“Universal Basic Income” by TIGER – 6.28.22


Entry Submitted by TIGER at 11:12 AM ET on June 28, 2022

  • Under GESARA NESARA all debt will be erased totally. It is a complete debt jubilee. Credit cards, cars loans, mortgages, etc. They will all reset and be erased as they were all illegal because of the interests banks are charging people illegally. The Government will be reduced by 95% and automated with AI. There will be good UBI Universal Basic Income for all. (etc.)

Universal basic income is a feature of Socialism/Communism. It is a wealth transfer and it begs the question of, is it payment to citizens to support the government. The government of course sets rules for receiving this, which means increased government power, and additional rules are added incrementally. Those who receive UBI, if they can vote, simply vote to increase it time after time. This idea is in theory and practice a corruption of the system, which should reward being productive, not vegetating. If you want professional vegetators eating chips and watching tv, UBI provides this.

In my book (attached, but who reads books?) I make the case that by Natural law, Communism and Socialism are destructive, not constructive, they are not Good government, and that anyone who wants public assistance should work for it (IMO even if it is digging holes in the ground and then filling them in, but I prefer requiring them to garden). Government should NOT be the arbiter of who gets whose money. Working should pay substantially more than relief payments, enough to incentivize work. There should NOT be a class of useless eaters sitting around on UBI and held hostage by politicians who may or may not increase their payments based on voting. People should STOP looking to government to provide them with stuff or checks. Anyone who wants a handout from government should get one or two acres of farmable land, a small mobile home, a power connection, road access, a well, seed, fertilizer, and a shovel. Certainly there is a huge volume of such land that has already been taken over by government, and there is even more of it that Gates bought which has most likely fallen to government through asset confiscation. America should NOT think of UBI as something good, it is something that leads further down the WRONG path.



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