IDC Community Thought(s) – 7.7.22


“Coincidences. Eventually, the actions and events you see as coincidences will begin to happen so much that you cannot help but think that there is something there. Well, there likely is something there. Oftentimes, we receive messages in the form of signs, dreams, symbols, other people, and situations. What you should do is start writing these things down to see if you can observe a pattern in the messages you are receiving. This is how to decode “coincidences” and find the meaning behind them. The universe is talking to you!”

“Dip into your own soul
Find your own truth
What calls to your heart
What moves your spirit
Make your life dance
To the song of your own essence!”

“Spirituality is the process of personal transformation deep within oneself. It is your way of loving, accepting, and relating to the world and people around you with an open heart and mind.”

“What if 144,000 was actually about your DNA? The most popular theory about the biblical prophecy of 144,000 might have a different meaning than we originally thought. Maybe it was never about this exact number of beings but how unique genetically they are going to be. As we ascend into 5th dimensional Earth the foundational structure of the body – DNA requires an upgrade to accommodate the expansion of consciousness into a quantum light body. As a result, we are going through an organic transformation of our DNA. The traditional biologic foundation of carbon-based, 2-strand DNA gradually merges and expands into a quantum crystal-based 12-strand DNA, and beyond. The gradual emergence of crystalline DNA results in the transformation of the physical body, from 23,000-gene expression into a 144,000-gene expression — the full capacity of the Light body. This underlying structural shift creates the foundation for illumined human consciousness to reside in the Light body anchored on Earth. So biblical 144,000 might be actually about the new superhuman race of the Golden Era on Earth! Beginning with you right now!”

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it.” — Ashley Smith

“Every time you put something positive into the universe the world changes. Your kindness invites miracles to show up, not just in your world, but in the whole world.”

“Very soon you’re going to watch things fall into place after watching them fall apart for so long.”

“Believe in yourself! Don’t let self-doubt slow you down. You were made by an infinite God! You are a beautiful and capable creator. Release your fears and go for your dreams!”

~ Images submitted to Dinar Chronicles by Bonnie


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