“Massive Amounts of Smoke” – MarkZ Weekend Intel Stream Highlights 6-25-22


Weekend News with MarkZ 06/25/2022

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good Morning…. we NEED some great news today!

Member: I think today would be a great day for the RV!

MZ: It sure would be a great day for an RV…lol…..

Member:  It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood! It’s a wonderful way in the neighborhood! it’s a wonderful day for the RV!!! Won’t you be mine!!!

Member: Fleming says Iraq will go alone at $3.22 and then will float…..IMO that would be good for us…a chance to reinvest and buy gold and silver.


MZ: What were we told to expect would happen at the end?  Massive amounts of dis-information. Massive amounts of smoke….all kinds of conflicting statements to expect at the end…..I think all of this is an extremely good sign that we are really close to it. This is what we saw before Kuwait….before Iraq last time…what we saw before China RV’d…This is classic textbook .

MZ: You all need to make plans in case the boards are right and Iraq goes solo…..Don’t panic…make a plan as to what will you do??? 

MZ: if it goes at $3.22-what would you do….if it goes at $1.60 What would you do… you exchange 1 or 2 notes and wait for possibly higher rate? … you exchange it all into a multi currency account and watch it float…..what would you do????  Plan appropriately what you need to do to be comfortable…If you have a plan you can stop worrying about it.

MZ: Personally I have no problem with Iraq going solo…..But I really don’t think it will….I still think they will go with the GCR.

Member: Mark, if Iraq goes early, it means I get a good amount of money in my bank account that I sorely am missing now! not a problem to me!

Member: I would exchange a couple notes to tide me over and wait for it to float higher.

MZ: It now appears most of my bond people…and most of my groups are looking squarely at the first week of July now. Although they have been told to be prepared to go at any minute…..


Member: Poor bondholders-  Definently the “Boy who cried wolf”

MZ: The news is very good however….I think the worst case scenario is if it turns out Iraq does need a seated government to RV…In that case we would look for it after July 12th…. I do not believe that though….I think the CBI can do it at anytime….and things are closer and tighter than that. 

Member: If Iraq goes by itself will we still have redemtion centers??

Member: if Iraq goes alone…..we may just go to tellers?  Don’t think anyone knows yet.

MZ: Would banks want you to walk up to regular tellers? …think about it… they want you coming in with a big stack of currency to a teller…going “boom-in front of everybody?”  Banks would have to admit everthing…So it still makes common sense to have us go to exchange centers. For their own safety and anonymity…for our safety….and for all of our protection.

Member: What is a multi currency account.

MZ: Look it up… it…..its not hard…..I am told we will be offered a multi currency account at our exchange if we need it……seek the advice of professionals on this….

Member: if Iraq goes alone….does that set a precedence for other countries to RV their currencies?

MZ:  I believe it means the other countries would speed up their process….it could be a mad scramble because of the imbalances it could cause if Iraq goes solo….I was told Vietnam would quickly go at a increased value as well…I am hearing right now – it could be .47 cents..….which is still amazing…right?

MZ: So if Iraq goes…Vietnam will also go as they are massive trading partners on goods….


Member: In the beginning, the Dong has always been said to come out at .47

MZ: So imo…it;’s all exciting….things are moving faster….

Member: Mark, wouldn’t Iraq have to bear the entire burden of their revaluation if they go it alone? No Gold Treaty assistance. Could they even afford to do this @ $3.22?

Member: Dr. Shabibi said Iraq could afford a $16 dollar rate on that video from Jackson Hole Bank convention….

Member: I heard we would have 2 appointments- one to exchange and the other to set things up

MZ: I was told that as well…makes perfect sense to me…at the first appointment they will not be able to take care of all your banking needs…the sole purpose of the first appointment is to make sure your currency is legitimate….get you exchanged in an account……then they set you a second appointment with a personal banker/wealth manager……the second appointment you can set up everything…retirement accounts, trusts, cashiers checks you may need….all the extra things you want…

Member: I think we are in the middle of the storm

Member: My opinion (and we know the opinion…… is they will pull the trigger and not let us know until after so no time interference can take place.

Member:  Remember no one knows the exact time of notifications of Tier 4b- us

Member:  Holly thinks it’s this week T4A will he fully funded


Member:  Kazemi, prime minister of Iraq, traveling to Iran and then to Saudi Arabia today. Working on the basket of currencies??

Member: Has anyone here wondered if the people in Iraq are getting the same run around as we are about this RV? Are they being told that it’s the Americans holding up the progress?

Member: IMO they don’t have any excuses to release this now! Kept hearing everything is done, just waiting for trigger.

Member:  Israel Government has collapsed and, speculation the Pope will resign

Member: Sri Lanka and other countries governments are also collapsing…..something needs to be done quickly….

Member:  Looks like Zimbabwe is preparing themselves for asset exchanges in people’s Bond holdings. * Goldilocks

Member: MarkZ did you see the Bank of England is telling citizens they have new £20 and £50 polymer notes, and September 30th is the last day they can use their paper £20 and £50 notes?

Member: Black Swan Event…Australia has a Black Swan on new currency

Member:  my neighbor’s on the SWAT Bomb squad. He told me he’s being deployed to DC for 5 weeks. This was last Sun, I asked if it was because of the roiting and he said absolutely.

Member:  I am looking forward to seeing the credits roll for this movie.


Member:  My gut feeling for months now has been the Fourth of July for the RV…

Member:  Thanks Mark and mods….everyone have a great weekend….remember banks worldwide are closed every Saturday night….maybe tonight is our night!

CBD Guru’s joins the stream at the end..please listen to the replay for all their information.

Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.

The next stream is tomorrow at 10Am est……..

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