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Samson » June 11th, 2022

Parliamentary Finance expresses its concern about the “food security” funds: This is what we will do!

11th June, 2022

The Finance Committee of the Iraqi Parliament revealed today, Saturday, that there is a fear about wasting or stealing some of the financial allocations included in the Food Security Law, which was recently enacted by Parliament.

Committee member Sajjad Salem told Shafaq News Agency, “The financial allocations included in the Food Security Law are actual needs that the Iraqi people suffer from, such as the electricity file, the ration card file, the reconstruction file, and the farmers’ entitlements.”

Salem added, “We do not deny that some ministries and state institutions are corrupt and corruption is almost completely controlled, and this is what makes there fear about the financial allocations included in the Food Security Law, but we are in the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, we will strictly monitor the disbursement of these allocations.

We will also demand statements of these expenditures, which are carried out by ministries and state institutions, to prevent any waste of money or suspicions of corruption such as thefts and others.



Tivon » June 11th, 2022

The Tax Authority pretty much covered this section in terms of eliminating corruption. Now you have a movement towards sending the money allocated from the FSL directly to the Ration Cards. And now we have an admittance from the Finance Committee that corruption is just about a non-issue given all the legal and electronic parameters set in place that will protect the funds from being looted.

Now do you guys see why Mailiki wants to file lawsuits against the FSL? He is actually upset that he will not be able to steal from the citizens anymore.

So whenever you see anyone trying to come out against the FSL just know the incentive may be more nefarious then they would ever let on.

This Law is the real deal. Otherwise it wouldn’t have faced so much resistance. There are gurus out there who read my post looking for zingers where they think my position will falter at some point because they presume there has to be holes somewhere in my argument.

The Director-General of the authority, Shaker Al-Zubaidi, stated, according to a statement of finance, that “after coordination and follow-up between the concerned departments, the Ministry of Transport will provide the General Customs Authority with the validity of the issuance of the entry of goods through land, air and sea ports, and in turn the authority informs the Central Bank of Iraq.”


Which means if you do not have paperwork to justify pricing of products to match the offering/purchase as opposed to mark ups on items from parties under questionable aliases they can not account for it will not be allowed at the port of entry to proceed towards shipping.

This will help with fraud in the currency auctions. No more using citizens names under the guise of appointment to buy/sell who have zero income to attribute to any legal contract.

 All of this is addressed in the FSL. There are parties that take advantage of the citizens’ full documents under the pretext of appointment and others, and their names are registered in the currency auction and financial transfer.

This is why they will now use an identification number system instead of the citizens names assigned to the remittances, and on this basis, no name will be accepted, but rather an identification number so that there is no similarity and will also end corruption and the like.

JaimieO » June 11th, 2022


IMO – There were several articles  recently covering Sadr calling for the resignations from his entire block.  Yet, unless I missed it, nobody has commented on this at all.

Can someone please tell me why Sadr would have his block MP’s resign???  What does he gain by that & what part would that play in forming the GOI???   OR, was this just a big BLUFF???

Tivon » June 11th, 2022

Listen, in general the goal is to return to the “Gold Standard”. Which will by default will result in a smaller government in most countries anyway.


Power is returning to the people. Keep in mind Iraq has not announced a return to the Gold Standard yet. Russia did. Zimbabwe plans to. China is in the process. From 1879 until the outbreak of the World War in 1914, the United States was a participant in what has been called the classical gold standard, under which all world powers redeemed their sovereign currencies in a definite weight of gold.

What is Iraq trying to return to or already has? A Sovereign country.

Everyone thinks the “Criminalizing Normalization Zionist Law” was to create social/racial conflict among the average citizens. No, it was to ensure the corrupt elite entities that pledge their allegiance to Rothschilds/Khazarians no longer can impose or implant political figures who work on behalf of “The British Crown” who can uproot Iraq from it’s own wealth under the guise of “The War On Terror” to pillage its gold/precious metals so they can remain under the hegemony of the US Dollar.

Al-Sadr knows corruption runs deep in the politics blocs. Before the Civil War, government officials weren’t in charge of picking the quantity of dollars at all. Rather, the public determined how many dollars were in circulation by presenting gold or silver to the government for minting as coins according to weights specified in law.

Remember,  Fiat Money = Fiat Government.

Once the reinstatement occurs you will see governments around the world be reduced by a wide margin. I’d say 70-90%. Why do you think they are trying to get Al-Kazemi to run the country through the FSL for the remainder of the year?

Because they plan on using this time to shave off the fat and oust most from their position before the end of the life cycle of the FSL. Then they can start fresh with a new E-Government. Free of corruption.

Since it will be extremely hard to steal most people running for office will be very small. Fiscal prudence is a deterrent. IMO

My fellow members of KTFA, I want to bring something to your attention that I think has been overlooked from a few weeks ago regarding the “Food Security Law” and what it entails.

We will focus on a particular section in an outline of objectives written by “The Finance Committee” and the agenda they look to activate once the FSL is published and implemented on the day it is to be printed in the Gazette.


What are one of the areas of “Citizens Entitlements” can be found in the proposed law? The HCL/Oil & Gas correct? Tell me what accounts for 90% of Iraqs revenue? Oil, correct? They told you a week ago that this has already been legislated.

Isn’t it in their Constitution (Article60/Second) Based on provisions of Article 17/First of Parliament Law and it’s formation Number (13 of 2018). And Article (120) of The House of Representatives internal system that includes the distribution of the oil revenues is owed to all the Iraqi people according to Article (111) in the Constitution.

Which states that Oil & Gas is the property of the Iraqi people in all regions and provinces.

Didn’t the Federal Court exert their constitutional will upon the Kurdistan Region to sign over the Oil & Gas Law to Baghdad? So how will they attain these funds if the result of this will be “Purchasing Power”?

Who did the CBI meet with to ensure the electricity file will be paid? Iran, correct? Isn’t the Electricity/Gas File in the FSL? So how or why wouldn’t the CBI know of the FSL if they are the ones obligated to ensure debts of this file is paid to Iran? (MG).

Didn’t Mazhar Muhammad Saleh state a few days ago that the FSL will move the wheels of the economy? How do they plan to do so if the international exchange rate is not applied if they plan on giving these entitlements to citizens that is predicted upon the HCL/NGO/Oil & Gas?

Where else can you find someone in Dinarland willing to break this down to you daily? I am not an expert/guru. I am using critical thinking skills. Now couple this information with what you heard on Frank’s call last Thursday. Think. What is about to come out for the citizens? ATM’s, Visas, Small, Notes, and all the details concerning the rate that you heard from Walkingstick. 

Emergency Food Security Law Outlines

1- Conducting an extensive study of the proposed law to ensure the achievement of its objectives in providing food security and supporting the development process in the governorates. 

2- Hosting the relevant authorities from the ministries of (Finance – Planning – Oil – Trade – Electricity – Agriculture – Labor and Social Affairs – Water Resources and the governorates) and other relevant authorities. 


3- Achieving social justice and directing support to the poor. The Pharmaceutical Council – the Finance Committee

4- Direction not to go towards internal or external borrowing.

5- Pay the dues to farmers and farmers for the previous years to purchase wheat and rye crops in a manner that achieves self-sufficiency. 

6- Working to reduce poverty. 

7- Supporting strategic food storage to secure the food basket. 

8- Determining the validity of the proposed law during the current fiscal year, in a manner that does not conflict with the legislation of the annual general budget law. 

9 – To approach the Council of Ministers regarding the proposed law in accordance with the legal contexts. 

10- Supporting the electricity sector, especially the entitlements and debts of imported gas and energy purchase. 

Edna » June 11th, 2022

I truly am grateful for Tivon, his analysis, straight foreword, no distractions, no detours, no interpretations approach,coupled with supporting facts and articles has helped my understanding tremendously even from a month ago. So many times (made to believe) we were at the doorstep, only to be denied time and time again, folks double talking, plausible deniabity, all that foolishness….I know. But having said that, I must say I’m hopeful the fruit we all desire will come forth soon..I’m NOT excited (that was taken long ago) but Hopeful and grounded…let’s sit back and see what they give us.


TSM » June 11th, 2022

Exactly Edna…. There have been far to many Victory laps… ta-da…and I told you so to get too excited…I am of the camp that need results not another 200 final articles, which while they show progress… they don’t show a clear finish line…and most articles will have another one completely contradicting what we think we have read…and sadly a good lot of the negative articles…have been proven to be more accurate than the rose colored ones…all IMO

Tivon » June 11th, 2022

Tsm, I understand your sentiment as it is based on past disappointments of not having the discernment required to decipher through who is your opposition and who are the protagonist as everyone in Iraq for the most part is looked at through one lens.

So to break through the gray area you have to internally understand your own humanity in order to spot it in others.

And when you study, I mean really look into these articles you can clearly see who the antagonist are. Because when you look at some of these politicians when they mention the many obstacles from opposing parties who don’t live in Iraq but like to criticize laws that would help the average citizens and demand it be changed or revoked look at their residence, status, history, and connections you can start the process of understanding their refusal to support something that goes against how they attained their wealth.

What is about to be published in the Gazette? The Food Security Law.

How many have said it was the end of the world vs the ones who said this law will help Iraqis? Why do you think the World Bank came out and apologized to Iraq?

273 Deputies voted for the law. I can post many opposing viewpoints from the FSL. But who ultimately won out? The 273 people who voted for it. Now look who holds the oil contracts. Not Kurdistan. So obviously something has change dramatically. IMO

Source: Dinar Recaps



The 10 most powerful currencies in the world in terms of currency strength against the dollar

11th June, 2022

There is wide controversy between the classification, the first which considers the strongest currency to be the most valuable currency against the dollar, and the second which considers the strength of the currency related to other matters such as the extent of its recognition, use and share of foreign exchange reserves in central banks.

In fact, if we are to take the second approach in this classification, the dollar is undoubtedly the most powerful currency in the world. But for the approach that takes the price of the currency against the dollar above all else, the order we get will be as follows:

1 – The Kuwaiti dinar ($3.29): It is the most valuable currency against the US dollar, taking advantage of Kuwait’s oil wealth and its presence in the global market. It was first introduced in 1961 after the country gained independence from the United Kingdom, and since then, the Kuwaiti dinar has become and remains the most valuable currency in the world. Over the years, the dinar has been pegged to a number of different currencies, including the US dollar between 2003 and 2007.

2 – The Bahraini dinar ($2.65): It was first introduced in 1965, and comes in second place, supported by oil products and exports. Similar to the Jordanian dinar, the Bahraini dinar is used only in Bahrain, and is linked to the US dollar.

3 – The Omani riyal ($2.6): It was first introduced in 1973, and it witnessed a significant increase in value due to the success of oil supplies and their linkage to the US dollar, noting that the purchasing power of this currency is very high, so that the government must provide banknotes of a quarter and a half riyal, Since 2019, the riyal is equivalent to $2.6.

4 – The Jordanian dinar ($1.41): It was first introduced in 1949, to replace the Palestinian pound, which had been issued in 1927, and has been pegged to the US dollar for 20 years, and this has helped it become one of the strongest currencies in the world. However, despite this position, the dinar is still used exclusively in Jordan.

5- The pound sterling ($1.26) the official currency of the United Kingdom… It is often seen as the strongest currency in the world, although this is contrary to reality, because its value is less than the values of 4 Arab currencies. London’s decision to leave the European Union had a negative impact on the value of the pound, which is one of the most widely used currencies, as well as the oldest independent currency in the world, as it was first used in the United Kingdom in 1489.


6 – Gibraltar pound ($1.23) It is the official currency of Gibraltar. In addition to being used independently, it can also be exchanged for the pound sterling at face value, and in terms of appearance, it looks very similar to it. The government of Gibraltar prints all of its banknotes and coins. The most common exchange rate in Gibraltar is the pound to the euro.

7 – Cayman Islands dollar ($1.2): The Cayman Islands is a British territory located in the Caribbean and is known as one of the best tax havens in the world, because it provides banking licenses to a number of the largest banks in the world, because it provides banking licenses to a number of the largest banks in The world, hedge funds and insurance companies. The islands dollar was introduced in 1972 as an alternative to the Jamaican dollar, and it has become among the strongest currencies in the world.

8 – Euro ($1.1): Adopted on January 1, 1999, as the second world reserve currency, it is the official currency of 19 of the 28 member states of the European Union (EU). This currency began to be circulated in the alternative in the form of traveler’s checks and electronic bank transfers, before the emergence of banknotes and coins after a few years, specifically in 2002. The aim of the euro currency was to increase economic and commercial interdependence among all members of the European Union who choose to adopt it. It is worth noting that the Euro has been declining in the past months to reach $1.05 recently, but that didn’t affect its ranking.

9 – Swiss franc ($1.01): It’s still ninth on the list with good reason, though, because Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world with a proven track record in banking and finance. The presence of some of the world’s tightest monetary policies and the lowest levels of debt has led many investors to view the Swiss franc as a “safe bet”, with investors choosing to store some of their wealth in the official currency of Switzerland. The franc is known as the sixth most traded currency in the world and is expected to retain its value for the foreseeable future.

10 – The US dollar is the most traded and used currency in the world, and holds the title of the first reserve currency in the world, as it is held by all central and commercial banks almost without exception.   LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


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