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Iobey777 » June 25th, 2022

After reading the posts from MM, PETRA  and TIVON on the last thread, I am convinced that the EFSL IS law now! Since the 15 days has passed, it is an automatic Given!

IDK if it even matters if it is published in the Gazette, it is still Done and It’s a Law! But that is just my interpretation of their analogies!

It certainly seems like all we are waiting for now is for the CBI to make it’s move and put it out there! I believe the articles have said, they are Ready to IMPLEMENT now!

I’m praying and giving thanks to GOD that very soon we will be able to use this blessing for the Work the LORD has laid out for us to do! MM, PETRA, and TIVON!! Blessings!

Tivon » June 25th, 2022

People sitting around thinking this is about to drag out for another few weeks or a month. Personally I am expecting this in days. Why? Well when is the next session? What happens after that session? Who has the technical system set up to effortlessly flip the switch?


Emergency’ means just that if you have someone requesting his cabinet to address the exchange rate in the middle of political turmoil. Seems to me the law is in full effect. They don’t have to announce it to us. They actions are speaking much louder than that. Especially since the ATMs are already out.

We already know Eddie was taking classes on how to manage debt. We already know the Green Zone Open 24/7. We already know Customs & Taxes are ready. We already know AYSCUDA is ready. We already know The General Customs Authority is ready.

We already know the Private Banks are ready. We already know the Border Ports are ready. We already know the NSCNs are ready. We already know the coins are ready. And we already know the White Papers/Reforms/EFSL is ready. And we already know that the BUNA platform is ready. How?

Because they announced that they are ready for launch at the start of the second half of this year. Well the 2nd 1/2 is July 1st. People, that was BUNA giving the CBI a heads up. And what do you see now?

Which is why it made sense for Al-Kazemi to make that request from his cabinet to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar. Isn’t that the parity or 1:1 we are looking for right? Didn’t D. Trump state years ago that our USD is too high for countries to do trade with us? Wouldn’t it make sense that Mazhar Muhammad Saleh stated that they have the Dinar covered against any potential inflation?

Guys the art is in connecting these seemingly isolated events that pertain to the provisions and outlines of the EFSL. Financial Stability is something that requires recalculated monetary value. Reduction in poverty. Private Sector. Citizens Entitlements.

How can they achieve this without dropping the 3 zeros? Remember they are doing this under the guise of an “EMERGENCY”. Until the citizens immediate necessities are met the emergency is and will not go away on its own.


Being keen on this matter means eager with great haste in mind. Does this sound like someone who wants to drag this on? So we have nothing to fuss and whine about.

Why would you even suspect for it to go beyond this month without a rate change hypothetically speaking?

They already made it clear that the ground work is done. Focus on your investment People. There’s nothing else you are waiting outside of what Al-Kazemi just requested. IMO  

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