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Sistani’s office sets the first day of Eid al-Adha

The office of the supreme religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Al-Sistani,

.signed today, Sunday, the first day of Eid Al-Adha Sistani’s office said in a statement received (Baghdad Today) that “it is expected that “.

Sunday, July 10, will be the first day of the blessed Eid al-Adha  link

Tishwash:  Al-Fateh Alliance talks about a “political breakthrough” after Eid al-Adha

Today, Sunday, the Al-Fateh Alliance spoke of a “political breakthrough” in Iraq after Eid al-Adha.

The deputy of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Zainab Al-Moussawi, said, according to the official “Al-Sabah” that “the new form of political alliances has taken a different turn than the previous one, as there are preliminary understandings between the coordinating framework and the other blocs with more seats.”


She expected that “there will be a political breakthrough after the Eid al-Adha holiday and the formation of a national majority government, given that the Shiite alliance is now the largest bloc in the House of Representatives, especially after the resigned Sadrist MPs took the constitutional oath.”

She added: “It is necessary to start a political process that meets the aspirations of the Iraqi people and not to delay the political blockage further, as it disrupts the general scene of the country, in addition to that Iraq needs a new government in order to control the affairs of the state and pass laws, including the general budget.”  link

Deputy: The framework seeks to host Al-Kazemi in Parliament to discuss two files

The representative of the Sadiqoun bloc, Rafiq Al-Salihi, confirmed that the coordination framework will host the caretaker Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi under the dome of Parliament to discuss several thorny files that may lead to the severing of economic relations with Turkey.

Al-Salihi said, according to his bloc’s media, that “the coordination seeks to discuss the repeated Turkish attacks on Iraqi lands and the violation of sovereignty, in addition to reducing Iraq’s water, which caused the drying of agricultural lands and a sharp decrease in the level of levels.”

He added that “the coordinating framework put the file of the Turkish attacks within its work program next week, putting an end to Turkish violations and protecting Iraq’s sovereignty.”  

Close to Al-Sadr warns of events in Iraq in the coming days: No one will be safe from its fire


Today, Saturday, Jalil al-Nuri, who is close to the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, raised several questions that were raised by the coordination framework and anti-Sadr Shiite political forces about issues related to the situation in the country when the tripartite alliance was seeking to form a national majority government, warning of events in Iraq in the coming days, “I will not No one will be spared.”

Al-Nouri said in a lengthy article he published today, “A reasonable questioner may ask that after the recent withdrawal of the Sadrist bloc from the parliament, will Mossad cells and headquarters disappear from Erbil? And be safe from political missiles and negotiating processes?, after it was a den of espionage and management of assassinations and sabotage operations in The view of the brothers of religion and belief.

He added, “Will the terrorist Anbari desert fox cells led by the stepson of Zionism and Abu Dhabi turn into Husayniya processions within the resistance axis? Will the normalization Emirates and the center of electoral fraud yesterday be a center of resistance, the nucleus of moderation and the sponsor of democracy today?”

And the confidant of al-Sadr continued by saying, “Will the Katyusha rockets fall into hibernation in the coming days, and the American embassy and the occupation rules enjoy security and safety, and the American presence remains legitimate, legally and customarily, after the voices were noisy when they came out openly during the day? Will the resistance turn a blind eye to taking revenge for the airport martyrs, The compass of revenge is a person’s intention better than his action?

Al-Nouri went on to ask, “Will the stuntman who implements the Gulf Zionist agendas turn into the son of the doctrine and his lover overnight and be the spoiled son of the parties of the largest component and the sponsor of their political interests? And against the principles?”

He added, “Will the Kurdish oil exported to Israel turn into a protected national wealth that must be nurtured and revived, after the region was a thief and plunderer and supported the usurping entity by selling it to it?” Dedicated to reviving the economy of the Zionist entity?

He continued by saying, “Will the judiciary close its doors in front of the parades of those eager for fame and praise, and then the game of resorting to it to achieve purely partisan political goals with known intentions ends?”

He also asked, “Will the missiles directed at the Turkish occupation bases in northern Iraq turn into olive branches for the Ottoman brother, the safety valve of Iraqi unity and the striking hand to prevent the Kurds from being divided?!”

Al-Nouri said, “Here, I do not want to prolong it more and raise the problems in a deeper way, because they are no longer hidden from anyone. For all these problems, for which you spent millions of dollars to make a deceitful opinion whose aims are purely worldly, you will need today millions more than those you spent on deception to clean up the dirt and filth you left behind, which disgusts the mind of every rational person.

The one close to Al-Sadr addressed the opponents of the latter, saying, “Know that the continuation of fraud and lying will not have easy consequences, but rather dire and disturbing, and what has been reached by lying will fall faster than you expect, and the days will prove to you that, isn’t the morning near?!”


Al-Nouri praised the Rights Movement for their recent position by resigning from the Iraqi parliament, saying: If this indicates anything, it indicates a sense of responsibility towards the confusing and unstable situation in the country and the events that will result in the coming days from which no one will be spared.

It is noteworthy that the political blocs agreed in the parliament session that took place the day before yesterday, Thursday, to proceed with the formation of the new federal government, according to the principle of “partnership, balance, and consensus.”

This agreement came after the tripartite alliance between the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Masoud Barzani, the Sovereignty Alliance headed by Khamis al-Khanjar, and the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr broke up after the resignation of the Sadrist bloc’s deputies, and the movement’s withdrawal from the political process by order of al-Sadr.

The Sadrist bloc had obtained the highest votes in the early legislative elections that took place in October of 2021, but the efforts of the leader of the current failed to form the new federal government due to the Shiite coordination framework standing in its way by obtaining a fatwa from the Federal Court with the so-called blocking third in a contract The session for electing the President of the Republic, which paves the way for naming the Prime Minister.  link

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Nineveh announces the discovery of fields containing large reserves of oil and gas

Nineveh Governor Najm al-Jubouri announced today, Sunday, the discovery of many large oil fields and wells in the province that contain large reserves of oil and gas, while stressing that Iraqi oil exploration companies continue to work
in Nineveh.

Al-Jubouri told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The governorate is supportive of the Iraqi Oil Exploration Company, and provides it with strict security and great cooperation,” noting that “the company was able to discover several very large fields in the Qayyarah and Tal Afar regions, and Iraqi exploration companies are still continuing.” working in the province.

He added that “the governorate approached the Ministry of Oil several times regarding requests submitted by private companies wishing to establish oil refineries in the Qayyarah field, and other companies wanting to use the gas located in the region,” noting that “the ministry has not given any approval so far to establish these or other refineries.” .

He stressed that “the wells that were discovered in Nineveh Governorate are very numerous and contain very large reserves of oil and gas in the province   link


4 protesters injured as a result of clubbing and stampede with riot police in Baghdad

Today, Sunday, a security source reported that 4 demonstrators were injured as a result of beating with batons and stampeding with riot police .in Baghdad 

The source said in an exclusive statement to (Baghdad Today) that “the law enforcement forces in the fight against riots dispersed a demonstration of health profession graduates near the Ministry of Finance in the center of the capital, Baghdad, and the same forces dispersed a demonstration of those whose contracts “.were terminated near the Ministry of Interior He added that “4 people were injured as a result of the beatings with batons and the “.stampede between law enforcement forces and the demonstrators Today, the capital, Baghdad, witnessed a number of demanding demonstrations in .front of the building of the ministries of oil, finance and health   link

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