Dinarland Highlights for June 10, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 6.10.22

Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Frank26]

IOO there are a series of articles drafted, ready…regarding the new small category notes, the new exchange rate of the dinar, the new colors of the denominations and the detentions of all the denominations.  Articles regarding the new ATMs that are being introduced right now will explain the full capacities and what they will offer the citizens of Iraq.

All of this will be coming from the CBI IOO, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Planning along with the input from the Iraqi stock exchange, the Erbil Stock Exchange.  Extremely detailed articles in their form to be released.  We are still waiting on the timeline…we don’t know when this opinion will be coming forth



[via PDK]

I have one banking contact for years that had told me I was crazy …just told me  “Guess what they are training us to do this week?  They are training us to verify Vietnamese Dong and Iraqi dinar”  This is from a low level banking person who thought I was crazy for believing all this stuff…I thought that was great news.

What I hear from redemption center folks is they are not working this weekend.  They have great hopes moving into next week…At many locations they were training with real currency this week in preparation…This was the first time for many of the employees. News out of Iraq continues to be upbeat…Maybe we will see something big over the weekend… Maybe they will give us a trigger event. …I don’t anticipate any delays…. I don’t see them kicking the can at all….I think we are in a good place.



That is awesome they got the Food Security Law passed.  There’s going to be some necessary funding taking place.  The people are going to receive more money…I like the idea of the ‘green papers’ – Iraq has to go back to exporting agriculture not importing it…Iraq is in a good position if it could just form the right government and the government continue these reform papers and they stay on track…I’m telling you within 2 years you’re gonna see some huge changes in Iraq…

Iraq is sitting on the brink of all-out civil war.  Tensions are rising.  Protesters are gathering.  There has been assassination attempts.  There has been terrorist attacks.  If you’re… hoping the rate change is going to happen this year – It’s not going to happen…it’s going to take at least two years and that is if they magically got their government formed, passed the budget and continued expanding on the private and public sectors as well as developing their agriculture…instead we have a stalemate…


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Reference to Walkingsticks new CBI articles coming out post below]

[Here’s] the very first of the articles that are going to be coming out IMO.

The governor of the Central Bank Inspects the works of a number of private banks.”

Ready…Set…Go!!! …Take note that the pictures have been removed. 


Tivon (KTFA)

The HCL/Oil & Gas is the bottom line for everything that will fuel their economy…they can go this entire year if they wanted (Doubt They Do) without budget simply because “Purchasing Power” by default will come from THE HCL/NGO…Saleh said in an interview with Shafak News Agency; “The rise in Iraq’s hard currency reserves will increase confidence in the Iraqi dinar and will increase its stability...”

He didn’t say a budget caused this. The reserves did. Which the FSL has access to in order to produce purchasing power for the citizens.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Cat is out of the bag.. It has been now for about two weeks...They gift the Bank of England what looks to be like the NSCNs...This presentation is an epic one. It shows…the world that Iraq is ready to open for business….The sovereignty of a country is proclaimed by this action. We now watch the roll out to the international markets. That packet of currency in varying sizes and colors represents a new system that is being presented….One with a new value...The action represents, ” The People of Iraq and her sovereignty.”


Mike Cottrell & MarkZ

[via PDK]

Community Question:
“Mr C said RV occurs when all banks are closed, so that means Saturday night. May be this coming weekend!”

MIKE COTTRELL: the question above asks if the RV can go only on a Saturday night when all banks were closed…  That was the plan years ago…around 2008- 2010 to 2013…once the gold treaty was signed the execution can happen at any time day of night… But, the primary time would be late at night between 11PM to 3 AM est before London markets open.

MARKZ: They have told us in the past that…They wanted a 3 day weekend, but that may not be necessary now that the banking systems have improved so much…. I also think the technology has advanced enough it could go at any time…


Nader From The Mid East

They passed the Food Security Law...on TV…politicians coming out and say the Food Security law it’s against the people of Iraq…They did that to steal the money…I don’t think so.  This [money] is gonna go through a lot of good things…some of it’s gonna be stolen of course…but I think 90% of it’s gonna…make the electricity better, make the water better, make a lot of things better than before. 

Now I told you it’s not going to have nothing to do with the exchange rate.  The budget we’re waiting for to pass.  I think it’s gonna help but also I think have nothing to do with the exchange rate too.  It’s gonna be a little time for exchange to change.  We don’t know when…Everybody’s waiting.  I’m waiting too…the exchange goes on I’m out of here…I might go to the United States, Europe, I don’t know.


Clare (KTFA)

The Governor of the Central Bank inspects the work of a number of private banks



Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

Saturday – Sunday and Monday are looking very strong for us for our notifications… and set our appointments for very early next week… this is coming from two very good sources one of which is a Wells Fargo source…what is really interesting …bank tellers are to be chosen – 6 tellers per location – per bank branch – to be brought up to speed in the next 2 days Friday  Saturday on the currencies …Now – that is really good news…

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