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TIVON » June 7th, 2022

The Oil Contracts 

The Oil & Gas Law

The Border Ports

Taxes & Tariffs 

Land & Border Ports 



The Private Sector 

Retirement & Social Security 

Currency Auction Fraud

Electricity Sector 

Export Revenues 


Gold Reserves 


Oil Surplus 

Social Welfare 

Ration Card

Private Sector 

Reading the aforementioned list above is the main objective of the “Food Security Law”. All of which was highlighted over the past few days under what? The E.F.S.L.

That (List Above) is where the “Purchasing Power” will come from. I got PM/DMs from people being nervous about a nonchalant comment made from Frank’ when he said the FSL is not important.

People listen he is right. Why? Because the FSL was a tool to produce everything we were supposed to get in the general budget.

Didn’t Mazhar Muhammad-(Financial Advisor) say there are only two legislative laws in Iraq? Which is the FSL & Budget Law. Ask yourself…what are Citizens Entitlements? What falls under that? What law made it possible to access the above items? What does Iraq need in order for all those things listed to work? What did the Federal Court make Kurdistan do just 24-48 hrs ago?

Do you think food itself was the main objective to ensure to the Iraqi people? No. That would come by default of Iraqi having access to the things mentioned above. Think people everything we wanted done for the past 10-15 years is being done under the guise of food security.

It was a ploy to enforce urgency with legal parameters (SOMO) that would ensure constitutional rights that were denied to the citizens because of corruption. Have you not read any of the articles me and Militia-Man commented under?


We are pointing out what you need to pay attention to. I stated many times why the FSL was neccessary. And look what is brought us? Where are you in this investment now? You think the World Bank, US Treasury, and IMF got together to discuss “Food Security” because they wanted every Iraqi to have a piece of chicken on the table? These are monetary institutions. Not the Food Stamp Office.

Frank covered this for you tonight (Monday Night KTFA CC)  and you’re hung up on a word in almost two hours into the call? C’mon people. You have not lost any ground here. Relax and stop being so tense. This is what is causing you react to miniscule things. I thought we already made it clear what the FSL was for? You couldn’t be anymore closer to the reinstatement.

What did the General Tax Authority announce on yesterday’s thread? The completion of a program to eliminate corruption at the currency sale window. This is the monetary policy of the CBI. Guess where all the information about bills (Paper Money) will be submitted to Private Banks that work on behalf of what? SWIFT.

You know what these politicians were doing? They were taking advantage of citizens documentation at the Adhamiya Tax Department registering the citizens name under the pretext of appointment causing regular 9-5 employees to pay 40-30 thousand in taxes unbeknownst to the working class.

But guess what? Most of the names on the tax documents were from people who were not even employed. 0 income. So how was these charges accounted for on non working citizens?

Quote, the tax authority developed short, medium and long-term plans, represented by removing the rings in reviewing citizens to increase revenues and facilitating the procedures of the auditors, while the medium, which has been almost completed and which will work with the identification number system instead of the name assigned to the remittances, and on this basis, no name will be accepted, but rather an identification number so that there is no similarity and will also end corruption and the like. As for the long-term plan, it includes the establishment of the comprehensive electronic system, which was included in the reform “White Paper”, to be implemented 3 to 5 years.

Purchasing Power my people. This new tax system can only work with what again? The exchange rate. 


MilitiaMan » June 7th, 2022

You nailed it Tivon.. Glad to see the recap laid out so well. We all have been witness to the reforms unfolding and to their conclusion ahead. Indeed all are awaiting the sum of the new exchange rate that will populate the CBIs spread sheet.


They have been working to level the playing field and it shows they are just about there.

They have set the Date for the EFSL for tomorrow . The last day of the present parliamentary session. Why take it out to the last minute? Strategic play. Can’t let the cat out of the bag until it is show time.

 Lets see if the EFSL, 2022 Budget, Automation at the borders with taxation, GOI sorted, Social Security and exchange rate fall into place all at once or even sequentially once the vote is done.

They told us the sum would be available once voted on. That will require an international calculation to be applied to level the playing field internally and externally. imo ~ MM

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Samson » June 7th, 2022

Iraq invites European ambassadors to review the working mechanisms of the Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Fund

7th June, 2022

The Iraqi Minister of Planning, Khaled Battal Al-Najm, called on Tuesday, the ambassadors of a number of donor countries to reconsider the working mechanisms of the Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Fund for Iraq.

And the ministry’s media said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that “the minister met the ambassadors of the United Kingdom, Mark Bracson Richardson, the Canadian ambassador Gregory Gallivan, and the ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden Jonas Lofven, in addition to the representative of the World Bank mission in Iraq, Ramzi Numan, and the political advisor to the German embassy, and during The meeting discussed and discussed the working mechanisms of the Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Fund for Iraq.


The Iraqi minister valued the level of support provided by donor countries to Iraq, expressing Iraq’s desire to continue joint cooperation for the service of development and reconstruction and facing the difficult circumstances and challenges resulting from the global food crisis.

He also called for “a review of the work mechanisms for projects funded by the Reform and Recovery Fund, in line with the development and economic reality in Iraq, stressing the importance of follow-up to projects, and effective coordination between donor countries, ministries and Iraqi authorities, through the Ministry of Planning, which is in charge of the follow-up process, and coordination, as well as its task in approving projects and including them in the budget schedules, according to the development gaps in the governorates.

For their part, “the ambassadors of the donor countries and the World Bank expressed their appreciation for the level of cooperation provided by the Ministry of Planning, and its tireless quest to find solutions and remedies for any problem facing the work of the Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Fund, stressing their countries’ readiness to provide more support to Iraq,” according to the statement.  LINK

The Iraq Reconstruction Fund is on the planning table and donor countries  LINK

MilitiaMan » June 7th, 2022

They are back. The donor countries didn’t come in yet (Kuwait Conference), as Iraq wasn’t ready yet. Now they have the automation of the borders for taxation, customs fees, tariffs, etc. All ready for the re-construction effort that will not be nor can be stopped now. imo

There are way to many things accomplished for them to not finish the reforms. All items are awaiting on the final laws to be completed.

We see that the EFSL is slated for tomorrow. All eyes are in the boat. Everything is ready to go, place the rate and kaboom will the country go. The growth of Iraq will be off the charts!!! imo ~ MM

An investment permit to establish a huge industrial city in Najaf

7th June, 2022


The Najaf Investment Authority announced, on Tuesday, the granting of a license to establish the largest industrial city in the Al-Shabaka district, which provides five thousand job opportunities, and includes many factories and laboratories for the production of glass, petrochemicals, sterilizers, detergents and oils

The head of the authority, Dergham Kiko, said in a statement that “the new industrial city is one of the largest industrially and economically in the country, as it is built on an area of 3800 acres, and its initial cost exceeds 50 million dollars, while providing about five thousand job opportunities

Kiko added that “the executing company of the city will establish infrastructure, warehouses, and management of factories and factories, in addition to establishing health and police centers, and their implementation will take about two years from the date of commencing work,” noting that “the industrial city will host industrial projects that are not environmentally permissible within the municipal boundaries and near gatherings.” population, and there are laboratories for glass, petrochemicals, sterilizers, detergents and oils

And he indicated that “the authority has so far granted more than 18 investment licenses in the industrial sector, including the establishment of 3 industrial zones, laboratories for construction materials, electrical transformers, cement plants and an iron and steel plant at a cost of $120 million, which will be launched soon

Kiko stated that “the job opportunities provided by the investment industrial projects in the province exceeded eight thousand, while the opportunities in all sectors in the province reached 23 thousand, and the authority seeks to provide 50 thousand job opportunities during the next phase,” noting that “there are more than four trillion dinars were pumped through investing in the Najaf markets, which indicates a good spending rate LINK

Zeeman » June 7th, 2022

mm i agree with you 100% but knowing iraq and their is a real possibility what if the law is not passed tomorrow and the budget is one twelth still. then what since their is no real gov but a care taker?  

MilitiaMan » June 7th, 2022

What if..? We all know that there items that come up. We could speculate all day long on that. The bottom line is we will have to see what they do.

There are more positive things before us than ever before. We can see that there is regional reconciliation that Iraq has been instrumental in making progress between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The donor countries showing back up and even an Industrial City opening up all for their construction efforts going forward.. No-one benefits from a delay.


The Coordination Framework is likely at this point even on board for the vote to be on time. The citizens are today getting very restless with the electricity issues. Sadr himself says that he will not tolerate procrastination.

The circumstance now before parliament is actually dangerous for them to delay.. They call the law they EMERGENCY FOOD and SECURITY LAW… Regardless the back wall Sadr has put on the goes out to the 15th.. I can wait either way.. Imo ~ MM 

RE : Militiaman and Tivon Chat LINK  

Suzie » June 7th, 2022

Hope and pray you are both correct on this analysis.  BIG Thank You!!  

TIVON » June 7th, 2022

Listen, I don’t have anything against anyone having a solemn request from our Lord and saviour to do Devine work on our behalf. But everything we are telling you is published as official statements and signed off on. Everything doesn’t have to be left up to prayer especially if it already happened as evidently shown from what the past 3 days alone have done for our investment.

I can literally post the content as I have been doing as even Hakim Al-Zamili stated what I said as factual regarding the role of the FSL when he said it will act as a budget given the delay in approving one for the past 10 years.

Why do you think they are trying to go all the way back to 2014 for the final accounts as per Mazhar Muhammad Salih?

This is not me and Militia-Man throwing a 50 yard Hail Mary in the fourth quarter being down by 7 points with eight seconds left on the clock to win the the Superbowl. We are only reaffirming what few trusted political figures already clarified countless times.


If you willing to get dirty and be patient to get what you want then results will follow whether you believe I’m the Lord or not. It’s set in stone now. How? The constitution was written before Iraq fell from economic power. And from the ashes of creation they shall rise again. The Federal Court made sure of that two days ago when they canceled the Oil Contracts on Kurdistan.   IMO. 

Patriots12 » June 7th, 2022

Yes Tivon the Federal court decision was huge and you MM and Petra are on fire !!   Thank you

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