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Samson » June 13th, 2022

The Iranian Central Bank Issues A New Decision On The Introduction Of Currency On The Exchange Market

13th June, 2022

A member of the Supreme Council of the Iranian Money Exchange announced that the Central Bank has published a circular stating that exchange offices can purchase foreign currency from exporters at a compromise price.

Kamran Soltanizadeh said in a statement to the media website of the Central Bank and local banks, that the new decision allows exporters to sell foreign exchange that comes from the export process without specific pricing and restrictions, and on the basis of a price that is compatible with the money changers.

I consider that the new decision will urge exporters to sell foreign exchange in their possession, which they were waiting to sell, waiting for them to reform the bank pricing, by putting it in the exchange offices, and that the central bank will benefit from the real market resources without using its hard currency resources.   LINK

Sir » June 13th, 2022

IMO- Could this be the float ? Ummmm

Tivon » June 13th, 2022

You guys enjoying the warm up? If you have Rials it’s time to dust them off. IMO

Binance, Celsius, Bitfinex, Coinbase, and other Crypto Platforms have all halted withdrawals on exchanges. Why? Because the Stocks are crashing in front of your eyes. Now new systems can be put into place once the smoke clears. IMO

Samson » June 13th, 2022

The depreciation of the currencies of neighboring countries attracts Iraqi tourists

13th June, 2022

The decline in Turkish, Iranian and Syrian currencies has encouraged Iraqi tourists to go to those countries, which provides them with a hard currency, especially with the people of Mesopotamia spending a lot of money for tourism and visiting religious places, where the decline in currencies is a major factor in attracting them, in addition to the ease of obtaining a visa. For the Iraqi passport.

The economic researcher, Bassam Raad, points out that the appropriate and low exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar was a key factor in attracting Iraqi tourists to Tehran, Istanbul and Damascus, in addition to the fact that the environment for these capitals is somewhat close to the Iraqi environment, and medical, religious and summer tourism constitute the basis for Iraqi visitors to those Countries.

Big spend

Raad continued, “The money that Iraqis spend on their trips is large, as the total cash sale for the month of May of this year amounted to $603 million, a large part of which went for the purpose of tourism with neighboring countries.”

He pointed out that “everyone knows that the decline in the currencies of the neighboring countries (the Turkish lira, the Syrian lira, and the Iranian toman) has its purely economic and political reasons and justifications. This decline has also contributed to attracting Iraqis, and tourism in these neighboring countries constitutes an important economic sector, because of what it provides from a hard dollar currency, in addition to the fact that tourism is a labor-intensive service activity that has a ripple effect on 70 industries and complementary and nutritious services, and provides job opportunities in various activities and professions. According to the economic researcher.

Successive declines

In turn, Iraqi researcher Saleh Lafta revealed that the Syrian and Turkish lira are witnessing successive declines against the dollar, and this decline has nothing to do with attracting tourism. He said that the Syrian pound has been declining since the outbreak of the civil war in 2011, pointing out that this decline continues due to the political situation and US and Western sanctions on Syria.

He added that the depreciation of the Syrian currency encourages the attraction of tourism, but due to fear and the untapped security situation, tourism is limited to religious shrines from certain countries, such as Iran, Lebanon and Iraq. 


He explained that “the Turkish lira is also witnessing an unplanned decline, and it has lost a lot of its value this year, and has fallen significantly from last year, despite the Turkish president’s optimistic statements about the strength of the Turkish currency and the promises to support the lira.” He pointed out that “this decline is due to the low interest rates imposed by the Turkish Central Bank, the inflation witnessed in the Turkish markets, and the instability in currencies as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.”

He pointed out that “this decline is in the interest of those who want to visit Turkey, especially tourists, especially if the strictness in obtaining a visa for Iraqis is lifted.”    LINK

Sir » June 13th, 2022

IMO- If my calculations are correct, and Easter has passed ( So we know that this is not an Easter basket) we are soon to see the new currency basket-waterproof, so it floats…

Source: Dinar Recaps

Clare » June 13th, 2022





Tivon » June 13th, 2022

Binance, Celsius, Bitfinex, Coinbase, and other Crypto Platforms have all halted withdrawals on exchanges. Why? Because the Stocks are crashing in front of your eyes. Now new systems can be put into place once the smoke clears. IMO  

Henig » June 13th, 2022

IMO the greedy slimeballs who shorted the entire market are about to reap what they’ve sown. Right around a metric TON of stocks are shorted with overleveraged funds, and a whole bunch of them are set up for wicked gamma squeezes at the very least, and outright short squeezes much more likely.

IMO, they don’t have the liquidity to keep shorting them, so they’re using crypto as their piggy bank–and right now they’re pulling all the liquidity they can get, which is why there’s an entire basket of crypto showing the exact same price curve as BTC.

With most of the market crashing like this, IMO we’ll hit a tipping point at which the institutions who are shorting will get margin calls, and EVERYTHING will accelerate–and instead of a gradual drop, we’ll get a drop like a falling knife.

IMO, the miscreants who’ve been “naked shorting” by using counterfeit shares will have to be dealt with before we add more liquidity into the system with the RI, or they’ll do it all again. Unless, of course, they put everything on blockchain like they say they will–QFS.

I pray that’s how it goes. QFS at the same time as the RI.

Tivon » June 13th, 2022

You said it all. I have nothing else to add. You are spot on. Blackrock, Vanguard, Tether/Bitcoin are all about to be taken down. The Wall Street Casino is coming to an end. IMO. 

Samson » June 13th, 2022

Parliamentary Warning From The Caretaker Government: It Is Trying To Control The Financial Abundance

12th June, 2022

Sunday, the representative of the Sadiqoun Parliamentary Bloc, Rafiq Al-Salihi, warned against the caretaker government’s attempts to control the financial abundance achieved from the rise in oil prices.

Al-Salihi said in a statement to the “Information” agency, “The caretaker government headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi, through the Food Security Law, is trying to acquire the financial abundance achieved from oil revenues during the past months.”

He added, “The caretaker government headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi does not have constitutional and legal powers that allow it to control the country’s money and deprive the Iraqi people of it.”

“The Al-Kazemi government, since the early elections, has neither the legitimate nor the legal right to dispose of the country’s wealth under the pretext of conducting daily business and the lack of sufficient food reserves to face the crisis of the rise in food prices.”

Last Wednesday, the House of Representatives approved the Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development, after a wide debate that lasted for several weeks between the political parties that differed over it between supporters and opponents.  LINK

TIVON » June 13th, 2022

Looks like the opposition to Al-Kazemi is nervous about something. Funny he does not mention the HCL/Oil & Gas Law legislation that actually will help the average citizens. This is why I want to remind people that these articles are aimed at the citizens, not us for the most part. Which is why you have to look for people that I listed who work on behalf of Al-Kazemi as they are the ones combating people in parliament who put out misleading statements like this to keep the citizens confused and lost. You see how they intentionally leave out vital information that would clear up things for Iraqis? Especially the laid out ten point objectives I posted from the Parliament of Finance. IMO

Samson » June 13th, 2022

Khashan Clarifies The Fate Of The Challenge To The “Food Security” Law

13th June, 2022

The independent member of the House of Representatives, Basem Khashan, confirmed, on Monday, his insistence on submitting the appeal to the Federal Supreme Court regarding food security, indicating that the appeal is ready and we are waiting for the federal decision.

Khashan said in a statement to “Al-Maalouma”, that “the law on emergency support for food security and development is a legal violation from its beginning to its end, and it cannot be tolerated.”

He added, “The appeal was submitted to the Federal Court with sufficient evidence, and the final decision is due to it, as it is the owner of the separation between the legality of food security or not.”

Last week, the House of Representatives passed food security amid popular and political opposition, especially with the suspicions of corruption that revolved around it, most notably placing astronomical sums for service projects.    LINK

TIVON » June 13th, 2022

Have you noticed anything that would help the citizens has a strange natural proclivity to being in violation when it comes from Al-Kazemi or people in his circle? Why? Because unlike the budget the FSL came as a ambiguous project that came with some exclusionary features that upset alot of those in power as they saw how the contracts in the FSL is created around the citizens and not sectarian leaders in the political arena who only serve themselves.

Which is why you keep seeing articles about Kurdistan whining about there’s nothing in the FSL for them.

You guys have to understand something like this never happened before in Iraq or the world for that matter. Look how many regions will benefit. So don’t be dismayed or mislead by articles of this nature. You are watching in real-time corruption being dealt with. IMO

Samson » June 13th, 2022

Al-Tamimi: The Resigned MPs Will Be Replaced By Others From The Same Constituency, And The Work Of Parliament Will Not Be Affected

13th June, 2022

Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi confirmed that the resignation of MPs will not affect the work of Parliament, as the resigned MPs will be replaced by others from the same electoral district.

Al-Tamimi told Al-Maalouma, “The resignation expresses the individual will of the deputy with the approval of the Speaker of Parliament only, and this matter does not need a vote by the House of Representatives except in the case of a request to resign for the purpose of retirement according to Law No. 9 of 2005, as amended by the Federal Court Act of 2014.”

He added, “The replacement of representatives is from the same electoral district, where the best losing candidates are presented to the House of Representatives to replace the resigned, and it is not permissible for the candidate to be presented to the same bloc, but from the same district.” And that “the replaced candidate’s name goes through the Electoral Commission to the Federal Court at the request of the House of Representatives in order to ratify him in order to take the constitutional oath in Parliament.”

He pointed out that “the resignation is subject to reform and the replacement of the resigned candidate with a losing candidate, while the dissolution of Parliament in accordance with Article 64 of the Constitution requires a request from a third of Parliament and with the approval of the absolute majority, and as a result, the resignation of a number of deputies does not affect the work of Parliament.”     LINK

TIVON » June 13th, 2022

Pay attention to this guy. Look at the name as he was one of the people I told you all to look at. Everyone in Iraq is not intentionally trying to misguide everyone. Al-Kazemi is basically radioactive in the Middle East when it comes to those who represent him.

Watch for more information about the FSL. We are waiting for its official publication in the Gazette. Then implementing the law will follow. As Hakim Al-Zamili said he will follow up with the “Relevant Authorities” to ensure the allocations go where they need to go.

I think one of those authorities is the CBI. Who knows that there are debts in the FSL that need to be paid to Iran. Which is why the governor of the CBI met with Iranian leaders a week ago. IMO.

DoTalkToMe » June 13th, 2022

If diplomatic immunity is removed and Corrupt are removed its all good. Let heads roll. 

Cashflow » June 13th, 2022

What days is the Gazette published? Its not an every day paper is it?  

Samson » June 13th, 2022

I am checking daily and will post when it comes out

Dinarling » June 13th, 2022

IMO Wednesday’s and Saturdays

Samson » June 13th, 2022

Parliament : 20 foreign companies are coming to invest in Iraq

13th June, 2022

A member of the Parliamentary Oil and Gas Committee, Basem Naghmesh, revealed today, Monday, the number of foreign investment companies coming to Iraq, explaining the committee’s direction in the coming days.

In an interview with the National News Center, Naghmesh said, “There are more than twenty foreign investment companies coming to Iraq to work and invest in the country,” noting that “the committee will work with the Ministry of Oil to provide local gas.”

He added that “Iraq burns large quantities of gas, and we hope to form the new government as soon as possible in order to contract with foreign companies to invest in gas.”

He pointed out that “the committee will move in the coming days towards investing in local gas, not importing it,” noting that “the committee is determined to provide local gas and declare self-sufficiency.”  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


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