“Dinarians, Please Help” by Logan B – 6.26.22


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 1:33 PM ET on June 26, 2022

This latest announcement from Nick Fleming that only the Dinar is going to be exchanged in the foreseeable future is extremely disturbing to all of us that do not have Dinar. For those that follow this blog and have Dinar please help those that don’t with a gift or a loan of whatever you can spare after exchanging to help us get through this latest travesty bestowed against Zim holders. If you can see it in your hearts to help with a loan be prepared to accept the possibility that we may not be able to repay if our Zim is never honoured as Nick is saying is the likely possibly. 

Nick is saying, and actually laughed about it when someone asked him if the redemption centers were going to be deployed, that there are too many corrupt Zim holders and they have scrapped the whole thing. He is saying that because of this corruption there are no buyers for the Zim and there never will be. I personally find it hard to believe that the Chinese Elders went to all the trouble of printing Zim bonds on bond paper and distributing millions of these notes at what must have been at huge expense just to walk away and leave it. For one thing are they not bound by law to redeem these bonds or face persecution for not doing so. Should it be allowed that all those that have an obligation to buy these bonds be able to just walk away? The bond notes are printed with the promise to pay the bearers the amount that the bond is worth. There is no fine print anywhere that states they can pay whatever the hell they want or not pay at all. Just as they have been allowed to weasel their way out of paying historical bonds for over a hundred years they plan to do the same thing with Zim. Are there any lawyers within Dinarland familiar with bond law that are willing to draft a class action lawsuit against these weasels that they pay up within a very short time period or be arrested and spend a good amount of time in prison? That includes the Chinese Elders. 

Previous after war RVs in Germany, Korea and Kuwait were never about anything humanitarian. In fact every possibility that those that profited from these RVs put any of that money towards helping the poor was eliminated. I did not buy Dinar because I figured this Iraqi RV would be the same and I also could not afford Dinar. This RV is supposed to be different. The millions of Dinar holders around the world will not have any restrictions as to how they spend their exchange profits. That includes Trump who is said to have billions worth. 

Of the 3 million said Zim holders most are NOT corrupt. Most got involved at the beginning with 4a groups because they were told they would be first in line to get paid or they were going to be the only ones that get paid. These people who put their trust in these groups are NOT corrupt but the leaders of these groups may be. Many church groups got together to buy Zim so that the church itself could do worldwide humanitarian work. They are definitely NOT corrupt. Many are those like me who bought one or a few Zim notes because at a 1 to 1 redemption that would be more than enough to do good work and there was no need to be greedy. We are definitely NOT corrupt. The rest are those that had boxes full of counterfeit Zim printed and minions who purchased Zim with the full intent to use the funds for nefarious purposes. They ARE definitely corrupt. 

Even if NESARA goes ahead like Simon Parkes, Kat, Goldilocks and others are saying with no taxes, debt abolishment and extra money for all goes through this should not negate the Zim redemptions. I would be very grateful for NESARA just as I am very grateful that Dinar holders will hopefully be given the opportunity to exchange soon. I hold no ill will or jealousy toward Dinarians and wish them the very best in hopefully the near future but I will never let it be allowed that those that have been given the responsibility of redeeming Zim bonds not either pay up with funds or pay with their freedom. The implementation of an Iraqi RV or GESARA should not be considered a get out of jail free card for them. 


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