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Samson » June 14th, 2022

Oil prices touch $125 a barrel

14th June, 2022

Global oil prices witnessed, on Tuesday, a rise of more than two dollars per barrel.

Brent crude futures reached $124.95 per barrel on Tuesday afternoon, while US crude reached $123.51.


Iraq adopts the price of $90 per barrel of oil in the 2022 budget


14th June, 2022

The Ministry of Finance announced that the draft budget law for the year 2022 includes securing 51 trillion dinars to finance ongoing and new projects, confirming the adoption of the price of a barrel of oil at $90 a barrel in the budget

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Taif Sami, said in an interview during the spring conference organized by the Iraqi-British Business Council in London, and followed by “Economy News”, that “the draft budget law for the year 2022 includes securing 51 trillion dinars to finance ongoing and new projects, covered from the public treasury as a result of the rise in oil prices, including 10 trillion dinars through foreign loans

She added, “The price of a barrel of oil will be approved in the budget at $90,” stressing that “the white paper included reforming government banks through general structuring and governance, applying the comprehensive system and amending the internal system, and the project has now reached the State Council  LINK

DeepWoodz » June 14th, 2022

Imo  Re-cap that goes with article 104…

The technical advisor to the Prime Minister, Haitham al-Jubouri, announced, on Friday, the readiness of the government to send the budget for the year 2022 if the House of Representatives requests it.


Al-Jubouri said, “The government is ready to complete the draft budget, which takes two weeks in the Council of Ministers to complete and present it to the Legal Committee in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Council of Ministers.” 


Allawi commented on the budget law saying that “the law (2022 Budget)  represents the state’s economic and investment vision as it addresses future issues as well as operational aspects and cannot be compensated by the emergency support law,” pointing out that “the economic outlook in which the government deals according to the budget law for the year 2021 and cannot be continued because our vision differs for 2022.

“The general budget for 2022 was prepared by the Ministry of Finance last March, according to calculating the price of a barrel of oil at $60, with a total amount of up to 150 trillion, as it may include a small part of the borrowing,” he added, noting that “there are amendments that will be made to the law according to recent changes and the rise in oil prices.


He stressed that “The oversight task of the parliament in this regard will be a little arduous in following up on the completion of the country’s final accounts for the years 2013-2021, but it will certainly be fruitful.” 

According to Saleh, the final accounts should accompany the new budget. 

So close! God bless KTFA!

Tivon » June 14th, 2022

The 2022 General Budget of course is for “New Projects”. The Food Security Law” is for stalled ongoing projects that was never spent in the 2021 Budget as the Final Article Thread 1601 addressed.


That’s why they also stated that the 2021 budget was supposed to raise the value of the dinar. Sense it didn’t they will just use the FSL to and whatever money is left over in the FSL will also be put in the 2022/2023 budget.

Remember  keep in mind why the FSL was created. It was not to replace yearly standard budgets as Saleh stated as a temporary compensatory budgets for things the citizens have been asking for which is “Purchasing Power”.

Again, I explained this multiple times. If they approve the budget. It will not be for any financing because they already took all the money out of the 2021 Budget and put it in the FSL. So they can basically start 2023 off with a fresh canvas even if the 2022 budget gets approved on the last day of December.

They can just transfer all the funds (51 Trillion) from the 2022 Budget and put it in the 2023 Budget. That’s why Mazhar Muhammad Saleh stated that a late 2022 Budget is better than one not being approved. I agree with that.

They don’t even want to put all the money that would have (100 Trillion+) in the 2022 Budget because the year is almost over. So they being cheap for this year. The 2023 budget is a different story. IMO

Just using common sense here. If they said the 2021 Budget (Final Article 1601) was supposed to “Raise The Value of The Dinar” and that they will empty the 2021 Budget and put all the money in the “Food Security Law” what do you think the FSL will do for the Dinar if Mazhar Muhammad Saleh stated it will move the wheel of the economy? Raise The Value of The Dinar right? Keep in mind that the Oil & Gas Law is in the FSL. What’s makes up 90% of Iraqs revenue? Oil. IMO

Popeye7 » June 14th, 2022

Imo, yeah buddy Tivon… It would seem the raising of the rate would allow for the FSL to go further because of the increase in value of the dinar… This seems to be working out beautifully.. Quick question I ask earlier… Does President Salih have to sign the FSL before it appears in the Gazette, or will it just suddenly appear within it?… Does President Saleh have the authorization to sign it since he is a “caretaker” president?…

Tivon » June 14th, 2022

To my knowledge if it’s going into the Gazette I would think any signatures would be signed on to it prior to it being published and not after. That doesn’t make one iota of sense in my opinion. Why even announce that it’s going into that particular publication if every signature that was needed wasn’t already on it. We would have heard something by now from those like Hakim Al-Zamili when he said he would follow up with the “Relevant Authorities” to ensure the funds are allocated to the right sectors of the economy. I mean the FSL is not being published in “Time Magazine”. We are talking about a government sponsored law here. IMO.


DayTrader » June 14th, 2022

Tivon is correct IMO.  The pertinent Articles in their Constitution are Article 73, Third Paragraph and Article 129.

Article 73:
The President of the Republic shall assume the following powers:

Third: To ratify and issue the laws enacted by the Council of Representatives. Such
laws are considered ratified after fifteen days from the date of receipt by the

Article 129:
Laws shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall take effect on the date of their
publication, unless stipulated otherwise.

Since a law takes effect on the date of its publication, it would have to be ratified prior to being posted in the Gazette.    All IMO.

Zeeman » June 14th, 2022

just a quick comment imo. remember what frank always said in the end their will be confusion and we have it now

DeepWoodz » June 14th, 2022

Imo   Interesting tidbit from the 2021 budget law. 


“C- Banks must open windows to replace the damaged and damaged banknotes to the public and deliver them to this bank and its branches. And promoting the circulation of banknotes of small denominations

Come on with it!

Samson » June 14th, 2022

Al-Hayani: Avoiding Street Pressure Depends On Forming A Government That Meets The Aspirations Of The People

14th June, 2022

A member of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Mahmoud Al-Hayani, stressed that avoiding inflaming and pressure in the street depends on forming a government that meets the aspirations and desires of the people, pointing out that the solution to the current crisis needs to sit at the dialogue table between the political parties to agree on forming the government.

Al-Hayani told Al-Maalouma, “The street is awaiting the formation of the government, and if it fails, it will certainly come out against it because it did not meet its aspirations and demands, which are expected to be implemented by the new government.”

He added that “Al-Sadr went towards forming a majority government and did not succeed in forming it, which prompted him to go towards the opposition, which necessitates the other parties to form a government that meets the aspirations of the street.”

And he indicated that “the positions of the sovereignty and the Democratic Party are still unclear about the followers of the Sadrist bloc in resigning or agreeing with other parties regarding proceeding with the formation of the government, as it is likely that they will not go towards the opposition and resign from Parliament.”

He stressed that “the solution to the current crisis needs to sit at the dialogue table between all parties in order to reach clear visions on which all would agree to go towards forming the new government.” 



Tivon » June 14th, 2022

Guys when they say the government needs to meet the aspirations of the people they are talking about an ideal general hope or ambition that goes beyond the current year. The reason it is a crisis is because it has been 7 months. Not because the needs of the Iraqi people can not be met now as the issue stands today.

That’s why when they do form the government it will be one one accord that will meet the broader aspirations that can be resolved in one or five years. Especially when we talk about education in Iraq. Which is something that can not be a quick fix like food can for the current year when you talk about the ration cards.

So while discussions take place they have plans in mind that go well beyond the life cycle of the FSL or standard budget which is also just for a year for book keeping. Not to mention investment which goes beyond the current year and not just money but creative endeavors.

Money only goes so far. It’s about cultivating a new Iraq that is a premier country like the West. This would be considered a aspiration. This will take time.

That’s why Mazhar Muhammad Saleh stated even though the wheels of the economy can be moved with the FSL, it can not sustain one beyond the current year. But at least it can get things going. Which is what we want.

Especially regarding the imminent purchasing power. Iran just told everyone what they are about to do with their currency. You think Iraq will just sit idly by while the Iranian Rial is performing in the currency market appreciating in value without reinstating prior or right after when they also have the means to do it now thanks to the FSL?

C’mon people. The House of Representatives, The Council of Ministers, and the President of the Republic can address this now from what Nouri Jassim suggested some days ago. Not a pending decision based on a government that’s not even seated yet. IMO

Samson » June 14th, 2022


Digital Media announces the joining of the first Iraqi technical team to the International Facts Network

14th June, 2022

Digital Media Center: The International Fact-Finding Network includes for its membership the first Iraqi technical team

The #Digital_Media_Center (DMC) confirmed that the accreditation of the “Technology for Peace” organization by the International Fact-Finding Network (IFCN) and its joining it, is a great Iraqi achievement that all organizations in Iraq should be proud of. 

The Center indicated that “Al-Taqnia” is the first Iraqi organization and the fourth in the Middle East and North Africa to join the fact-finding network of the Poynter Institute for Studies and Media, which is located in Florida.

The Center indicated that the International Fact-Finding Network has 147 members around the world, and with the entry of technology into it, it becomes the 148th member, all of which work in the context of confronting lies and fake news on social media and presenting the truth to the user.

In a special statement to the center, the founder of Technology for Peace and its current president, Aws Al-Saadi, confirmed that joining the international network is very important for us, our followers, and the course of our work. Our work mechanism, as well as all our policies, including (methodology – privacy – transparency – correction – sources).

Al Saadi added; Before we joined the network, there were three Arab institutions, namely (Maharat Foundation from Lebanon – Find out from Jordan – Make sure from Syria) and thus (Technology for Peace) was the first Iraqi organization and the fourth Arab organization.

Regarding the conditions for joining, Al-Saadi affirms a number of rules that must be adhered to, namely; 

1. Commitment to impartiality and credibility.
2. Commitment to the transparency of the sources.
3. Commitment to transparent funding and regulation.
4. Commitment to transparent verification methodology.
5. Adhere to the correction policy.


With regard to the relationship of this achievement to coordinating efforts to combat false news and disinformation in major companies and platforms, Al-Saadi explains; Meta Company (formerly Facebook) has partnerships with institutions as a third partner, and in order to partner with such major platforms, there is a prerequisite that the institution is accredited by the International Fact-Finding Network.

The Digital Media Center (DMC) stresses that this achievement was achieved through young Iraqi skills embodied in the Technology for Peace team who were, and still are, working in a continuous effort to reveal the facts and expose the forgeries and lies in the social media platforms in Iraq.

It is noteworthy that the Digital Media Center is an independent center specialized in monitoring and analyzing the phenomena of the digital world and its various platforms, as well as anticipating the transformations of this world and tracking its news.

Digital Media Center DMC 
Tuesday 14 May 2022    LINK

Tivon » June 14th, 2022

Guys, you are witnessing the end of propaganda in Iraq. This is how it will be done. Why? Because the FSL is designed to weed out corruption this year and ongoing into infinity. All you have to do is look at how “The Tax Authority” completed a program that reduces corruption by 100% in the currency sale window for Private Banks. How Iraq has outlawed working for foreign Zionist entities who do not even live in Iraq but have more power than the political figures that do. This is what the FSL is doing right now. Do you see why it came under constant attacks? Because corrupt politicians, bankers, economists, celebrities, (In Iraq) are all up to be brought up on charges for many crimes. IMO

Samson » June 14th, 2022

Including ministerial agents and governors.. Thousands of double-salaries were arrested in Kurdistan

14th June, 2022

A member of the Parliament of Kurdistan Region stated today, Tuesday, that the salaries of thousands of people who receive more than one salary illegally have been cut.  LINK

Popeye7 » June 14th, 2022

Imo, this is big… The cleansing continues in order to make way for the new Iraq… Thanks again Samson, and God bless you..

Tivon » June 14th, 2022

Now do you all see why they kept whining about the FSL? Look at what is happening since this law was being voted on. Those Private Banks are implementing procedures where identification numbers instead of names are being used to distinguish perpetrators from employees or unemployed. It’s so much easier to catch them now. Why? Policies legislated under the guise of “Food Security” to ensure “Security & Transparency”. They will have corruption under complete control before the year is out. IMO

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » June 14th, 2022

Ethiopia expresses its desire to deal with Russia with the defense system in local currencies

14th June, 2022

The Ethiopian ambassador to Russia, Alemayehu Tegenu Argao, said that his country can participate in the payment system that Russia is considering establishing if Turkey or China participates in it

Answering a question about whether it is possible to link Ethiopia to an independent payment mechanism, which Russia is looking to establish with Turkey, India and other countries, the ambassador added: “Yes, if such a platform is created with Turkey or China, it will also be suitable for Africa, this is not a problem

He noted that it is necessary to establish a mechanism allowing the exchange of the ruble and other currencies in Ethiopia and other countries

He continued, “The currency can be any currency, the main thing is that it can be converted. Now in Russia it is impossible to exchange and spend the Ethiopian birr, the accepted currency in my country. The same with the ruble in Ethiopia, to change this situation, countries have to agree.. Something is needed and then come up with a way in which the ruble and other currencies can be freely exchanged in Ethiopia and other countries   LINK

Russia imposes sanctions on 49 British citizens, including military leaders

06/14/2022 18:37:51

The Russian Foreign Ministry added, today, Tuesday, 49 British citizens to the list of sanctions, including the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “The Guardian” and “BBC”.

The ministry confirmed that the sanctions also included reporters and writers from “Sky News”, “The Financial Times” and “The Daily Telegraph”.

She indicated that the sanctions included the editor-in-chief of “The Guardian”, “The Times”, “The Daily Telegraph”, the BBC”, “The Daily Mail” and “The Independent”. 

Russia also included the Deputy Minister of Defense and commanders of the British air and naval forces. Work to expand the list is still ongoing.  LINK

World Bank: Iran’s economy is the fastest growing in the world

14th June, 2022

The World Bank expected, on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, that the growth rate of the Iranian economy this year will be higher than the global growth rate.

The World Bank has reformed the draft annual economic report on the growth of the Iranian economy during the current year.

The World Bank announced that the annual growth rate of the Iranian economy this year has reached three and seven percent, which will constitute its highest level in the global economy for this year.

The World Bank expected that the volume of economic growth during 2022 would be around two and four percent 

According to World Bank forecasts, the expected growth rate in the Iranian economy will reach three and seven percent, which is an increase of one and three percent from the expected last January. LINK

Tivon » June 14th, 2022

Remember what Iran announced yesterday people. They want to introduce their currency on the exchange markets. Why did they announce this before Iraq? Iraq has the oil contracts.

This surprised Iran because it wasn’t supposed to happen. Nobody knew Kurdistan was going to be forced to sign that over. Out of all the years we have been in this investment Iran never pulled something like this.

Which is why the FSL is so powerful at the current moment because even Iraq or a few in government was caught off guard at how much was being put into the FSL. So they attacked it and reduced the amount.

Parliament obliged simply because they do care about how much is in the FSL. They just wanted the contracts. Because oil accounts for 90% of their revenue anyway. All they wanted was to ensure Kurdistan was taken out the picture and they achievement that. IMO

Source: Dinar Recaps


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