“Crucial” by Logan B – 6.10.22


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 10:46 PM ET on June 10, 2022

This RV has been important for the 7 and a half years I have been involved in it but now it is crucial. The powers that for all intents and purposes still are plan to put 500 million of us out of work. I doubt that includes any military personnel or the 100 million minions so that leaves us poor working schmos that are barely hanging on as it is. They plan to start starving us out starting with the end of wheat reserves in 10 weeks. What they fail to halt in food production completely they will price beyond what most people can afford. Most all of petroleum products are priced too high already. They plan to murder as many of us as they can with increasingly more powerful bioweapons this fall. Despite what is being said otherwise a third world war may be inevitable at this point. I was just reading a post from the karmic lords that they plan to turn up the heat on karmic violations against anyone doing harm after 4D to 5D ascension starts but not until after the war is finished. 

There was a time when I would have said that the Alliance would never allow these things to happen but literally nothing has been done to help the billions that struggle to get enough food everyday around the world. No help for those dealing everyday with the thousands of diseases the dark have been developing for thousands of years. The pandemic was allowed to happen and our buying power is shrinking every day. I think not only are the Alliance not working to stop what is coming they want it to happen. The plan is that these things need to happen in order to wake the upper middle to high class people up. If a few million poor people die in the process that’s okay. They believe that if they make things better for everyone now that nothing will change and better off people will continue to vote for future Joe Bidens. The simple answer to that is to remove any future Joe Bidens people could vote for. 

Mike Quinsey says that select people are being given the technologies that will make our lives more affordable, healthier and less stressful as to their ability to produce these technologies. That has been going on for years but we see nothing become of it. If they really do want to see results in this endeavor stop with the lip service, pay us and prepare to be amazed how quickly we will get quantum med beds, free energy, replicators and antigravity vehicles out to the people. 

I think the Alliance plan sucks. I refuse to believe that this is the God I know Divine Plan. Everyone says this RV is completely under the control of the Alliance. God I hope not otherwise we would be completely contrary to what the Alliance wants to happen and make peoples lives better now not after they have been made to suffer. 


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