The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 6-23-22



Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 6-23-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday June 23rd and you’re listening to the big call – welcome everybody all over the globe where ever you are tuned

Let’s talk about where we are  as a way of introducing the intel at this time – We got some good information today and we did get more information a little later in the afternoon that helped to give us an idea of where we are in this picture –

First thing we have to talk about is the concept of the crypto coin or what are being called virtual coins or digital coins – these are the crypto currency coins that Charlie Ward referred to as tokens – remember I told you the coin was backed by and had a value of an ounce of gold – erase – erase that — 1 gram of gold per crypto coin – There are 28.3 Grams in an ounce of gold

Now that this morning there was a zoom call between 102 countries one of which being the United States – of course –  and the US Treasury – so picture 102 countries tuned in at 0500 5 am on a zoom call until 11 am – so a 6 hour zoom call with the US Treasury about the integration of these crypto coins / virtual coins – digital coins and the QFS – they have been fully integrated into a platform that will back the coins with a value of gold

Now that platform allowed this morning from 5am to 11 am for Whales – VIP’s to do their exchanges of cryptos into a gold backed platform –  either to exchange it into a currency or another digital coin – That was really important – that was sort of the last integration of the QFS – that should have wrapped it up –

The next integration is the bond holders in tier 3 – now some bond holders have been notified and they have some if not all of their liquidity but not many – I got this clarified this evening about half hour before the call –




There are two releases of emails for the bond holders – 50% of the bond holders will receive their notifications by email overnight tonight and give them access to funds tomorrow – so ½ of the bond holders are to be notified overnight tonight by email so they wake up to it tomorrow (Friday am) – the other 50% will receive their email on Saturday night and wake up to them Sunday – so they are kinda 2 days apart – The first one goes tonight for half of the bond holders and the other half goes on Saturday night and they wake up to it on Sunday

That would give those groups access to funds  – that is what the purpose – and gets a lot of the bond holders in tier 3 handled – ok – a lot of them – and of course the vast majority will have access to funds by Sunday –

It might be Monday before they actually do anything with it but certainly they will see it – and will be able to go to their accounts and see the liquidity that they have and have access to it – so that’s a really good move

Now what we heard from the people that told us about that particular call – the zoom call – this morning – and the crypto currencies we heard that we would go on the heels of the bond holders – so when push comes to shove we try to find out – ok what does that mean with what’s happening to the bond holders – what does it mean for us in tier 4?

So we have heard that it is speculated that we could get notified on Saturday and set our appointments and maybe start over the weekend  – meaning Saturday/Sunday – and yes Sunday they do plan to have redemption centers opened and operating if in fact we get started on Saturday

In other words it’s not an automatic push to next week – we checked on that – that is not part of the plan – we believe since the bond holders are coming out so strongly overnight tonight and Saturday night we could easily be notified and start Saturday evening or Sunday – It’s possible – It is definitely in our purview to consider that-

So – everything is moving forward with everything happening behind the scenes – there’s quite a bit of things happening politically – and there’s quite a bit of arrests taking place – always – that does not seem to be slowing down – and the rest of it I just don’t typically go into intel on  – but I really feel good about knowing that they’ve got the  digital coins out of the way in terms of having a connection and integration into the QFS and then of course the same thing with the bond holders getting notified – it’s all good – we’re there – on the heels of the bond holders –  that are getting notified overnight tonight and overnight Saturday night – We’re very very close




That’s what I had to bring to you tonight in terms of that form of intel – It’s good that they got the crypto done and out of the way – the bond holders are going to be out of the way tonight and Saturday night – it opens up the possibility for us to be notified quite possibly Saturday and start Saturday or Sunday for our exchanges and our redemption of zim – and yes they are going to be open if we start on Saturday – would be open on Sunday for the redemption centers – not a problem

I think that is everything I wanted to bring to you tonight – that’s everything

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:13:53

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