The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 6-30-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 6-30-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday June 30th and you’re listening to the big call –  thanks everybody for tuning in  all around  over this beautiful blue globe of ours – whether live or recorded – glad you’re here –

Well – let’s talk about where we are – I know that Jeanie has been putting in her praise and prayer request the idea of getting this by the end of June or by the 4th of July – I can tell you we’re not going to get there by today or tonight as we hoped – BUT – we do know that —– anytime you get close to the end of the month the impression is it going to leak over into early July – is it going to start on  the 1st of July –

We got word that yeah there was a message that was dealing with bond holders again – who have been pushed out about as many times as we have – that the bonds should be going out with notifications to the bond holders after 4 pm tomorrow (Fri) but is also the first of July – so they are supposed to start getting their notifications tomorrow and possibly have liquidity starting Saturday

So the concept that we’ve had of having Christmas in July appears to be something this year that could finally take effect – now – what do I mean by that?

We are talking bond holders on the one end – getting notified and starting after 4 pm Eastern tomorrow and then maybe have access to funds maybe on Saturday or at least some of the funds maybe not all but some –

We are supposed to be going on their heels – now later this afternoon –Later – like half hour before the call started – tonight – I did get word that did come from Wells Fargo  that we are supposed to have a great week next week Now you know July 4th is on Monday the 5th is Tuesday – I believe ae are going to get something starting probably on the 5th  – Tuesday –  it’s conceivable – we get something on Monday but I just at this point I doubt it would come on the 4th of July –


It’s a 3 day holiday weekend – Sat Sun Mon again and I just doubt that we’re going to get notified until Tuesday- Now Tues / Wed  looks very promising – I mean – we’ve been told you know the expression –  which is a “banned” phrase on the Big Call by the way – “This is the week”  This will be a great week – I hate to even say that about the first week in July – BUT –  with the information that we’re getting it “appears” that everything is ready to go –

Iraq has put their new Iraqi  Dinar on the bank screens – it is being traded and has been trading since last Sunday night – now – our bankers right now can’t even see that in the US – they cannot see it on the front screens – there’s a rate that’s on the front screens but I think it is giving us a code of what it really is – it’s a matter of moving decimals and looking at this thing in a different light because I know they wanted it to go by about this time and I think they’re playing a game with the rate on the front bank screens right now – I am not sweating that – not concerned about it –

I think we are finally hearing from Iraq – which we heard yesterday – that they will be seating their government – their Parliament – their Prime Minister – President – all of that Saturday and Sunday – this weekend –

The rate is out but we do not know what it is – some of our bankers have seen it – some know that it is trading – we do know that – it’s probably traded up to what they wanted it to be now – not a concern – it’s happening –

And we know that the cryptos are out of the way with the new platform that allows them to have a value in “gold” of 1 gram of gold per coin –

We know that Zimbabwe has a gold coin that’s probably worth 2-3,000 dollars based on the amount of gold that is in the coin – we know it is at 98.4% purity of 22K gold  and so depending on the size and weight of the coin it’s probably worth in the thousands of dollars –  and this is something that Zimbabwe has done – they stemmed their inflation by doing this and it actually gives them a quote /unquote gold backed currency – even though the currency is not in a lower denomination – they will they are off of being pegged to the US dollar – the US dollar as a fiat dollar – all of these countries are getting away from it – and they have their own gold backed currency now –

This is the trend that you’re seeing now across the globe starting with the BRICS nations that’s Brazil – Russia –China – Singapore – South Africa and at least a dozen countries that are tied to the BRICS nations that have pulled away from the USD in favor of gold backed Yuan – Rubbles – and other BRIC nations’ currencies –


This will all change again when the USN – our digital gold /asset backed currency is put into play and tradeable internationally – more and more countries will see the strength  that new dollar USN  and when they see that they will be jumping back on and being pegged or repegged to our new currency

So this is all that should happen – we heard actually a couple days ago – Wed maybe – that the fiat dollar will be going away even in this country in a matter of days –

And so we will obviously spend our dollars that we have now and then sooner – very soon I’m sure the new currency will come n – and really – basically it may come in with the advent of the RV and our blessing – maybe in conjunction with that  and we don’t even know when tier 5 the public will actually start – whether right with us or a day / week whatever – later – when we get started –

I don’t know – have not heard we would get anything to happen over this weekend – even though July 4th was supposed to be a day of NESARA possibly  NESARA announcements coming out – we have threatened that in the past and said we’re looking for this announcement here and that announcement there – but so far we haven’t had anything other than alternative media to tell us some of these things –

Whether there is anything put out on main stream media or that it goes out on the Emergency Alert System formally known as Emergency Broadcasting System – that is yet to be seen – and it’s hard to get solid information on when that is going to be used – but we know there are a lot of things going on right now behind the scenes – major clean up – is still ongoing and we’re aware of that  and I think that that is going to end up being a very positive thing for our country –

Now – what else?  I really believe it’s going to come down to having an enjoyable weekend – the symbolism of Independence Day on July 4th  is still very strong – we could have symbolic independent financial independence starting the 4th – 5th 6th  first week in July – basically

We know that restitution is coming – I’m not sure about how quickly for all of us – I know that some of us have received information about restitution by email and snail mail sometime in mid to late July – so that is something is going to be very meaningful for people that may not be part of these currencies –  that we are – that is going to be interesting

I know if you are 62 and older and getting Soc Sec – that is going  up quite a bit whenever your Soc Sec date is set in July – that should go up and will be significant – I don’t feel like I should tell everybody the numbers I’m talking about but it will be a good size increase – so that’s positive

It’s positive that restitution payments are going to start coming out and should be a day – a month of Jubilee really – that is what July should be – should start of our blessing which we’re hearing should take place in the first week of July – I’m going to say probably start around the 5th  which is Tuesday

So that is what I’ve got to share in terms of basic intel – Have a great weekend –  thanks for tuning in


Bruce’s Big Call Replay Link Intel Begins: 1:06:30

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