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DinarDiva1 » June 10th, 2022

IMO  Here is what we wait for next!

Regarding the implementation of the law, Al-Tamimi said that it “will be implemented when it is published in the official Gazette and when it is approved by the President of the Republic.”

Yesterday, Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted on the proposed emergency support law for food security and development in general, after rounds of political debate, between a supporter of it and a rejection of it.

Tivon » June 10th, 2022

Look at you go. This is what I am talking about. Now everyone knows for certain that the FSL is actually or acting as a general budget. This is all you need to read now. Because I know someone asked this questions a couple of days ago will the FSL be published in the Gazette. Well there you go.

This is amazing. Now we can put this to bed. This is for people who assumed a rate was going to pop up as soon as the vote was done. They have to then as Hakim Al-Zamili mentioned follow up with the relevant authorities to implement the FSL.

Now that we know they are waiting on the publication and the President of The Republic we can relax and let this play out. I wonder when it will land in the Gazette?   IMO

Samson » June 10th, 2022

The crisis of the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar .. Are we facing a breakthrough?

10th June, 2022 by Nouri Jassim

Speculators are always ready to seize opportunities in the field of stock exchanges, exchange markets and currencies in Iraq today.

Anticipation still prevails in the Iraqi exchange market, despite the sudden improvement in oil prices until it crossed the $95 barrier.

The manipulation of currency exchange rates and the increase in the price of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar had significant negative effects, including raising the prices of materials in absolute, without an increase in salaries. Decision-makers and policy makers in Iraq, to have a role in the half of Iraqi society, especially after the huge financial abundance of hard currency.

Accordingly, we suggest that the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar is 100 thousand Iraqi dinars for 100 US dollars, and I think this is the real fairness to the Iraqi citizen, and give him something of interest, vitality and well-being, because he suffered what he suffered from instability and psychological, social and economic discomfort.

Today the House of Representatives, The Council of Ministers, and the President of the Republic are at stake before the will of the Iraqi people.

We await decisions from you to solve the Iraqi dinar crisis, and end this crisis before it turns into a purely financial, economic and security crisis that threatens the future of Iraq.     LINK

Tivon » June 10th, 2022

Here we goooooooooooooooooooo…. People look at what Frank shared last night. Look what is about to be published in the Gazette. I ask you where do you think we are right now in this investment? How close are we to the finish line? Why did the governor of the CBI visit the private banks to ensure they are implementing instructions? They are not studying or training. They are imposing new procedures. They are able to come out and say these things simply because the FSL does what? “Covers All Contracts”!

Member of Parliament, Ahmed Al-Jubouri, said Wednesday, that the emergency support law for food security and development targeted the poor segments of society.

Al-Jubouri said in a tweet via Twitter, “The law of emergency support for food security and development targeted the poor segments of society, the stabilization of all contracts and procedures, the return of the remainder of their voided contracts to members of the security services, compensation for the affected and martyrs … as well as the provision of food and medicine, the reconstruction of the provinces and support for farmers.” “It is indeed an important law,” he added. IMO.

Listen I want you to pay attention to the wording here. Look at how the reference the “Food Security Law” as compensatory to the citizens. Why would they use that verbiage in two different articles that officially states that this law is important for all contracts and procedures. What procedures could be implemented if the hard currency reserves are enough to cover the Iraqi dinar that Mazhar Muhammad Salih mentioned weeks ago?

Is is the same procedures the private banks are now following where they are implementing instructions on behalf of the CBI?

Again pay attention to the language. What can the Iraqis be compensated for? What have they been begging for from the past 5 years or more? Why is Mazhar Muhammad Salih also referring to the FSL as a compensatory law?

He just said the 1/12 from last year is not enough. How will the FSL move the wheel of the economy? Well if the law they cover all contracts/procedures and they include the HCL/Oil & Gas which will give the citizens purchasing power which will also be maintained by the hard currency reserves against any inflation.

I guess they can predict a pretty healthy economy where all “Trade Contracts” with Foreign Nations will for the first time in decades be settled in Iraqi Dinar. 

Saleh told {Euphrates News}: “The emergency support law is related to national food security, as well as electric power, support for farmers, and Iraq’s fuel needs and he indicated that “Iraq’s survival on the Financial Management Law {1/12} according to last year’s expenditures is not enough

Saleh stressed that “the emergency support law will move the wheel of the economy, and its approval is a very positive matter in supporting the poor classes, as it is considered a compensatory law for the budget law, which prevented the political impasse between its approval.

Samson » June 10th, 2022

Expert : The Food Security Law prolongs the Al-Kazemi Government if one condition is met

10th June, 2022

Political analyst, Dr. Muhammad Nanaa, confirmed today, Friday, that the food security law does not represent a substitute for the budget law, but it could represent a mini budget for the remainder of 2022.

Nanaa said, in a statement to the “National News Center” that “emergency support is not a substitute for the budget because it does not address all the chapters included in the budget, but rather it is a temporary law and is suitable as a mini budget for the remainder of the current year only, provided that it approves next year a general budget for 2023 it addresses the gaps left by the current period.”

And he continued, “The support law can contribute to prolonging the political negotiations and giving the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi a longer period, because the political pressures will also be less.”

He added, “Negotiations between the political parties can be given more scope now, but all of the foregoing is subject to the failure of any political party to challenge the law before the Federal Court because submitting the appeal may mean accepting it and returning again to the same crisis.”   LINK

Tivon » June 10th, 2022

I am convinced somebody in Iraq is reading my comments. I swear I was talking about this on yesterday’s thread. Which is why I stated that Kurdistan has no luck with the FSL or the budget for this year. Why because the FSL covers the below areas. This is an amazing article. Just further confirming what I have been trying to get across. Do your thing Al-Kazemi.  I am not bothered at all.

The Oil Contracts
The Oil & Gas Law
The Border Ports
Taxes & Tariffs
Land & Border Ports
The Private Sector
Retirement & Social Security
Currency Auction Fraud
Electricity Sector
Export Revenues
Gold Reserves
Oil Surplus
Social Welfare
Ration Card
Private Sector

DCDriver » June 10th, 2022

All I know is that according to Walkingstick we need to wait for an official government to be announced. That is what Frank said walking stick is waiting on. Could things have changed? Of course. This is Iraq. But I always go back to OPTICS. How would it look if Iraq came out with a pretty exchange rate when they can’t even agree on a Government? OPTICS is everything IMO OPTICS

Tivon » June 10th, 2022

Well the 15th is coming up. And of course the money matters have been settled. So if they actually want to announce a seated government along with a new exchange rate this of course will signify many things as to the International community.  

Butttttttttttt according to a legal expert Al-Sadr can be granted full authority to run the country with the “Food Security Law” backing him to execute everything the citizens have been asking for. Which is in the list I posted. Al-Sadr seems to be intent on the 15th deadline being the line in the sand. So constitutionally we will have a government from one in the current stage, or one being formed as a result of dissolution. Where Al-Kazemi will act as a defacto government. 

The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, revealed the duration of the government’s handling of daily affairs according to the Iraqi constitution.

Al-Tamimi told {Euphrates News}: “The Iraqi constitution talked about the term of managing daily affairs in Article 61, the eighth paragraph of the Iraqi constitution, and it was set at 30 days and not more than that in the event of a withdrawal of confidence from the government.”

He added: “Also in Article 64, a second paragraph of the Iraqi constitution, in the event of the dissolution of Parliament, and here the text said, the Council of Ministers continues to manage daily affairs, and we did not specify any period for the government to manage daily affairs.”

He continued: “The Iraqi constitution did not provide a definition for the concept of managing daily affairs, but the internal system of the Council of Ministers 2 of 2019 in Article 42 of it, which said that the Council of Ministers will continue to conduct daily matters until a new government is formed in the event of the dissolution of Parliament, the withdrawal of confidence from the government and the end of the parliamentary session. Here, the period for conducting daily matters was not specified in the above article.

Source: Dinar Recaps


Vietnam – Blockchain – a new technology for the country’s digital economy 

6th June, 2022

Việt Nam is not only an exciting market for the application of Blockchain technology in the digital era, but also one of the leading countries in encouraging research and application of new technology in everyday life.

That was the message from the “Việt Nam NFT Summit – Solutions For A New Era” solution held in Hà Nội on Saturday.

Ngô Đức Thắng, Director of the Government Cipher Committee said that blockchain is one form the digital technology on the list of priorities for research, development and application for the 4th Industrial Revolution, according to Decision No 2117/QĐ-TTg signed on December 16, 2020, by the Prime Minister.

Digital transactions through blockchain would be promoted in many fields such as banking services, industrial production, energy, agriculture, healthcare, retail and consumption. In particular, blockchain can be applied to the public sector.

This technology will affect many aspects of daily life and global business whether we realise it or not, and the investment opportunities coming from blockchain technology will be tremendous.

Thắng said: “In the future, the Government will continue to facilitate, encourage and promote businesses to proactively accelerate the digital transformation process in which blockchain technology is the mainstay. It is expected that by 2030, blockchain will create 40 million jobs, and 10 – 20 per cent of the global economic infrastructure will run on blockchain technology systems.”

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance – the world’s leading Blockchain development technology corporation, said blockchain is a new technology for the digital economy. How countries adopt this technology today will profoundly impact the future of the local economy and the world at large. More and more countries are showing their determination to grasp and adequately apply blockchain technology to everyday life.

Zhao said: “I think that clear and effective regulation is essential for blockchain to be applied in every corner of life, not just cryptocurrencies, DeFi or NFT.” Zhao added that Binance is continuously licensed to operate in France, Italy, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and Dubai which is concrete evidence of the company’s compliance with local regulations at all times.

He said: “Today, along with the active activities of the Việt Nam Blockchain Association, I pledge that Binance will always comply with Vietnamese laws and put users first. Therefore, Vietnamese users in particular and users worldwide believe that Binance’s platform is one of the most secure and reliable in the world.”

The Việt Nam Blockchain Association and Binance officially signed a cooperation agreement on the exchange of research/application of Blockchain Technology and Human Resource Training in Việt Nam to promote the development of blockchain technology and build a bridge with other significant technology corporations around the world.

Phan Đức Trung, Vice President of Việt Nam Blockchain Association, hopes that the agreement will bring value to the business community in Việt Nam, creating a workforce mastering high technology and contributing policy advice to the State’s management agencies. He said: “We believe that this is one of the proper steps, following the direction of the Vietnamese government towards a digital government, a digital economy, bringing sustainable growth values for a prosperous Việt Nam. 

“In its role, the association connects and gathers the blockchain community in the country and builds a bridge to bring Vietnamese products to the world and attract more international resources to Việt Nam. The Association will also promote personnel training and attract international investment into Việt Nam.”

“Việt Nam NFT Summit – Solutions for A New Era” was a part of a series of exchange events for research/application of blockchain Technology and Human Resource Training in Việt Nam and worldwide between Binance and the Việt Nam Blockchain Association. The programme includes discussion panels, signing cooperation and exchange agreements, and various networking activities for the enterprises applying and growing blockchain in Việt Nam and discourse activities and signing exchange agreements.

On April 27, the Việt Nam Blockchain Association was officially launched to promote the development of the blockchain industry and technology and be a bridge for businesses, with the desire to encourage technology application and contribute to the national economic growth.

The Việt Nam Blockchain Association became the first official legal entity to gather enthusiasts for blockchain technology research and application throughout Việt Nam. One of the central goals of the Association is to promote the digital economy an bring Việt Nam to the international level in the digital economy.   LINK

Putin to foreign companies leaving the Russian market: You will regret it

9th June, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that foreign companies that left the Russian market will “regret” their decision, explaining that this is the result of the policy of countries “unable to make sovereign decisions

In today’s conditions, when someone jumped somewhere, left, chose to stop working here, they will regret it,” Putin said at a meeting with young entrepreneurs and start-ups, explaining that “this is not a threat

Putin added: “They will regret this, not because we threaten anyone, we do not threaten anyone, they will regret, because Russia is a country with tremendous opportunities. Really. Many regret that they had to leave,” explaining that this “is a manifestation of the internal state of countries that cannot making sovereign decisions   LINK

Opening of a bridge across the border between Russia and China

06/10/2022 18:59:55

Russia and China opened a new bridge across the border in the Far East on Friday, which the two countries hope will boost trade relations between them, as Moscow seeks to mitigate the damage of Western sanctions imposed on it due to its war on Ukraine.

The Russian Information Agency stated that the bridge links the Russian city of Blagovishensk and the Chinese city of Heihe across the Amur River, known in China as Heilongjiang, and extends for a distance of just over a kilometer at a cost of 19 billion rubles, equivalent to about 342 million dollars.

A video clip of the opening of the bridge showed trucks from both sides crossing the two-lane bridge, and it was decorated with the flags of the two countries against the background of a fireworks display.

The Russian authorities said that this bridge would bring Beijing and Moscow closer by increasing trade exchange, after the two countries announced a “borderless” partnership in February, shortly before Russian President Vladimir Putin sent his country’s forces to Ukraine. During the opening ceremony, Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua said that Beijing wants to deepen cooperation with Russia in all fields. Russian Transport Minister Vitaly Saveliev stated that the bridge will contribute to enhancing the annual trade exchange between the two countries, increasing it to more than one million tons of goods.

Construction of the bridge began in 2016 and construction finished in May 2020, but its opening was postponed due to border closures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, reports said.

The last common position of the two countries was during a session of the United Nations General Assembly last Wednesday, when China and Russia criticized the United States and accused Washington of stoking tension on the Korean peninsula, according to Agence France-Presse.

The session was held to discuss the reasons that prompted Beijing and Moscow last month to veto the Security Council against a US draft resolution that would have imposed additional sanctions on North Korea.

The Chinese ambassador to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, criticized Washington’s approach to Pyongyang, saying that tension on the Korean peninsula “has become what it is today” due to US policies, and called for easing sanctions on North Korea.  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


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