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The House of Representatives cuts off its legislative recess and holds an extraordinary session next Thursday

Today, Monday, the Presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced the intention of Parliament to hold an extraordinary session next Thursday.

The Presidency of the Council said in a statement, “The House of Representatives will hold an extraordinary session based on the provisions of Article 58 first of the Constitution, and at the request of a number of ladies and gentlemen, members of the Council, on Thursday, June 23, at 11 am.”  link

Al-Tamimi expert: The Speaker of Parliament can call for an emergency session to complete the constitutional oath of the replacements

The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, said, on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, that the Speaker of Parliament .can call Parliament for an emergency session devoted to the replacement of the constitutional oath Al-Tamimi added, in a statement to Al-Masala, that the emergency session is devoted to discussing the topics that necessitated the invitation, indicating that more than one topic can be discussed in the emergency session, including .taking the oath to the alternate representatives

He added that when the new deputies take the constitutional oath, they begin their work as representatives of the .people

He stressed that the new deputies can take the constitutional oath in accordance with Article 50 of the Constitution .collectively or individually before Parliament A special source told Al-Masala, Monday, June 20, 2022, that the Presidency of the House of Representatives will set next Wednesday a date for holding an exceptional session aimed at repeating the oath to the new deputies as .replacements for the resigned deputies

A deputy from the State of Law bloc revealed, on Monday, June 20, 2022, that the coordinating framework submitted .a request to the Presidency of the House of Representatives to hold an emergency parliamentary session 

Muhammad Al-Sihoud said in a statement, which was followed by the obelisk, that “the coordinating framework “.submitted 50 signatures to hold an emergency session to repeat the oath to the new deputies “.

And he indicated that “setting the date of the meeting is up to the presidency of the council

The request for the coordination framework to hold an emergency session to repeat the oath comes against the .background of the resignation of the Sadrist bloc’s “73 deputies” and the rise of the winning candidates in their place    link

Iraq Achieves The Highest Oil Revenue In Its History

 The Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) announced, on Tuesday, that it achieved the highest revenues in the history of Iraqi oil export, while it expected oil prices to remain within the range of 115 dollars per barrel until the end of this year.

The director of market research at SOMO, Muhammad Saadoun, said in a statement reported by the official Iraqi News Agency and seen by / the information, that “we live within high price rates, and we have achieved so far the highest revenues in the history of Iraqi oil export by about 11 billion dollars for the past month, and we expect these rates to continue. He pointed out that “indicators show that global oil prices for this year will remain at around $115.”

Saadoun added: “We are in the third quarter of this year, and prices will witness more support and will stabilize during the next three months,” noting that “the oil market is witnessing a challenge due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, which affected the market because Russia is one of the major oil producing and exporting countries, and the European embargo.

 It will remain and may affect the European market, and from this aspect, agencies expect a decrease in Russian oil production estimated between one and a half million, and this means that oil supplies lose this number, and there is another aspect, which is that this conflict affected economic growth and this is reflected in demand expectations. “

He pointed out that “most of the international energy agencies have modified their price forecasts and increased these expectations from $95 to 120 to be the expected price for 2022, and to 115 for major international banks, and some companies expected it to reach $150 in light of the current stockpile being at its lowest level.” He pointed out that “the European Union’s decision to impose an embargo on Russian oil will be directly reflected in the expected revenues for the year 2023, which extend to 2024, an increase to 120 dollars, and this is a large number.”   link

The resignation of the Sadrist bloc from Parliament fuels protests in the Iraqi street

Demonstrations erupted in several Iraqi governorates, demanding the provision of job .opportunities and services, while the escalation is monitored after the Sadrist bloc’s resignation from Parliament .

In front of the Baghdad Provincial Council building, dozens of graduates gathered, demanding their employment Hundreds of graduates demonstrated in front of the Diyala governorate office and in the governorates of Najaf, .Diwaniyah and Maysan, in the center and south of the country

The wave of demonstrations reached its peak in the southern province of Dhi Qar, the center of which is the city of .Nasiriyah, which is one of the strongholds of the major wave of protests that began in October 2019 Dozens of protesters in the city of Nasiriyah closed most government buildings and institutions, including the .education and municipal departments and the governorate office .

Video clips showed dozens of motorcyclists roaming the city in solidarity with the demonstrators In Sayed Dakhil and Shatrah districts, protesters closed government buildings, except for health departments, and .demanded the dismissal of some local officials

 Observers of the street movement expect that the Sadrist withdrawal from the political process will fuel the protest .activities The writer and researcher Adnan Abu Zeid said that the closer the political forces are to forming the government, the .more protests will increase, expecting the Sadrist movement’s supporters to take to the streets in the near future Activist Alaa Raed says:

We are afraid that the followers of the Sadrist movement will ride the wave of our peaceful .demonstrations And in evidence that the situation in which Iraq is going through is not reassuring, the representative of the supreme reference, Ahmed Al-Safi, said, Thursday, June 16, 2022, that the reference is following the developments of the .political scene and that the strife exists and has not died Although political forces see a breakthrough soon after the movement’s withdrawal from the process, massive .demonstrations are expected to follow the Sadrist movement

One of the most prominent indications of the trend towards the street is the statement of the resigned head of the Sadrist bloc, Hassan al-Adhari, before the recent elections, when he said that the current would proceed with its .project, even if it required going to the street On Wednesday, Maha Al-Douri, who resigned from the Sadrist bloc, waved the weapon of the Mahdi Army and its return, as she wrote a tweet on her official Twitter page in the slang dialect: You see the Mahdi Army frozen, what is .canceled, meaning the Yamou unit As published in Baghdad, leaflets described as “mysterious” wrote on it the zero hour and the storm is coming, two .days after the resignation of the Sadrist bloc from Parliament Activists spoke on social media that these expressions refer to large demonstrations that are expected to take place .within days   link

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