The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 6-28-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 6-28-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday June 28th and you’re listening to the big call – thanks everybody for tuning in all around over the globe where ever you are

Alright – let’s talk a little bit about where we are – now we do have some good news – and “No” I don’t have the toll free numbers yet – However – let’s talk about what is happening – Remember we talked about tier 3 bond holders – and then tier 4A & 4B – we are tier 4B as the internet group – the largest single group of zim holders and other currency holders –

Now – here’s the deal – we heard today and got clarification on something that was supposed to occur at 4 am Eastern Daylight time this morning (Tues) and from 4 am until 11 am bond sellers – were notified that the transactions they are looking for would be complete in 24 hours from 11 am this morning (Tues) and that means around 11 am tomorrow (Wed)  the bond sellers will have notifications that they have access to their funds and how much they have access to  –

In the meantime between 11 am today and 11 am tomorrow – the bond buyers and their paymasters are connecting and going through their connection of finishing the sells – putting those sells together of those bonds – so that the bond sellers can receive emails from the paymasters tomorrow at 11 am – giving them full access to whatever amount they’re entitled to as of 11 am Wednesday – (Eastern Daylight time)

Now – here’s the thing – we’ve been told for months that we are either running parallel with the bond holders – we are on a shot gun start with the bond holders – or we’re slowly behind or on the heels of the bond holders going –

Well the bond holders are apparently going to be made liquid tomorrow (Wed) by 11 am and we “should” be receiving our notifications shortly thereafter – it could be morning – it could be afternoon but it should be on the heels of the bond holders receiving their notifications tomorrow from their paymaster – at approximately 11 am

Now – obviously – I’m not calling it or saying it’s absolutely going to happen but this is what we’re being told from high ups in Wells Fargo and Chase – and other banks regarding the bonds – remember we had 50% of the bond holders that had received payouts already and notifications out of Zurich and Singapore but out of the United States which is really Reno  – New York – and Miami – major action out of Miami and Reno – that information was started this morning at 4 am with notifications to the bond sellers –

So what we need now is recertification and confirmation that the bond holders have  been paid which we should get tomorrow (Wed) if they do receive those notifications around 11 am – So – paymasters and bond buyers are coordinating now to complete everything on the purchasing of those bonds and then that should take it and make it a “done deal”  so to speak by tomorrow morning around 11 am –

Now – maybe not all transactions will be complete but certainly we’re hearing that a majority of those transactions should be completed and should provide liquidity and access to those funds in those accounts in  the sellers accounts when they receive the emails with access codes so that they can access those accounts and see the money in the accounts and have access to those accounts to spend those funds – so that is where that process is –

I think it’s really good that we’re hearing what we’re hearing about it – and I think it’s good that we’re hearing that we in tier 4A and 4B are on the heels of the bond holders which are tier 3 which are the bond holders getting access to funds

If all of that comes through according to plan – and they get their access to funds starting at 11 am then we  should be looking to be notified sometime after that – I can’t tell you exactly when because we don’t have that – we weren’t given a time for tier 4B to be notified today – we don’t have it –

The trend then is for us to talk about getting notified in the early to midafternoon and then set appointments and then go exchange and redeem our zim the following day – that’s conceivable – that is possible – with what’s happening with the bonds and bond sellers – ok – that’s really good –

Now another thing – I’ve got two other things to talk about – one is on Sunday the Iraqi Dinar – the new Iraqi Dinar – sometimes they call it the NID – was placed on the banks screens for trading at 9 pm Sunday night – This was last Sunday – 2 nights ago – the Dinar came out at 68 cents ($.68) and by 11 am Monday it had traded up to $5.60 – it should be trading much higher than that now and should be trading on up to numbers  that we had talked about that Dr Shabbibi had talked about – if you remember –

the numbers we talked about in the past at the International Chamber of Commerce Meeting – where Blue Star asked him what/how many Iraqi dinars could support – when it came out – and you remember what Dr Shabbibi said – I am hearing that we should be at that number or greater – ok – so we will see how that goes – it’s certainly on its way now and is being traded as we speak – right now –internationally – globally –

Now have all of the other countries that are gold backed – been placed on this for trading yet? I do not have that – I don’t know that – the only way to track it would be to have a legitimate trading account with forex as a forex trader – a bonifide forex trader to be able to follow that – you cannot go to or some of the others and just see  it – it’s not there – it’s being traded on what we would call grey screens or back screens – for the banks

When the time is right it will be placed out on the front screens with the other currencies that we are looking to exchange when we go to our appointments at the redemption center – so that’s one piece I wanted to bring out

The next piece is  we understand the President of Zimbabwe was faced with an inflation scenario and he wanted to stem and head off to the pass so he ended up saying that they would  start minting gold coins for their citizens with 80-90% 22K gold in some form of coin for their people –

Now – this essentially is a gold backed  Zimbabwe currency because it’s in gold coins – you know the Zimbabwe bearer bonds that we have are very very large denominations and I’m not sure – it hasn’t been spoken yet as to what size denomination if you will  these coins will represent but it is something that has been started and it’s just a few days old – the information started coming out on the 24th  today is the 28th of June so they are very new and fresh in getting these gold backed coins minted –  the good news is we’ve got evidence that now the Zimbabwe dollar if you will – is gold backed –

Now the Zimbabwe dollar is to be on par with the US dollar which means 1-1 – 1 dollar – 1 USN – would be worth 1 zimbabwe dollar – that is what “on par” means – but the Zimbabwe dollar is no longer pegged to the United States dollar – it is separated – depart from that – that’s a good thing – so looking forward to all of these countries – not only the BRICS nations – BRICS + 12 nations and then some all having asset backed or gold backed currency that will be tradeable with our USN – and of course every time we turn around or try to find out is the USN tradeable yet?? Do we have it on the bank screens as USN a gold backed dollar?

We know the USTN’s have been printed for a while now – we know that represents a gold backed currency for  us – our “new” money if you will – United States Treasury Note – no longer a fiat currency called a Federal Reserve Note – these will be currency that will be put in ATM’s – banks – all that – when the right time is known – we don’t know exactly when –

Until that time we  use the fiat dollars that we have and when we spend it and we give it to the stores – the stores will actually have drop boxes to put the fiat currency in and when they turn it in to the bank the banks will deal with and we will get new USTN currency when the time is right –

In the meantime just spend out the fiat dollars that you are getting now until we get the new currency – It might take a little while – it might be the 4th of July – it could be after the 4th – maybe the 5th or 6th of July

Now we believe the goal is for us to have our start with our exchanges and zim redemption to start before the end of the month – we’ve only got a couple of days left – we might get started by the end of the month – If the notifications were to come out tomorrow and if we were to set our appointments and start on Thursday – which would be the last day of the month – it’s very conceivable –

I don’t know if we are going to get pushed or not – I don’t know I don’t have that – fortunately for  us a lot of times the banks are under severe NDA”s – they are hushed – and quieted – and sometimes we get information but most of the time it’s not what we used to get – which was pretty readily – now it is a little bit tougher and we do find sometimes new sources  but this is a deal where they don’t really want us to know the “when” – You know that by now – 

There are plenty of forces opposing this going at all – and what we’ve got to do is get the old cabal forces within our government to be removed which they are doing that now – and move forward into our Restored Republic – which we’re also doing now

So – I’m excited about that – I’m excited about the bond holders – I’m hoping that everything goes through as we had heard – for them – by tomorrow morning – and that we could get notified on the heels of the bond holders being notified of their liquidity and access to that liquidity –

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:13:53

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