Dinarland Highlights for July 6, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 7.6.22

Mountain Goat

Two articles in today’s news…brags about the amount of Iraqi gold and the CBI reserves. Why are they doing this? …the rate of the dinar is now 1/6 of a penny and still under the program rate/currency auctions with all this wealth. It must change.



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RV news remains very quiet as we watch the existing financial system around the world implode…

Some of the biggest news today in Iraq is finding out the Food Security Law was posted in the Gazette today. This now makes it an official law. Now we see if they move forward. There are many rumors that we could have rates as early as tomorrow morning…but I think that’s premature and  a little early. I am hopeful I am wrong…Things are really ramping up as to what we are hearing…


Suzie (KTFA)

For the monetary reform/new exchange rate to appear Iraq NEEDS to be fully article 8 compliant which they are not, and they need a fully seated Government which they don’t, and the new EFSL as we all know has not appeared in the Gazette as of yet even tho’ the 15 days has passed. Even being “hooked” up globally, the AMF, etc, atm’s in place, their gold reserves and everything else points to the fact they’re ready and supposedly moving quickly, they still have to have what I’ve mentioned IMO…


Samson (KTFA)

Food Security Law Comes into Force”

The Iraqi Gazette published the Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development.  After its publication in the Official Gazette, the law will have entered into force…”


Tivon (KTFA)

Food Security Law Comes into Force

Now we are working with something. Do you guys remember what Mazhar M. Saleh stated back on June 8th 2022? He said the EFSL will move the wheels of the Iraqi economy correct?



The kind of chatter that’s going on in Iraq is not the kind that we want to hear…Maliki wants to be prime minister of Iraq…If Maliki gets the prime minister spot this is all bad because he will team up with the people that you don’t want him to team up with, such as China and Russia…As an Iraqi dinar investor this is probably something you don’t want to be dealing with…Maliki becoming the prime minister of Iraq.


Bruce (The Big Call)

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Iraq’s new dinar and their government seating and the dinar is ready – was put on a new platform and the ISX – Iraq Stock Exchange –  went to a new platform that is connected to the QFS – that happened I understand – either Saturday or Sunday…The government of Iraq was seated over the weekend – so they are ready to go – Is the rate out yet? We don’t have the rate…we know what it was when it first came on…

…we’re looking very possible for something to happen for us over the next 3 days…I think we are in a 3 day window...I think it could be that we are right smack against it – I even heard one source say that this could happen any minute… So I’m encouraged because I know we are that close…


Frank26 (KTFA)

“Al-Maliki’s Coalition: The 2022 Budget Will Not Go Ahead Without Returning The Price Of The Dollar”

Maliki changes his song about the exchange rate because he is a chronic liar!  This article is the complete opposite of what he has been saying just to survive in Iraq …


Sandy Ingram

“Russia muscles in on Indian oil market at expense of OPEC titans”

This is something I have never seen before – OPEC being openly crossed by one of its own members…Russia is on track this month to send slightly more oil to India than Iraq…the bottom line is Iraq is not able to sell more oil and increase its revenues because Russia is supplying cheaper oil to India…


Petra (KTFA)

IMF compliance under Article 8 requires a single currency practice..aka…IQD only for international trade and transfer.  The impact of the change, IMO, cannot be gradual as then at what point is the IQD more attractive to the USD?   We are not only awaiting a rate but also Article 8 “FULL” compliance specifically to their currency play.  So, not sure a gradual rate will work as people need a reason to change and “Shock and Awe” may be what is necessary to get people to change from USD to IQD…

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