Jean Claude: Insider Updates Take #2 (w/ Jim Willie)


Streamed live Jun 9, 2022

About minute 20:00:  Some Highlights from interview:

JW: I have been told that the supply chain crisis is because the US is being sanctioned by many countries because the US is in default. The US is in default on US Treasury Bonds and we are in default on US Government debt.   Noone wants the worthless fiat US money

JW: Notice all the different countries in the world that are ditching their US Treasury Bonds. The Fed will have to redeem them…make good on them. Saudi Arabia, S.korea, Japan are all going way down on their US Treasury bonds. They are reducing like crazy.

JW: What is the consequence?

JW: I have pretty good word that the supply chain problem in the United States is an extension of a Global policy that has sanctioned the US. We are sanctioned. The other countries are sanctioning us when we claim to be sanctioning them!  We are in debt default.

JW: As a result, these countries S. Korea, France, Germany Thailand, and many more are not exporting to the United States because they do not want the US dollar which is traded using the Treasury bonds as vehicle. So you have ships outside Los Angeles not entering the port.

JW: We are told it’s because of environmental truck regulations at the Long Beach facility. But could it be that they were given a false promise that they would be given not fiat (treasury bills)  dollars but something else more legitimate like a gold backed digital currency. They were promised this and the US reneged so ships are sitting at the port. I am telling you that this Is not a farfetched speculation.


JW. With a default on US Debt and US Treasury bonds-exporting nations will not export to us and these goods will not be coming into the US economy. We are going to see shortages out the yin yang….

JW: All the evidence is there and it all adds up. A $20-$30 Trillion debt default.

JC@BM: What is their alternative now but to swap over to a new system??

JW: I have been saying that the Central Bank Digital Currencies battle was going to be between east and west…..The east like Russia, China, Korea, Japan and others will be trading in CBDC’s that are just, fair , gold backed , honest, and real.

JW: And the ones from the US and Basel are not. One office in control with corruption…no transparency and centralized..

About Minute 42:00:

JW: Because of US sanctions against Russia the BRICS nations are expanding into the new Eurasian trade zone nations…… (Brazil, Russia, India China and South Africa) Iran , China, and Russia will be the foundation of the new Eurasian trade zone  the triangle foundation…India may be the 4th.…..


JW: By the US sanctioning Russia we have hasted the formation of the Eurasian Trade Zone born out of the BRICS….  Now Saudi Arabia wants to join…Argentina which is a neighbor to Brazil wants to join….

JW: if Iran, Saudi and the UAE make nice…..put down weapons and develop trade….the entire gulf region is going to prosper…they will form a big platform in the middle east that Iraq, Bahrain and Quattar can grow off. This will be a huge part of the Eurasian trade zone. Wait until they court Germany….

Please listen to the entire video for more on the slow pace of things happening, what are the delays, white hats, , BRICS nations , The new Eurasian trade zone, Escape velocity from the US dollar ,QFS, gold markets and much more…….


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