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Like the world, CBI is just watching them play there silly games while they (CBI) are busy moving and putting things in place for the final countdown!

Anticipation or expectation?

I am expecting it any moment!

I remember a post Okie made regarding the reality of the RI of the dinar. He said, “If you cant get excited at this opportunity, your wood must be wet.”

The developments in the meetings in Iraq today give me great cause for concern. If Maliki’s group now has the majority, will the US put the brakes on the RV? Will the CBI release it? If the articles are true, it seems that chaos is the order of the day and they are in the process of making it official! I am more than discouraged.

the articles are just that, expression of someone’s opinioin. Now, they just are replacing the alternates. And even that is not a given because there is talk they too will resign. They are weeks away from Maliki getting any position but doubt it very much.

Yada, I’m concerned that so many of his supporters were sworn in today


Regardless, the law is still taking affect now. Today being the 15th, so I would imagine the role out via the rate, will be in play with the “central banks around the world”. Our treasury will release the rate to the banks

JMO,,,All this drama of forming the goverment while we waited for the EFSL to be ratified, today, and no point of contention from Sadr or his group other than we will not discuss it. I believe the reason why he didn’t contend with them and the President didnt sign it was they were waiting for the EFSL to be ratified first. Also not signing it so that no one in the Framework can use the “what the Caretaker government cant do speech” and petition the law at the last minute. Once the law was ratified, the PM and President can still dissolve parliament…. and didnt want to give them any hint. The law is ratified today, watch and see what Sadr does now,,,,pulls the rug out from under them all.

What about the fact that they have replaced his 70 or so parliamentary members? He has some power but IMO has lost a lot with this move

So, despite having the emergency swearing in, they are still on recess until after the Eid in July or the 9th. They would have to work deals out in the meantime but still vote on stuff and doubt they will be organizing anything in the meantime. Plus, the rate is in affect tomorrow, they will not hold back all the law will do because it is not tied to any forming of the government

Focusing on what will happen tomorrow, not 2 -3 weeks afterwards to see what they are going to do. This drama will be in our rear view mirrors

noone knows the day or the hour when the event will happen what I say to one I say to all get ready and stay awake

I think everyone is waiting for the FSL to come out in the Gazette, which should happen on Saturday. As I understand this, the FSL includes the white paper, and the white paper includes the RV. So, waiting for the gazette.   I expect 800 numbers next week.


I expect the CBI to act as soon as the gazette is published.  Been waiting a long time for this one!!!  I think the investment markets will welcome our money.  I want to do my exchange by Friday, July 1.

RVALREALY I love the way you think. I would love to go to the bank on July 1st also

This forces the QFS. All nations will go to asset backed currencies.  Ron Paul spent years explaining the worthlessness of fiat currencies, but few listened. Now, economic reality is taking hold in the world.  800 numbers soon!!!

not the same Kazemi

Al-Kazemi: To prevent Al-Sadr’s provocation, the coordination framework excludes Al-Maliki from running for prime minister

The representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Mueen Al-Kazemi, confirmed that the next government will be representative of all political parties that will be agreed with, explaining that the coordinating framework had many initiatives for the diaspora of the Shiite house and agreement on a candidate for the position of prime minister.

Al-Kazemi said, “The post-election events lasted for more than six months, and the framework had many initiatives to unite the diaspora, gather the word and enable the Shiite house to appoint a candidate for the position of prime minister, similar to the Kurdish House and the Sunni House.”

He added, “Al-Sadr’s withdrawal from parliament was surprising, not expected, and was not previously discussed or a plan was developed to deal with this withdrawal.”

The representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance explained that “the political blocs are in a state of communication to restore the street’s confidence in the political process, and that the formation of a strong government and the development of a real government program will reassure and restore the confidence of the street and will create a state of political stability in the country, leaving no room for those who want to create chaos in the political scene.” .

He pointed out that “communication with al-Sadr and the coordination framework must remain,” explaining that “al-Sadr will not be excluded from the next steps, especially the nomination of the prime minister.”


Al-Kazemi stressed that “the next prime minister should be accepted by everyone and should not be provocative to others,” noting that “no one knows the reason for al-Sadr’s withdrawal from the political process, and even some members of the current do not know the reason for al-Sadr’s withdrawal, although the signs indicate that The political impasse is approaching.

Al-Kazemi stressed that “the next government will be representative of all the blocs that are agreed with and will include all the blocs participating in the political process,” stressing “the necessity of rejecting calls to move the street to create chaos in the country.”

He added, “Those who participated in the demonstrations in 2019 regretted a lot because the government that came to the caretaker government did not provide what was expected of it despite the international and Arab support and the political blocs that that government enjoyed, and what we see is that corruption continued and projects such as a memorandum of understanding were not completed. The understanding with China and the port of Faw and the Basra oil pipeline project is an obstacle, and the decisions it approved did not elicit acceptance from the Iraqi street and did not meet the ambition.”

He explained that “Al-Sadr’s allies will not do what Al-Sadr did, but on the contrary, they will seek to agree and form a new government and get out of the state of political blockage,” noting that “the meeting in Al-Halbousi’s house discussed communication between the coordination framework and the Kurdish and Sunni components, as for dealing with the Kurds is independent of dealing.” With the Sunnis, talking with the two components takes place directly and the outcomes of the elections are respected, and each component chooses its representative from the President of the Republic, the Speaker of Parliament and the Prime Minister.

Al-Kazemi stressed that “the position of the prime minister within the framework is agreed that his choice will be by consensus and that it is acceptable to everyone in order to be able to form a strong government.”

He explained that “Hadi al-Amiri did not directly nominate himself for the position of prime minister, despite the introduction of other names from within the framework, but al-Amiri has acceptance from Sunnis and Kurds and even by al-Sadr and can reassure the Sadrist bloc to form the next government,” noting that “the position of The first deputy is vacant, and the executive has the right to nominate someone to fill him.”

The deputy from the Al-Fateh Alliance stressed that “the oil and gas law will be the first law that the next parliament should discuss, as it is one of the important laws, because there is an existing draft that must be voted on.”   link

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