Dinarland Highlights for June 8, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 6.8.22

Mountain Goat

we know the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) is posed to go ahead with the project to delete the zeros.They only look forward to having a stable government in place to begin it. We know this event is followed by the FOREX reinstatement and so we are concerned about both events. At the conclusion of which we go to the bank to exchange. Oh boy……!!!!


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground TV report]

FIREFLY: They’re saying its [The CBI’s] talks yesterday with Central banks of Egypt…showed Iraq wants to do what’s best for the Iraqi citizens, to give us our purchasing power, to send our currency outside of our boarders to float.

FRANK: You know very well what’s going on and they’re about to show it to you.  Heck they’re showing it to every bank in the world.


Tivon (KTFA)

The Oil Contracts, The Oil & Gas Law, The Border Ports, Taxes & Tariffs, Land & Border Ports, The HCL/NGO, The Private Sector, Retirement & Social, Security, Currency Auction Fraud, Electricity Sector, Export Revenues, Agriculture, Gold Reserves, Oil Surplus, Social Welfare, Ration Card, Private Sector…the list above is the main objective of the “Food Security Law”…The E.F.S.L…is where the “Purchasing Power” will come from…everything we wanted done for the past 10-15 years is being done under the guise of food security.



[via PDK]

I am being pressured a good bit to NOT discuss timing and what is going on in certain places…Chatter is still great and there is a lot going on in Iraq. They are still behind closed doors in big meetings trying to pound out the last of the agreements with the Kurdish regions and the Food Security Law. My last update is the vote may not happen until tomorrow. I am told they are making great progress from sources in Iraq.

The Food Security Law passed today.

“The Iraqi Parliament passes emergency draft law on food security”

This is enormous and they have now ended this parliamentary session. I am told they will reconvene in order to seat the government …I can tell you they are prepared and ready….



People are starting to rise up. Who do you think is going to feel the pressure the most?  Do you think the Coordinating Framework gives a crap about what people do when they rise up verses Sadr who’s more for the people? I’m curious to see in this game of chicken who it is it’s going to flinch.  I don’t think Sadr is going to flinch…


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

We did get word that Iraq was going to put out their rate – we got this directly from Iraq – they were going to put out their rate on Wednesday [the 8th] … I don’t think we’re going to see it until it is ready for us to know that…so we will see if that occurs…I am excited that we should be able to go hopefully we get our notifications tomorrow [Wednesday]…we can set our appointments and start tomorrow…The redemption centers across the United States have all received clearance to stay open till 10:30 PM…  I would say we are as close as we’ve ever been but I really believe that we should be moving forward very soon…


Nader From The Mid East

I want everybody to not be surprised if tomorrow [today] they vote yes for the Food Security but will not be any exchange rate in it…I’m certain have nothing to do with it…People who knows said this have nothing to do with the exchange rate.  Everybody be patient.  Something is coming up soon.  We don’t know what it is.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

[Response To Guru Tivon below]

You nailed it Tivon…Indeed all are awaiting the sum of the new exchange rate that will populate the CBIs spread sheetThey have set the Date for the EFSL for tomorrow [Wednesday]. The last day of the present parliamentary session. Why take it out to the last minuteStrategic play. Can’t let the cat out of the bag until it is show time.

Lets see if the EFSL, 2022 Budget, Automation at the borders with taxation, GOI sorted, Social Security and exchange rate fall into place all at once or even sequentially once the vote is done. They told us the sum would be available once voted on. That will require an international calculation to be applied to level the playing field internally and externally. imo


CharlieOK (TNT)

Iraq’s parliament passes emergency food bill

So, in the context of history, Sadr’s brilliant strategy has paid off. The MAJORITY of Parliament voted today to enact a Food Law.  For it to be reported that the so called Food Law passed, it would have to pass by a majority as defined by the corrupt Federal Court.


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Frank26]

Why new [ATM] machines?  New rate.  New small category notes. When will they be activated?  It is a predetermined date…it is solid of when they are going to open these new ATM machines.  That date has not been given out to the banks but the banks were told there is a solid date of when they are going to open up these machines.

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