Dinarland Highlights for July 4, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 7.4.22

Mountain Goat

...Let’s look at the steps of currency reform playing out:

1. They completed the banking reforms,
2. They hooked the banking and financial sector into the global financial sector (updating technology),
3. they conduct the reinstatement and the project to delete the zeros,
4. they can then limit the money supply, end the inflation and back most of their dinar with gold.

Yes, gold backed and much more than is even required by the Basil requirements.  Oh – but the dinar is just 1/6 of a penny? Why they constantly bragging so muchAre they prepping the outside world to get invested in Iraq in the near future?



[via PDK]

[When has an RV ever happened before?]

…to everyone who says it doesn’t happen this way…Iraq has revalued their currency 3 times in the last 100 years. Also Germany and Japan RV’s after World War 2…I have also mentioned Kuwait… There are many countries who have revalued throughout history…

…I am still hearing fantastic things and that we are on the cusp of it…. RV within days or up to at the most a couple of weeks. They are confident we are at the end and I think they are accurate based on what I am seeing around the world in financial markets…


Frank26 (KTFA)

The Central Bank raises the financing needed for its development initiatives to 18 trillion dinars



Tivon (KTFA)

What did Al-Kazemi say to his cabinet? That he wanted at the earliest session to address the issue of reducing the USD rate against the IQD right? So why would we expect anything priorHe said this on June 23rd…We got a heads up on a potential timeline for a change in the rate. Between now and then I am looking for the Gazette announcement.

So in that sense a parliamentary session would be the time & place to issue a legal decision regarding the reduction in the USD price…apparently they can not (House of Representatives) distribute any funds because Hakim Al-Zamili even stated that he will take up everything with the relevant authorities once the EFSL is published in the Gazette.  Which is MIA… you should keep an eye out for the official publication.


Nader From The Mid East

The budget I think they’ll pass it by next month.  I don’t know if the exchange rate it it’s in or not.  I have no idea.



What does Iraq need to do to add value to their currency?”

…They don’t need to do anything…what specifically Iraq is going to have to do is sit there and watch the energy markets.  See who goes where.  Their markets can expand if they expand to Chinabut guess what Iraq wants to do?  They want China to trade in their own currency and so they have to have the currency up and going to be able to do that…It’s hard to predict the day but everyone knows they’re going to do it.



…Guru Pimpy says Iraq is not going to replace the dinar…Not true, this is exactly what they’re talking about ..issuing a new Iraqi dinar replacing the old.


Samson (KTFA)

Al-Kazemi: Failure to pass the budget leads to a delay of about 10 years in providing services in Iraq

in 2020, we did not have a budget, and in the following year 2021 the budget was available, and now in 2022 there is no budget, so how can the government work and provide the best without Budget?


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Frank26]

As far as the budget maybe coming out in October, remember the rate is not waiting on the budget.  The budget is waiting on the rate…what is needed is a seated government for all of this to come together. 


Sandy Ingram

Russia’s Middle East Footprint Expands With New Iran-Iraq Plan

the withdrawal of Al-Sadr’s group from the Iraqi government COULD open the door for Moscow…



The Central Bank of Iraq: The exchange rate cannot be changed, and this is the size of the gold and currency reserves

Another article talking about the Iraqi exchange rate.  This might not be anything other than the fact that they just keep reminding people that the exchange rate is not going to change.  But it is kind of hard not to remember what happened over there in Kuwait when they told everybody it would be years and then turn around and did the rate change the next day…

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