrity Commission revealed today, Monday, the issuance of a ruling in absentia against the former Inspector General of the Ministry of Health; for causing damage to public funds.

The department said in a statement on the details of the case that it investigated and referred it to the judiciary, which was reported to Shafaq News Agency, that the Rusafa Criminal Court, which is specialized in integrity issues, issued a ruling in absentia against the former Inspector General of the Ministry of Health, serving a seven-year prison sentence; for causing damage to public money, explaining that the judgment issued against the accused came; As a result of receiving financial grants from the Popular Medical Clinics Department, amounting to 200 million dinars, and disbursing them in contravention of the regulations granted to him.

She added that the court, after reviewing the evidence and evidence obtained in this case, reached full conviction of the defendant’s negligence, and decided to sentence him to imprisonment for a period of (seven years). According to the provisions of Article (340) of the Penal Code.

Article (340) of the Penal Code stipulates that “Any public servant or person assigned to a public service who willfully causes damage to the funds or interests of the entity in which he works or is connected by virtue of his position or the funds of the persons entrusted to him shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding seven years.”  LINK

Integrity arrests 3 government managers in Mosul on charges of financial corruption

6th June, 2022

A security source in Nineveh reported on Monday, the arrest of three government directors in the province on charges of financial corruption.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, “A team from the Integrity Commission has arrested the current and former directors of the municipal liberation sector and the director of property and abuses in the sector on the left side of Mosul.”

And he stated that “the reason for the arrest is to interrogate them in the case of a park land that was acquired by the Bright Future Club and occupied, while it is still under construction and has not yet been completed.”  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » June 6th, 2022

The latest developments in the Food Security Law

06/06/2022 19:14:12

A parliamentary source revealed, today, Monday, the latest developments in the Emergency Support and Food Security Law.

The source told Al Furat News that: The Parliamentary Finance Committee has now concluded its meeting on the Food Security Law after completing the law from a technical point of view.”

He pointed out that “issuing a directive for the heads of the parliamentary blocs to hold a meeting at the house of Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi regarding the food security law.”

The source suggested that “the voting session on the law will be postponed until next Wednesday until the final position is decided by the blocs.”  LINK

Parliamentary directive to expedite the approval of the proposed retirement and social security law for workers

6th June, 2022

The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hakim Al-Zamili, directed, on Monday, the Parliamentary Committees “Services and Construction” and “Labour and Civil Society Organizations” to complete the parliamentary procedures related to the proposed retirement and social security law for workers and give it great attention, in order to complete it as quickly as possible.  

Al-Zamili indicated, in a statement, that “Nass” received a copy of it, (6 June 2022), that “this law is among the most important laws that, if enacted, will contribute significantly to tackling unemployment and creating job opportunities for young people, as it will guarantee them all pension rights and privileges. 

During their work in the private sector, similar to government sector employees, and thus will encourage work in the private sector and the development of investment projects that will contribute to increasing the gross national product.  

The statement added, “This proposal comes according to the text of the letter sent to the two committees, based on the text of Article (60/second) of the valid Constitution of the Republic of Iraq.” 


MilitiaMan » June 6th, 2022

The Food Security Law is now out to the last day of session in Parliament.  Not only that but, this Social Security Law is on the table too. No coincidence the Kurds are in town to talk about the HCL or at least the oil law that the constitution has ruled on. I am fairly sure these items all go hand and glove with what we are looking for. If we think about it.. Each of them have rate centricity. Just as there is now a move to dissolve the Kurds, they are under immense pressure now.. It is all about the whole of Iraq. Wow! Sadr is all about the people.  ~ MM

The delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government begins its round of talks in Baghdad

6th June, 2022

A negotiating delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government arrived today, Monday, in Baghdad to hold a new round of talks with the Iraqi government.

Upon arrival, the delegation held a meeting at the Iraqi Financial Supervision Bureau, to hold other meetings with government officials in Baghdad.

The delegation includes the Minister of the Region for Negotiations with the Federal Government, Khaled Shwani, Chief of Cabinet of Ministers of the Region, Omid Sabah, Head of the Coordination and Follow-up Department, Abdul Hakim Khusraw, and Head of the Financial Supervision Bureau in the Region, Khal Hadi Jawishli.

“On March 29, Iraq’s Oil Ministry and National Oil Company (INOC) hosted a meeting with international industry consultants to discuss “mechanisms for managing the Kurdistan region’s oil industry in accordance with constitutional principles.” A statement by the Ministry said the meeting discussed the structures and provisions of Kurdistan’s existing oil contracts.

The consultations appear to be part of the federal government’s preparations to implement the Supreme Federal Court’s decision that declared the KRG’s oil and gas legislation to be unconstitutional and required the federal government to take over oil production in the region.”   LINK

A Lawsuit Before The Federal To Dissolve The Authorities Of The Kurdistan Region

6th June, 2022

The Federal Court is considering a lawsuit submitted to it, in order to dissolve the authorities of the Kurdistan Region, on charges of “rebellion” against the Constitution and not submit to its decisions.


The Minister of Finance reveals the jobs and the amount of the emergency support law and threatens to cut the share of the Kurdistan region

He explained that “to maintain the spending ceiling, it is preferable to legislate a law under the name of the Generations Fund, but if this is not possible, the Ministry of Finance has the ability to manage it implicitly according to the available liquidity.” 

And Allawi said that “the decision of the Federal Court on the region’s oil will force the Ministry of Finance to take into consideration the repercussions of this decision and not to give the Kurdistan region 12 percent and other allocations, unless a decision is reached to limit the region’s oil exports to the hands of the federal government represented by SOMO,” noting that “” Kurdistan region’s oil exports after the Federal Court’s decision have become illegal and no financial allocation for the region can be included in the current year’s budget unless the issue of oil export is resolved and restricted to the hands of SOMO. LINK

Talk about the ratcheting up of the pressure.. WOW… Timing strategic moves like this are so important.. ~ MM

Parliament: Federal Government Funds Go To Kurdish Leaders

6th June, 2022

Member of the Security and Defense Committee, Mahdi Taqi Al-Amerli, confirmed, on Monday, that the abuse of the Iraqi judiciary by the authorities of the region is unacceptable and everyone must respect its decisions, while he saw that the money that the central government gives to the region goes to Kurdish leaders and not in projects that serve the Kurdish citizen.

Al-Amerli said in an interview with the Information Agency, “The failure of the Kurdistan judiciary to comply with the decisions of the Federal Court and the Central Government, gives a clear indication that the political decision in the region is exploited for the interests of the Kurdish leaders,” adding, “Everyone must respect the decisions of the Supreme Judicial Council, as they represent the sovereignty of the region.” Country”.

He continued, “The central government gives huge sums of money to the Kurdistan region and we have no problem in this regard, but with great regret that these huge sums go to prominent Kurdish leaders in the Kurdish political scene and are not entered or benefited from in development projects that serve the Kurdish citizen,” stressing “There is a parliamentary movement to deter Kurdish abuses against the Iraqi judiciary and to seize these sums for the benefit of the Kurdish political forces.”

In an interview with the Information Agency, a member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, Diyari Anwar, had confirmed earlier, that “the Kurdish people have run out of patience with the bad economic conditions in the region,” adding that “the delay in the distribution of salaries, the presence of thousands of unemployed people, and the high rates Poverty, all of which portend major demonstrations against the poor conditions that the ruling parties endure.”  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


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