The Nomad Economist: This is Worse than Anyone Realizes, Stock Market Horror on the Horizon


The Nomad Economist
Premiered Jun 13, 2022

REPO Madness is beginning to make the 2008 financial crisis look like a walk in the park. The FED is backstopping the panic for liquidity in the overnight REPO market with more than $1 Trillion.

The panic money printing is happening NOW. With all the misinformation circulating around about this Repo Crisis, one should question, can they really be that dumb? This is truly the Mother of all Financial Crises, which will affect the whole nine yards of what it touches.

This will make the 2008 financial crisis look like a trial run. There is no politician who will come up and talk about this crisis, nor will they brave to even ask pertinent questions for fear of what will be uncovered.

This Repo Crisis is just part II in the lead-up to Big Bang that nobody apparently understands is currently unfolding. This is the Sovereign Debt Crisis on steroids. Whatever they could have done wrong, they have done with absolute accuracy.

The expected losses for institutions will range from 40% to 60% of assets. Whoever is caught holding will not be bailed out this time around. This is the combination of the 1998 Liquidity Crisis and the 2008 Financial Crisis. So hang on to whatever you can grab ahold of. You will need it for this one.

Ten years of QE created a financial system that depends on the Fed monetizing debt in massive quantities forever; so that billionaires could swap dollars to skim profits from QE Forever. Unsaid, but likely, is that since both the ECB and BOJ are deep into endless QE, then the Fed needs to get in step.

Coincidentally, there’s an FOMC meeting in play just in time to save the world from the financial crash these billionaires will cause if they don’t get free money under their terms. Banks have oodles of US Treasuries debt that need to go at a profit, and the Fed is the only buyer dumb enough to buy it, so the banks earn a profit. REPO is just another banking Ponzi scheme that works with the FED’s banking Ponzi scheme.


The Fed feeds the monster markets, the hedge funds, the algorithms boyz, and the high-frequency traders. Once an institution to be there in a pinch, they create webs of financial complexities and central plan, preventing free market forces and normal market cycling that flushes excesses. They feed the pot when the pot is about to go empty. They remove the discipline of the market place.

The FED needs to print more because the universe will collapse without the speculator bailout. I say F the speculators and end the FED.

This is the most significant theft of all time. Why call it banking when it is just plain stealing. The Bankers own the world, and they own you too. Take it from them, but leave them the ability to print money out of thin air, and they will buy it back the next day. This REPO frenzy that we are witnessing was designed by the big banks as a trap for the large hedge funds.

The Forex swap market is dying. And the banks want the large hedge funds to take the hit. It makes sense that someone would try to paint this as a GSIB issue when, in fact, it has nothing to do with it.


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