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Tivon » July 3rd, 2022

Objectives of the Finance Committee when Studying The Aut Proposal (EFSL) Emergency Food Security Law

1- Conducting an extensive study of the proposed law to ensure the achievement of its objectives in providing food security and supporting the development process in the governorates. 

2- Hosting the relevant authorities from the ministries of (Finance – Planning – Oil – Trade – Electricity – Agriculture – Labor and Social Affairs – Water Resources and the governorates) and other relevant authorities. 

3- Achieving social justice and directing support to the poor. The Pharmaceutical Council – the Finance Committee

4- Direction not to go towards internal or external borrowing.

5- Pay the dues to farmers and farmers for the previous years to purchase wheat and rye crops in a manner that achieves self-sufficiency. 

6- Working to reduce poverty. 

7- Supporting strategic food storage to secure the food basket. 

8- Determining the validity of the proposed law during the current fiscal year, in a manner that does not conflict with the legislation of the annual general budget law. 

9 – To approach the Council of Ministers regarding the proposed law in accordance with the legal contexts. 

10- Supporting the electricity sector, especially the entitlements and debts of imported gas and energy purchase. 

I want you all to focus on number ten of the objectives for the EFSL. What word do you see? “Entitlements, correct? What else follows that? Dues/Depts of imported gas correct? What are the citizens entitled to again? The Oil & Gas Law.

How could they receive these dues if the HCL is not contingent upon the rate change? You already heard Mazhar Muhammad Saleh (Financial Advisor) state just a day ago that the government will not challenge the EFSL because of the dues owed to the citizens.

Al-Kazemi also knows that none of this will work without changing the exchange rate. Why else would he request 100 deputies to reduce it at the earliest session? Another thing to note is when Al-Zamili stated that once the law enters the Gazette he will take up with “The Relevant Authorities” to dispense the appropriate funding. Well if you look at number two of the objective outline from the Parliament what do you see? The Oil Secror.

Think about it. What contracts do they now hold? People you have to read the wording of these articles with a keen eye and logical forethought. Have you noticed no one called out and protested how none of the 100 Deputies (Including Al-Kazemi) have any authority to reduce the exchange rate of the USD?

Those signatures can not be unsigned. That’s the bottom line. They have to legally follow through. Plain & Simple. Why? Because reducing the exchange rate is based on Article (61 Seventh-C) of their Constitution. Article (56) of the Internal System.

If they were able to use the Constitution to force Kurdistan to sign over the oil contracts to Baghdad. Why wouldn’t this be the case for the Reduction of the USD rate? Look at the wording from Al-Kazemi…as he says Based on’. Not dependent upon or according to who decides to talk about reducing the USD rate when it comes to the constitution. 

Quote: Greetings… Based on Article (61 Seventh-c) of the Iraqi constitution and Article (56) of the internal system, please include the issue of reducing the price of the dollar in the earliest possible session, according to constitutional reasons, and because of the economic repercussions that are taking place in the country and the collapse of the currency and its impact on Iraqi citizen. With much thanks and appreciation.

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DoTalkToMe » July 3rd, 2022

I have been hopeful for this year. Now lowering expectations once again.
They could deliver very easily if they wanted too. This is not that complicated.

Godson » July 3rd, 2022

Imo…. You are not alone ESPECIALLY if THE TITANIUM date passed in January… How solid is that for us to hold on to….. Imo

AshleyD » July 3rd, 2022

IMO,, so true right you are.  Iraq makes it complicated, hopes and expectations need to be moved to the back burner, I did not say thrown in the trash.  Just live in the now moment far bigger things may happen before the dinar ever rv’s.

Tivon » July 3rd, 2022

You all must be forgetting this little nugget. What did Al-Kazemi say to his cabinet? That he wanted at the earliest session to address the issue of reducing the USD rate against the IQD right? So why would we expect anything prior? He said this on June 23rd. Today is July 3rd. We got a heads up on a potential timeline for a change in the rate.

Between now and then I am looking for the Gazette announcement. Not only that they are doing this based on the Constitution. So in that sense a parliamentary session would be the time & place to issue a legal decision regarding the reduction in the USD price.

Not to mention the EFSL in spite of what Mazhar Muhammad Saleh stated a couple of days ago the ministries still have not received any funds. Those 300,000 families that are waiting on assistance from the law still have not been settled. Why?

Well apparently they can not (House of Representatives) distribute any funds because Hakim Al-Zamili even stated that he will take up everything with the relevant authorities once the EFSL is published in the Gazette. Which is MIA.

So before you start with how things may be shifting away from the urgency in execution of what the law is supposed to address in the immediate sense of what it was created for you should keep an eye out for the official publication. IMO

Parliament Rapporteur Announces The Start Date of The New Legislative Term 30th June, 2022

Today, Thursday, the Rapporteur of the Parliament, Gharib Askar, announced the date for the start of the new legislative term of the Iraqi parliament and for the resumption of the parliament’s sessions.

Askar said, in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that “the new legislative term of the Iraqi parliament and the resumption of holding parliament sessions will be after the end of the Eid al-Adha holiday and determined by the presidency.”

And he indicated that “the Iraqi parliament has many important files in its new legislative chapter, including resolving the presidential file, voting on the new Iraqi government, and passing important laws that have been suspended since previous parliamentary sessions.”

DallasDude » July 3rd, 2022

Maybe the EFSL being printed in the Gazette is being timed with the next legislative session around mid July. 

Samson » July 3rd, 2022

Integrity Clarifies The Details Of The Sentencing Of Four Members Of The Kirkuk Provincial Council

3rd July, 2022

The Investigation Department of the Federal Integrity Commission announced today, Sunday, the issuance of a ruling in absentia to imprison four members of the Kirkuk Provincial Council, indicating that the convicts took advantage of their position; To unjustly seize money owned by the state

And the commission stated in a statement, received by Earth News, that “the Kirkuk Criminal Court – the second commission, issued a fifteen-year prison sentence in absentia to (4) former members of the Kirkuk Provincial Council, on the grounds of seizing government cars that were (in their custody) and belonging to the Diwan. Kirkuk Governorate,” pointing out that “they refrained from handing over cars after the end of their service in the council

She added that “the court, after reviewing the evidence obtained in the case represented by the testimony of the legal representative of the Kirkuk Governorate Diwan and the records of the receipt of cars by the convicted members, as well as the presumption of their escape, found it sufficient and convincing to convict them in accordance with the provisions of Article (316 / Part One) of the Penal Code, and in the light of articles Subscription 47, 48 and 49 of it

She pointed out that “the court issued an arrest warrant against the convicts, and notified the competent authorities; In order to prevent their travel outside Iraq, while supporting the seizure of their movable and immovable property, as well as giving the affected party (the Kirkuk Governorate Office) the right to review the civil courts; to claim compensation   LINK

In Diyala, a deputy calls for the disclosure of the corruption files that are fortified by the “veto”

3rd July, 2022

A deputy from the Sovereignty Alliance in Diyala called on the supervisory committees and the integrity departments to open all major corruption files in all Diyala departments away from personal and sectarian conflicts.

The representative of the coalition in Diyala, Nawras Mahmoud Al-Issa, told Shafak News Agency; “Many of Diyala’s circles are full of files of corruption and waste of public money that have not been opened for many years because of partisan and political deals, factional interests, and quotas at the expense of the interests of the governorate and the citizen.”

Al-Issa stressed that “the adoption of professional standards and impartial committees that investigate corruption files in Diyala, and not excluding the veto owners of influential parties and connections to major parties,” rejecting “the exploitation of corruption and its suspicions to settle personal accounts and narrow interests away from the supreme national interest of the province.”

She pointed out that “there are many corruption files that have been closed and procrastinated by legal fraud methods that are difficult to detect after the loss of relics and evidence by professional and experienced parties in wasting and stealing public money,” calling for “the lifting of the veto against all parties and people supported by major parties and influential parties, in addition to providing security protection.” And the appropriate atmosphere for investigative committees to perform their work professionally, away from any risks or threats.

Diyala has suffered for many years from the reluctance of large and strategic projects due to the security situation and financial crises that afflicted the country during the war with terrorist organizations, in addition to the control of influential parties and parties over important government departments for more than 15 years.  LINK

Al-Kazemi: Failure to pass the budget leads to a delay of about 10 years in providing services in Iraq

3rd July, 2022

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi complained, on Sunday, that the Iraqi parliament did not approve the financial budget for the current year, at a time when he revealed that the failure to approve the annual budget delays the process of providing services to nearly 10 years.

Al-Kazemi said in a speech during his inauguration of the installed Maysan investment station for the production of electric power, “People are waiting for the government to provide them with services and provide them with job opportunities, and it is unreasonable for the government to remain self-sufficient and unable to achieve, because there is no budget for not forming a government.” 

He added, “You know the conditions that this government went through, and they were difficult circumstances, and they are two years old, including in 2020, we did not have a budget, and in the following year 2021 the budget was available, and now in 2022 there is no budget, so how can the government work and provide the best without Budget? Every year in which the budget is delayed, it leads to a delay of five to ten years in the provision of services.”  LIN

Southern Iraq.. Four demonstrations and bridges were cut to demand appointment and water

3rd July, 2022

Hundreds of graduates, administrators, scientists, and farmers in four Iraqi governorates demonstrated, on Sunday, and cut off a number of vital bridges to demand appointment, payment of salaries and provision of irrigation water.

Shafak News Agency reporter said that hundreds of educational and administrative graduates cut off one of the bridges in Al-Amarah city center in front of the governorate building, to demand that they be included in ministerial contracts.

Protester Ahmed Ali told Shafaq News Agency, “We have been demanding our rights for more than a year, and we will continue to demand until they are achieved. We received many promises from politicians and representatives, but unfortunately no one fulfilled his promise and we have nothing left but to go out and put pressure on.”

The demonstration witnessed the attendance of the graduates and they sat while one of the bridges was closed on the ground despite the high temperatures. The demonstration coincided with the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to Maysan Governorate, accompanied by a ministerial delegation, to inaugurate one of the electrical stations.

In addition, our correspondent in Dhi Qar Governorate stated that dozens of graduates of colleges and institutes in Nasiriyah cut the Nasr and Zaitoun bridges in the center of the city, demanding appointment.

Meanwhile, farmers in Al-Muthanna governorate staged a protest because they were prevented from digging wells and their licenses were withdrawn by the Ministry of Water Resources.

In Karbala, graduates of science faculties staged a sit-in in front of the governorate’s health department because their salaries were cut for six months by the Ministry of Health.  LINK

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Samson » July 3rd, 2022

17 countries will default on debts, “Russia and Arab countries”

07/03/2022 19:34:23

It seems that the list of countries that are close to defaulting on their debts is rising in light of rising global inflation pressures, coinciding with the repercussions of the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the number of those countries may reach 17 countries.

According to a report issued by the Fitch Ratings Agency, the international rating agency warned that the list of defaulters or defaulters may expand to 17 countries out of a total of 100 countries that Fitch would like to cover their economic conditions. That list included Arab countries in addition to Russia, which has already stumbled according to international rating agencies and fell into the so-called technical stumble in light of Western sanctions and the freezing of nearly 330 billion dollars of the assets of the Russian Central, coinciding with preventing Russian banks from dealing in foreign currencies.

Russia and Arab countries

According to the Fitch report, the number of countries in the list of countries that are in default or whose bond yields in the financial markets indicate that this has happened is 17, which is a record level. These countries are Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Lebanon, Tunisia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, El Salvador, Suriname, Ecuador, Belize, Argentina, Russia, Belarus and Venezuela.
According to the credit rating agency, most of the governments covered by Fitch have either brought in subsidies or implemented tax cuts in an effort to mitigate the impact of rising inflation. But this had its cost.

High interest pressures

Fitch Ratings has lowered its outlook for sovereign debt, due to concerns about rising global borrowing costs and the possibility of a new wave of defaults. The international rating agency, which monitors more than 100 countries, said the war in Ukraine was fueling problems such as high inflation, trade turmoil and weak economies, which are now hurting sovereign credit conditions. The head of the sovereign ratings unit at Fitch Agency, James McCormack, said that higher interest rates in light of the adoption of central banks to tighten monetary policy to counter inflation increases the costs of government debt service.

Rating Downgrade

Regarding the future outlook of Fitch Ratings Agency, the institution has reduced its outlook for the sovereign debt sector from positive or improving to neutral. The agency said in its report once again that the number of countries experiencing downgrades in their credit ratings increases this year with the increase in inflationary pressures, the increase in the number of government debts and the widening of the public budget deficits of countries. While the moderate financial deterioration can be absorbed by the positive effects of inflation on government debt mechanisms, such effects depend on maintaining low interest rates, and this is no longer certain,” said the head of the sovereign ratings unit at Fitch. James McCormack added that while commodity exporters will benefit from higher prices, those who have to import the bulk of energy or food will suffer.


A few days ago, Russia fell into the trap of defaulting on debt for the first time in more than a quarter of a century, which Russian officials described as an artificial and unreal default, in light of the Russian authorities’ announcement of their intention to pay debt dues in dollars. The credit rating agency, Fitch, downgraded Russia’s sovereign debt rating from “B” to “C”, in a decision that indicated that Moscow had defaulted on its debts. This followed the example of major rating agencies Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s, where the long-term Russian sovereign debt was reduced to junk.  LINK

Newspaper: 65 Trials And 30 Journalists Arrested In Turkey Within A Month

3rd July, 2022

Vice President of the Republican People’s Party, Utku Çakirozar, revealed that 65 journalists were tried and 30 journalists were arrested in Turkey during the month of June

Cakir Ozar prepared a report entitled Press Freedom for the month of June, and reviewed it at a meeting held in the Turkish Parliament

Twenty-one journalists were arrested in Diyarbakir, 16 of those held for 8 days were convicted and imprisoned, and at least 65 journalists appeared before a judge in June

The report added that journalists Muhammed Arslan and Abdul Rahman Kok, who appeared before the judge, were sentenced to 3 years and 22 days in prison. The report also indicated that journalist Kerim Demiral and his son Mehmet Demiral were attacked while covering the discussion that took place during the protest to prevent the closure of Adana Şakirpaşa Airport

The report also noted the imposition of heavy fines by the Press Advertising Foundation and the Turkish Television, and the cutting off of advertisements from newspapers and television channels. The report stressed that the decision to block access to Deutsche Welle, the Turkish version and VOA, which is broadcast in Turkey, is a violation of press freedom, and is aimed at silencing these sites LINK

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Tivon » July 3rd, 2022

We are in the “Perfect Storm”.

Did you guys know the Federal Reserve contract to print money ends tomorrow? Which means by default that before Theodore Roosevelt took us off the “Gold Standard” no money could be printed beyond the physical amount of Gold & Silver that was available.

The paper money was supposed to act as a constituent of precious metals simply because you can’t carry such heavy material around on your person in a feasible manner to conduct business.

Keep in mind the gold reserves that Iraq accumulated and the 35% increase recently. Remember D. Trump said that our USD value was to high for countries like Iraq to do business with. Which is why most trade deals in Iraq until recently were conducted and denominated in USD. Which of course is no longer the way Iraq wants to continue to do daily commerce.

This is why things feel like some sort of quagmire at the moment because Iraq is being hush hush about the Gazette. Somebody is timing this with something else. Aside from that we have dissolution still on the table.

Al-Kazemi at any moment could be granted emergency powers. Tomorrow into the next few days afterwards will be monumental. Once Cern turns on the LHC expect things to move much faster then they have ever been since you got into this investment.

Plus the value of the dollar will increase exponentially given that the Central Banks will no longer be able to flood the markets with paper that is not backed by any assets. Remember what I put on the list? We are going back to 1950s prices. Where everything had a flat price. Our money will have more purchasing power as well.

The Fed lost it’s charter to print money way back in 2012. They had a ten year extension. Which ends on July 4th 2022. Independence Day will have a whole new meaning tomorrow.

We are returning to a Constitutional Republic. So expect fire works for multiple events coming up. You are about to see panic in media, markets, and government.

If only you knew the Supreme Court decision on the EPA and the impact on the rest of the alphabet agencies and networks you would be over the hill with excitement about our future.

Let’s just say moving forward you will hear less about Climate Change. That agenda in dead in the water thanks to Clarence Thomas. He has since become Public Enemy #1 in the last week. Roe vs Wade pales in comparison to what he did with the EPA. IMO

Ask yourself, have you ever wondered what the Bible meant when it said…”The Last shall be first and the first shall be last”?

Well if you look around you, who were the ones that prospered the most (First) from playing “The Game”? The Politicians, The Entertainers, The Athletes, The Drug Dealers, The Executives, The Socialites, The Cool Kids, etc.

The popularity that came with being “The it Girl” or “The Hot Jock” in these areas was something that was off putting because you felt you had to sacrifice apart of yourself to be surrounded by vain shallow narcissistic energy where the quality of just being a human being with a good heart was not something in cards to be rewarded appreciated for.

These are the type of people that fully embraced the lower dimensional thinking of the world. And whoever was outside of the bubbles that came with these aspects of society you were considered lame or boring and to nice because you lacked the competitive (Ego) needed to survive in the aforementioned fields.

Because in this world you are (Last) and not deemed valuable. You were deemed an outcast. Someone  not to be taken seriously. Someone that is walked over and not held in any high regard. Why?

Because you cared to much. You thought about other people. You were not selfish. You were not greedy. You were not power hungry. You were “The Good Friend”. You were not out to brown nose to climb the corporate ladder. 

But in the “New Age” you will be put first. You will be the predominant force. You will be the one people want to be around. Not because you are popular, athletic, pretty, rich, or powerful. But because you are yourself and filled with the holy spirit.

So understand when the time comes you will be a part of the few who will lead the many away from the carnal finite physical 3rd dimensional reality. IMO

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