Dinarland Highlights for June 17, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 6.17.22

Bruce (The Big Call)

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The tellers in the major banks went into a training Friday – Saturday – Sunday – and Monday…They brought these tellers up to speed  on the revaluation and they trained them on the Delarue machine and they did a lot of this training at the redemption centers…on the currency and exchanges…the fact that the tellers…are being brought up to speed tells us that we’re getting very close to the end of this ride…

it looks like we are going to be notified in the next few days…information suggested that the redemption center staff would be going in Monday..am – to set our appointments…that is what we’re hearing from a pretty reliable source…a lot of people we normally talk to have been put under gag orders – new NDA’s and it’s quiet…let’s see what happens in the next 3-4 days…


Mountain Goat


a report issued by the World Bank, on Wednesday, warned of the impact of the delay in forming the government and approving the budget on the growth of Iraq’s economy. The growth since 2021 was supported by a strong expansion in non-oil production, especially in the services sector.

Iraq has a unique opportunity to undertake urgent and wide-ranging structural reforms”

We know that many of these reforms to completion in the White Paper can not occur without the one reform we all want to happen. This is the currency reform. …we heard almost these exact words from Dr. Sinani Shabibi back in 2014 in his news conference. He talked about the proposed “go-ahead” for the reinstatement of the dinar in early 2013… So, this time we are in is yet another “unprecedented opportunity” for Iraq says the Word Bank in the article today.


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Referencing recent newly installed ATMs in Iraq articles]

The recycling currency‘.  Not  ‘the recycling of currency‘ but the ‘recycling currency‘.  What do you thing that means? …what do you have now?  Here use this instead…they’re moving very fast to introduce to the citizens a new monetary reform…



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I am feeling awfully good about the coming week and the next few days.  I have spoken with a number of contacts since last night and they all are of the same mindset…that we are here.

We do have some key things from Iraq with Sadr stepping down. I hear they called the bluff and it worked exceptionally well. They are planning on having their government squared away first of the week. Also 2 articles late in the day yesterday that they are moving forward with the white papers and monetary reform …now that there is no longer a block.



Here’s the deal.  They offered Sadr to come back into the government.  They encouraged him and his deputies to come back into the government.  Sadr turned them down…the word is he has turned them down.  It’s a no.  Sadr is not coming back.


Tivon (KTFA)

The 2022 General Budget…is for “New Projects”. The Food Security Law” is for stalled ongoing projects that was never spent in the 2021 Budget…That’s why they also stated that the 2021 budget was supposed to raise the value of the dinar.Since it didn’t they will just use the FSL to and whatever money is left over in the FSL will also be put in the 2022/2023 budget.


Sandy Ingram

Iraq’s oil revenues rose to 11.4 billion dollars in May

We were so busy with Iraq’s government gridlock that we did not acknowledge oil revenue for May.  Iraq’s oil financial revenues in May of 2022 were 11.4 billion up 93% from May of 2021 where the oil revenue was $5.9 billion…paid in U.S. dollars for last month’s oil revenue.


Nader From The Mid East

I’ve been reading a lot, ‘my opinion’, ‘my experience’, ‘my…’ Nobody has an opinion in this, nobody has ‘experience’ of this besides the CBI.  The CBI knows everything…it’s not the IMF.  It’s not the World Bank who’s going to make decision…The CBI will make this decision.  They would say, ‘Hey, we’re losing money.  We have to change our rates and we’re going to change our rate.’  That’s it.  


Samson (KTFA)

The World Bank warns of the impact of the delay in forming the government and approving the budget on the growth of Iraq’s economy

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