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Al-Halbousi and the Kuwaiti ambassador discuss the continued strengthening of bilateral relations

Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi and Kuwaiti Ambassador Salem Al-Zamanan discussed bilateral relations between the two countries.

The Parliament Speaker’s office said in a statement received by Khabar Press Agency (AP), that “the Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, received today, Thursday, the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Iraq, Salem Al-Zamanan; On the occasion of the end of his duties.

He added, “The continued strengthening of bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries in all fields were discussed,” noting that “Al-Halbousi praised the efforts of the ambassador during his period of work in Iraq in this field, and wished him success in his future missions.”

For his part, Al-Zamanan thanked the Speaker of Parliament, noting “his country’s continued support for Iraq and cooperation in all fields, in a manner that serves the interest of the two brotherly peoples.” link

Al-Sadr is heating up the street in preparation for new early elections, amid talk of his allies’ annoyance

Politicians and observers of the Iraqi affairs stressed that the fact that the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, asked the representatives of his bloc to submit their resignations from the membership of the House of Representatives is nothing but a pressure card, a test balloon, and a firm stance on not clinging to the ruling.

The Iraqi expert, Saher Abdullah, confirmed in a press interview that Al-Sadr wants to explore the positions of his allies, and whether they will respond to his request in order to achieve a “blocking third”, or will they reject the matter in order to preserve their gains, which they may lose if the tripartite alliance continues, taking into account The presence of restlessness and indignation among the leaders of the alliance over individual decisions, and not taking their opinion or consulting them.


In addition, the writer and political analyst, Sabah Mohsen, believes that the political crisis, which began about eight months ago, witnessed the failure of 15 initiatives from forces inside and outside the crisis and from independents, in addition to the initiatives that were proposed from outside the borders, referring to the attempts to “flatten” the crisis, And limiting it to choosing the president of the republic, with the entitlement of two-thirds + 1 of the representatives.

In this context, the candidate for the presidency of the Democratic Party, Riber Ahmed, indicated that the current political stalemate is not caused by the failure to choose a candidate for the presidency, pointing out that the solution lies in the other party, which is divided against itself, and without its agreement, the political process will not return to its path and proceed. ahead.

For his part, the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Ghiath al-Sorji, revealed the existence of undeclared understandings and dialogues between the various political blocs, except for the Sadrist movement, with the aim of finally agreeing to choose the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister, explaining that the secret understandings aim to speed up the formation of the government. .

On the other hand, political analyst Tamim Al-Hassan stated that there is some information that indicates an opportunity to return to the proposal for early elections with the establishment of an interim government, pointing out that the information that leaked from the discussions of political forces indicates that it could extend the stay of the interim government headed by Mustafa. Al-Kazemi for two years instead of one, provided that it is temporary and works to hold early elections to get out of the crisis.   link

The road to elections and the extension of Al-Kazemi is clear after the collapse of confidence between the conflicting parties

The recent position of the Sadrist movement to withdraw from the political process and call on the Sadrist bloc’s representatives to resign from Parliament has been postponed, a new initiative from Erbil.  

But the last Sadrist tactic, did not pay the Triple Alliance so far in a position towards him, on the future of the process of forming a government. After al-Sadr threatened to remain in the opposition or to withdraw completely from the political process, the visit of the coordination framework delegation headed by the head of the Fatah Alliance Hadi al-Amiri to the Kurdistan region was postponed.  


Political activist Hamza Al-Khafaji says that the coordination framework’s visits to Erbil have increased, and we have not seen results to end the political blockage.  

Ideas talk about the Sadrist withdrawal, which distances the possibilities of forming a government towards new elections, where the leader of the Sadrist movement hopes to gain more votes.

The political forces were waiting for the initiative of the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, the second ally of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, in his tripartite alliance that he formed on the twenty-third of last March, and it also included the “sovereignty” alliance led by Khamis al-Khanjar, in the name of the “Salvation” coalition. homeland”.

The political crisis in Iraq has entered its seventh month in a row, since the early legislative elections were held on the tenth of October last year. And the expert in Iraqi political affairs, Ahmed Al-Sharifi, considered that “the continued lack of confidence between the various parties, and the absence of a guarantor for the implementation of the agreements, would thwart any new initiative.”

Al-Sharifi added that “Iranian mediation failed to resolve the crisis, due to the lack of consideration for the new political reality in Iraq that resulted from the elections, and we do not believe that there is an initiative capable of resolving differences without al-Sadr abdicating the majority government, or the coordinating framework forces relinquishing the consensus government, and from without that, there are no solutions, near or far.

Al-Sharifi pointed out that “the external factor is still active in the issue of efforts to bring the views of the various parties closer, but he was unable to find solutions with Al-Sadr’s insistence on rejecting all initiatives and sticking to the majority government. The opposition front without participating in the new government.

And the political analyst, Kitab Al-Mizan, believes that matters in the country are moving towards early elections, due to the political blockage, which means that the Al-Kazemi government will remain for the next period.

The writer and academic Fateh Abdel Salam asks about the reasons for the failure of any initiative presented in the context of the political crisis in Iraq? And more than one observer is wondering about the developments that have taken place since the early elections were held last October.

Abd al-Salam says that local initiatives carry their flaws with them while stillborn because they have always been coercive orthographic interpretations of views. On the other hand, the relevant side, without its owners being aware of the meaning of the initiative, its requirements and flexibility. He continued, the initiative carries the elements of its failure when it comes from opponents who have no will or decision to change Positions of steps and benefits under the consensual shift from futile sclerosis.

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