“On the Cusp of it” – MarkZ 4th of July Intel Stream Highlights 7-4-22


MarkZ 4th of July  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ:  We celebrate freedom today, we celebrate humanity’s yearning to breathe free and chart it’s own course. Today we renew our conviction to do what is right, and not what is easy.

Member: Happy 4 Th of July to all. Stay happy stay positive don’t forget we are in this together. Let’s be thankful and remember our fallen hero’s that gave us our independence and continue to every day

Member:  Happy Independence Day! Let us never forget the sacrifices that were made to establish this great nation and As Patriots, let us never forget to defend her!!

Member: Happy Independence Day Patriots- Our founding fathers went through so much for this country

Member:  Happy 4th may our country change today for the better .

Member: I hope something big happens today

Member: I heard the fed has to stop printing money as of today- The Fed Reserve Charter is over?

Member: Yes- as of today the Fed Charter is over!!!!!

Member: Nick’s Intel Says HR 5404 needs to be passed by Congress and the Senate. For RV to Happen.

MZ: I am told that is BS……but you are welcome to think that if you like.

Member: Wondering if bondholders are about down to skin and bones from waiting forever and getting nothing

Member: Dr. Tom stated we now can wait until the August as 95%% of bonds are owned by the bad guys and the QFS system caught them.

MZ: I pray we don’t have to wait until the end of  August. That is not what I am hearing.  I am still hearing fantastic things and that we are on the cusp of it….RV within days or up to at the most a couple of weeks. They are confident we are at the end and I think they are accurate based on what I am seeing around the world in financial markets…

MZ: There has been so much conversation from the BRICS… “ The new BRICS Alliance is a mortal threat to the west”  .We even have rumors coming out in Main Stream Media that Germany and Saudi Arabia are joining BRICS…..guys this is the end of the PetroDollar. This reset is suddenly “forced” when that occurs. It will not become an “option” anymore because the US dollar and the western banks will implode in a very short time……

MZ: Article : “As NATO grows, China and Russia seeks to bring Iran and Saudi Arabia into the fold” Boom

MZ: Newsday: “ BRICS set to expand global influence and membership”  My favorite quote: “The west have yet to wake up to the realization that their political and economic systems are archaic and largely interpretive instead of being proactive and adaptive to the fast changing world” This is a key phrase here. The legislative branch has failed us….it has failed to keep up with the times…failed to be fleet of foot. Failed to pass reasonable legislation….to many lawyers. They have been leaving it to the courts to interpret it so they don’t have to take a stand or make a commitment….our congress has become useless….

MZ: Worldwide they see the end….here in the US its an ostrich with its head in the sand. .

MZ:  Article “ JPMorgan predicts $380 oil (per barrel) on worst case Russian output cost” Russia has pretty much gone asset backed…they have prepared for this…We have not. If the US continues the poke the bear…Russia can cut back 500 million barrels a day output without damaging its own economy …We are talking gas prices of $15.00-$17.00 dollars for a gallon of gas if Russia decides to do that…  

MZ: A lot of people would starve around the world if this occurs….meanwhile the west continues to poke them….it’s like the scrawny kid on the playground who has no idea how to fight going and purposely picking on the biggest bully ……..

MZ: The news is all over the place coming out of Iraq. Which is exactly what we saw in Kuwait and exactly what we saw in China during their last revaluation. This is exactly what we expected to start seeing.

MZ:  Article: “ The Central Bank of Iraq: The exchange rate cannot be changed and this is the size of the gold and currency reserves”  They talk about how great things are over there and then they deny these rumors….They have to deny these rumors. This is their job. This is compartmentalized. They are doing their best to suck as much dinar off the streets as they can here at the end.

MZ: “ Iraqi central bank denies rumors of change to dinar-dollar rate”

MZ: We knew we would start seeing this close to the end. They try to cloud the information. Nothing would make them happier than for all of you guys to give up and sell your dinar back to a dealer. That would make their dayl.

MZ: So right now they are doing exactly what we expected them to do in the final days.

Member: Hey Mark did you see that Iraq announced a distribution of only $100k dinars amongst the oil workers, Management. etc for coming Eid holiday starting 7/9/22? At current rate 100k Dinars buys nothing.

Member: My thought is that $100K dinar given to the Iraq employees, if they RV’d would be alot more..Now, that’s a BONUS!

MZ: Article: “ 17 countries will default on debts: Russian and Arab countries”  I get a kick out of this one…many financial experts expect Russia to default…of course Russia is going to default because banks won’t take their money…they have the money…they presented the money…they presented real gold and banks will not take it….….. Meanwhile Russia is sitting in a better economic position then they have been in probably 50 years…..so this one really is BS in my book

MZ: But it’s important to notice how many countries are collapsing right now.  Pakistan is on the fringe, Sri Lanka economy has already exploded. Then we have Zambia, Lebanon, Tunisia ,Ghana, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan,  El Salvadore, Equedore, Belizize, Argentina, Venezuela….

MZ: .We are watching them collapse all around us as we move to the next stage.

Member: The world is changing no doubt…The PTB are fighting to stay in their ancient power structures but they are finished.

MZ: You are dean on…they are finished. And we are watching it play out right in front of our eyes.

Member: The market is closed in the USA Today but about the rest of the world?

Member: Hey mark. I just ordered some currency Saturday. My first time. What do I need to do next. Thank you in advance.

Member: Congratulations….now just wait for 800 numbers or safelinks like the rest of us.

Member: Read on JFK Jr TG that they have been testing EMS the past few days & announced formally in DC.

Member: little tests going on around the country. Anyone in ohter countries receiving test EBS?

Member: Mark did you watch Nancy Drew in DC the other day when the EMS for capitol police went off in the whole Town?

MZ: I did see that one…I think they are preparing for something…don’t you?

Member: Until the truth is out…..we are not truly independent!!

Member: fireworks today! Arrests disclosure of truth tomorrow!!

Member: I’m not free, but I’m reasonable  lol

Member: Mark under Nesara, all currencies will be valued at 1 to 1. You have mentioned before that some currencies may go in a second basket at a later date. I believe all currencies have to go at the same time at 1 to 1 to support Gesara…..your thoughts?

MZ: Some simply are not ready. Over time they will move to parity…Mr. C always said RV first then reset….im guessing it may be 18 months to 2 years to see that parity.

Member: Mr. C said that that at our exchange some currencies will be defined in the Gold Treaty like the Dinar and the Dong. Not necessary to negotiate rates.

MZ: That is exactly how I understand it as well…Anybody worried about negotiating…I think it’s a foolish thing to worry about.

Member: When do you expect the market crash Mark?

MZ: I expected it to crash in Oct of 2019..then they pulled the repo market stuff…..Most of my economist friends believe we will see it start to crash tomorrow and over the next 2 weeks or so we will see a massive correction in the markets starting  this week….which will really ramp things up…especially with all the moves from BRICS…If we see an announcement this week that Iran, Saudi Arabia, Germany…or all 3 officially joining  BRICS ….then it will be toast.  Be sure to stock up…things are about to get very crazy.

Member: Ben fulford said US and Canada might share an Independence day in the future, Independence from Cabal.

Member: This is the most exciting 4th of July that I have ever experienced. i am a very senior citizen and am so blessed to be able to live in this time of the USA being returned to our original Freedoms.

Mod:  The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful, and virtuous.”

Member:  As we patiently wait on the RV at least we all have each other. And just think how fun it will be to meet everyone someday soon.

Member: Thank you to everyone that had fought for and are still fighting for our Freedom. Never take it for granted

Mod:  Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same R. REGAN


Member: Keep up the positive attitude and high vibes. There is going to be much to celebrate soon.

Membr: We are in the “end game” now.

Member: Happy 4th! Thank you doing today’s session. May you and everyone have a great day.

Member: Take care guys, may the 4th with you all

Member: Mark are you on PPN today with Simon, Chas, Dallas?

Mod:  MarkZ with Simone Parks at 1pm EDT on PPN. https://thepatriotpartynews.com/shows/the-original-mark-z/ or https://thepatriotpartynews.com/

Member:  Please don’t drink and drive, especially today. Celebrate over your grills with neighbors and loved ones. God bless America.

There is NO STREAM TONIGHT….enjoy your independence day…..



MZ: Zim payouts I hear may l be traunched…..a structured payout over time…….What is a traunch?   https://www.investopedia.com/terms/t/traunch.asp

MZ:  JFK Secret Societies Speech in case we forgot   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItOPg2l7-t0

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ObvK4NR_LI&has_verified=1&bpctr=1579044401

Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person http://freedom-school.com/aware/your-straw-man-is-an-artificial-person.html

MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAL0exvL45Y

Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME

MZ: Watch the Video “The end of the road” by Monkey films on Amazon Prime….End of the Road: https://tubitv.com/movies/451883/end_of_the_road

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