Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “Getting on with Projects” 6-30-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR


Dinar is not going to revalue until the 13th of July. EID is going on till the 13th and possibly not till the 15th when it will be given to the Iraqi nationals as a “EID Gift”.

How many years has it been that we’ve heard this story? Year after year this has been repeated. According to the ministers from the Central Bank of Iraq, this is the present plan. But, is it really? They’ve been given IMF Blessing. All paperwork is completed. They have full authority as a sovereign nation to do this. The Shiites and the Sunnis versus Kurds; all have agreed, supposedly.

The contract with China for the ZIM (according to this same Central Banker), and, “There are no Zim’s anywhere being exchanged once this begins.” Everyone is under the assumption that what has been talked about for years will be the case, and it is not. Zimbabwe is presently putting out gold coins for their currency. This is a wait and see proposition. While there is no active contract available for the ZIM, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be one when it’s time for Redemption to begin. It only takes two to three days to complete this type of Agreement….

The Venezuela Bolivar must be included. As far as we know every denomination and every year, including the 2022 Digitales, must be included.

The VND must also be included. The oil and gas offshore of Vietnam still hasn’t been capitalized on. This nation state is wealthy beyond what has been acknowledged. They’ve got to get their reckoning too.


There is no USTN coming out anytime soon. There is NO bill presently in Congress to authorize the legal return of the U.S. back to the gold-standard. Although introduced by President Trump in 2018, this was never enacted. We’re caught in a vise of corruption without a way out. The US DOLLAR has ZERO value as compared to GOLD! This government has ZERO commitment to establish a value of the United States DOLLAR which like Venezuela, like Zimbabwe, and so many countries, is worthless. This is why the shelves are empty. This is why the US has no international trade presently. This is why we can’t buy oil and gas from Russia or Iran, or Venezuela. No country dealing in value for value, wants the US DOLLAR!

Where is the MILITARY? The Military can’t manage/establish the value of the US Dollar. This rests with CONGRESS and these negligent people presently do not have a bill supporting this action. The PTB do NOT want the US Dollar anything other than FIAT – on their (FALSE) Word.

There’s nothing for this but to establish a separation of State – CONVENTION OF STATES, where each State ISSUES THEIR OWN CURRENCY! Is this where we’re headed? Very likely. What shills/beards these government “officials” are. They are obviously not working for We the People.

This is why we must all pull out all the stops. Get started with a viable project to support and maintain yourself and your family. There is no time to delay. Plant a garden. Use HERITAGE SEEDS, not GMO seeds. Whatever project will serve your community in the coming days. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

Will Iraq eventually revalue – outside of the US Treasury controlled System? We can only wait and see and pray for the best. The end is not here yet and even with this “Iraqi Central Banker’s Word,” we still can’t bank on July 15th as a back wall. There is no back wall. Not until the biggest elephant in the room, the US, is handled.

Sorry for the harsh report. Truly. It’s likely to be a hard summer.


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