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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 6-7-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday June 7th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Welcome everybody for tuning in from all over the globe whether live or on the replay

Ok this is it – we are looking good and yet there is information out there that – if you look at it wrong it could be considered chaotic or mis information so let’s talk about that first

This is something that has been put out and with anything that seems disruptive it seems that way because of all the information was not clearly put out – and there was an addendum to a certain post that was added to help clarify the situation – I don’t know if anyone has seen that – I heard it so it did clarify the situation for me as I heard some things said that really were questionable

So – China as you know is really big on a lot of the funding that needs to take place or has already taken place for tier 3 bondholders – and also to help situate up tier 4 – the bond holder information that we have been hearing as of this afternoon was talking about notifications going out after 9 PM tonight to the bond holders –

Now it might take a while to get all of those out but it was the kind of thing that since those notifications to tier 3 bond holders are on or from HSBC servers those should go out at least one source maybe two now – we are talking about after 9 PM tonight Eastern time  –

Now that is quite likely possible I think for those to go out overnight to the bond holders in tier 3 – I don’t know if all of them will be emailed or just some of them but the whole thing is supposed to start basically at the time of the Big Call starts tonight –

The other thing is what about us??? And notifications????  We heard from the same source that our notifications would go out subsequently to the bond holders notifications – In other words not necessarily exactly at the same time but slightly after – and my theory is that would bond holders – would we in tier 4B be notified in the middle of the night or would it be something we could wake up to tomorrow – or would it be in the morning -?? We heard tomorrow morning – we have heard no time but “tomorrow” – tomorrow morning – so it seems that we are on track to be notified –  to get started tomorrow and set appointments and go in to those appointments

Tomorrow is Wednesday June 8th  and you know the Chinese love that number “8” – but are we completely ready to go based on the criteria that we have to meet? Certain blockages? Certain things in the way? That we may or may not have out of the way by now – and some of these things may take a couple to 33 more days to get to

So – I’m not sure whether or not this is going to be a real thing for us tomorrow but we certainly need to pray along those lines to believe that it is – and I think we will be leading that prayer later at the end of the call about how we are going to believe for that –

So we’ve got certain things that have been said – certain things that give us the impression that we can go forward with the zim and every other currency that we have – even though some information is suggesting that we can’t with the current administration in place – I am getting that from some sources and not that from other sources – so I’m going to say – let’s just hold off on that and just see if they have allowed this to go through tomorrow –

Now –  here’s where we’re coming from initially though – we had six major tier 1 banks  and lets’s see was it yesterday morning  which was  Wednesday morning I believe we had all of these banks in a meeting – they were – Wells Fargo –  Chase – Citi – BoA – Truist – and one other –  Those 6 banks weighed in on when they wanted the notifications to go out and for  essentially our redemption to begin –  ok –  and 2 of the banks – one of which I know was Citi Bank – and another bank that I don’t know  which it was –  were voting on a Wednesday start – Well – 4 were for starting this afternoon with notifications and two were for starting tomorrow morning –

I heard earlier today that we were not going to be notified today and so I thought – ok the two banks won – now it was up to the Treasury – Mnuchin and Judy Shelton – I believe were the two decision makers on when we were supposed to have our release – I believe they settled on tomorrow morning – so that would be subsequent to the bond holders getting their notifications from HSBC servers overnight tonight

The other thing that is important is we did get word that Iraq was going to put out their rate – we got this directly from Iraq – they were going to put out their rate on Wednesday between noon and 1 PM Iraq time tomorrow –

Now if I remember correctly we are seven hours behind Iraq on the East Coast – so noon would be 5AM in the morning Eastern time – so between  and 6 in the morning those new rates should be put out – I don’t know how many people are going to be allowed to see that – I don’t think we’re going to see it until it is ready for us to know that  but I think it’s interesting that they have said that is when they are going to do it – so we will see if that occurs – that will be great  and the people of Iraq are standing on their own sovereign feet –  ok so that is another good thing

We have heard that tomorrow will be a real kick starter of a day for u s – we’ll see if that holds up and see if the 8th  is a new day of new beginnings and of financial prosperity for us – which I think is the symbolism of the number “8” for China – so we’ll see how that works out – Beyond that that seems to be the focus of where we are –

When we do our zim exchanges – our zim redemptions  – you realize that goes into  a quantum account as a digital currency  – we’re only going to get access to “part”  of that quantum account that we transfer to our “primary” account with Wells Fargo – now you can move that from your Wells Fargo primary account that you set up at the redemption center – you can move that to another bank if you choose to – after you initiate it into your primary account

The secondary account which I would personally set up also with Wells Fargo – is designed as a spill over account and an actual account that you would use for some of or one of y our projects  – the interest that is earned in the primary account – because – remember – the quantum account does NOT earn interest – it is just a “holding” account – in the quantum financial system – but once you move some money from your quantum account into your primary account – that account is able to earn interest and that interest is what I intend to spill into the secondary account and use that secondary account with Wells to fund projects – that’s my plan

Hopefully the exchange of other currencies  other than the zim bonds – will be used in another account – could be the spill over – could even be another account – because those amounts will be much lower than the interest earned on primary account – if you follow all of that –

I am thinking that they will have a way for us to do all of our currency and our zim redemption at the same time – I don’t think their intention is to do this at a secondary appointment or a second time and the amount – the value of the zim is extremely high because the denomination that are on those bearer bonds – this amount is payable upon demand to the bearer – that’s what gives those zim notes such huge value beyond belief – in a way – but it is real and we do have a rate for those especially for people that have projects and that will  endure for more than 50 – 100+ years – with or without you being directly involved – I plan to be around for a while –

I am excited that we should be able to go hopefully we get our notifications tomorrow morning and we can set our appointments and start tomorrow

The redemption centers across the United States have all received clearance to stay open till 10:30 PM – most will start between 8-8:30 in the morning and go as late as 10:30 at night  The redemption centers will stay open as long as there are zim to redeem – if things fall off and they’ve got all of the zim in the area or they think they do – they will probably close in 7-10 days some may go as long as 15 days – it all depends on the area and the amount of zim holders that are in those areas – it’s going to vary across the country – the largest group of zim holders is in Florida – second largest group is in Texas – third largest is in California – and so on and so on

So they are set up for that – there are approximately 7000 redemption centers across the country – they all have a Wells Fargo operative overseeing the operation – even if it’s a Chase redemption center of Citi – or BoA  etc – Primarily it is Wells and they are in charge of the others – they want to make sure that everything is above board with the zim –

Now I think – we’ve heard a lot of things and we’ve read some things that we knew we would get a lot of dis information at the last minute – I think some of it we’ve read is an example of that – but I also believe if you do find the post I was referring to find the addendum to it and I think it will make more sense – ok – You know what I am talking about – hopefully –

Now the other thing is where we stand right now – I think what is really interesting is  -that we are  in a position right now where we believe — Oh by the way – sorry we didn’t get notified at noon yesterday or noon today – I think that was their intention – one or the other – but these banks that didn’t want it to happen for us today have evidently agreed to do it tomorrow so we will watch for that and look forward to that happening for us and going –

If I call this thing – I’ve tried to do without calling it – it’s just not a good idea – I’m giving you the information that I’m getting in the same way that I get it – trying not to hold anything back – I’m trying to give you what I’m getting so that you can wait through and discern the information that I’m giving you – You have to have had a great amount of discernment to have made it this far – through this process but I want everybody to be aware of that and continue to ask God for discernment in this area and other areas and I would say based on where we are right now you are right there at the edge like me getting this information – I would say we are as close as we’ve ever been but I really believe that we should be moving forward very soon

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