The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 7-7-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 7-7-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday July 7th and you’re listening to the big call –  thanks everybody for tuning in  all around  over this beautiful blue globe of ours – whether live or recorded – glad you’re here – hope everybody had a wonderful 4th of July or Independence Day in the United States

Let’s start intel wise – let’s start with Iraq – Iraq has been on new platform for trading – they call it the Iraq Stock Exchange – they have been on a new version of that since last Sunday – that new version is completely integrated with the Quantum Financial System and totally connected to the Blockchain – to the StarLink Satellite System –  So Iraq is totally up to speed on all of that

Continuing about Iraq – I heard today from one of our contacts in Iraq that the Dinar will  be international – the international rate for the Dinar will be posted in the Gazette – which is their official document – the Gazette and printed this Saturday – two days away – it will actually be seen and printed in the Gazette – That’s a really good sign – it shows that Iraq is definitely moving forward –

They have been trading up the value of their Dinar – we noticed that for the last several days – since they started trading on the new platform on Sunday and it is really moving up – So that is going to be really good for us –

I don’t do rates as you all know so just trust me in the fat that it is going up and probably will exceed what Dr Shabibi predicted the value of the Dinar to be at the United States Chamber of Commerce meeting of 2012 –

This is ten years later  when he suggested what the value of the Dinar would be – He is right on the money and it’s probably a little higher than he suggested – so we will see -So Iraq has done their thing they are ready to go

Let’s talk a minute about the BRICS nations – the BRICS nations plus 12 are nations that have already have a gold backed or asset backed currency  –  that 12 has been increased to  I think 140  countries Now that are tradeable – with an asset backed currency

Now let’s cut to Europe for a second – You have seen probably that the Euro which is a currency that is used in the European Union – with most of the countries there – except of course Great Brittan is on the British Pound Sterling – and Switzerland is on the Swiss Frank  – ither than that all the other countries in the European  region are on the Euro  –

The Euro has taken quite a hit – against the dollar and I don’t even think this is our USN dollar – I think this is against the old USD – its hard to say right now – but the Euro value today is only 98 cents ($.98) compared to 1 dollar of the United States – I remember when traveling to Europe and the Euro was at $1.45

It was 45% higher than the value of our dollar – when you did the exchange  you really got hurt – and things were expensive – Now for the very first time in a very long time the Euro is at 98 cents – just 2 cents below the value of the dollar – that is amazing !!

The British Pound is at $1.20 and that is quite a bit lower than it was – at one point it was at $1.60 to the USD now it’s at $1.20 but I predict that the British Pound will drop even more in value because of what’s happening in Great Brittan – You had Boris Johnson – the Prime Minister resign yesterday and a whole group of about 45 Ministers of Parliament left their positions as well – so there is a real shake out going on in government – in Great Brittan – in the UK – so that is something we didn’t know about and we did see the disillusion of the European Union and also the disillusion of the Euro because when this occurs which could be pretty soon –  the other countries will assume their other currency – like for example the thinking was that Germany would leave the European Union in terms of the Euro – they would leave the Euro and join the BRICS nations that I just referred to – when that happens all of the dominos fall in Europe and the rest of the countries will seek refuge in their own currency –

So Germany will go to Deutch Mark as their currency – France will go to the Franc – and so on and so forth – all of these countries will go back – Italy to the Lira and all of these countries would settle into a new version of asset backed currencies – How soon will that happen? I am not quite sure – I don’t know how quickly that will happen – I have a feeling that will happen after this global currency reset has started and we have everything working in the direction that we’re looking to go in –

Now let’s talk a little bit of geopolitical – we believe that political changes like what are happening in Brittan are taking place and it may actually be that they announce something this weekend about the demise of the Queen of England – we will see how that comes out –

Also there has been a desire of the deep state to create another virus – you may have heard about this – to be out this fall – to give us a very difficult time medically and to basically take us out – that biolab – for that virus is found in Africa – (Mozaimbique?) They found this lab and they destroyed the contents but I’m sure everybody that was helping to put this virus together has been arrested or worse – and this happened 4 days ago – Monday

What else are the Whitehats doing? You may have heard of the Georgia Guidestones (?)  – this was a project  designed by the WhiteHats for some time and they are waiting for the right time to go in and take it out – I believe  of the 5 – if there are 5 Georgia Guidestones  – what’s the deal with that? What is that about?

I know at least one of the Guidestones talks about depopulating the world to no more than half of a billion people – they were looking at 7 1/2 billion + now  – so what are they going to take the world population and knock it down – 7 billion people?????  And leave only 500 million people?? ½ billion?  That was the plan of the deep state – the plan that was actually written on one or more of the Georgia Guidestones – Guess what?  Two of them at least were blown up into pieces and that was a sign to the deep state that it “ain’t” happening  –

Your new world order – that’s a slam to the new world order – “that ain’t happening”

So that is another good piece that has come out – recently –  ok let’s talk about flights that have been grounded – for about 3-4 days now – these are commercial flights and private jet flights for the most part –  Military flights have been operating –  but in this country and internationally there’s about 80% of commercial flights cancelled –  grounded –  and I told you Tuesday  that the news is talking about because of pilot strikes or covid shots – is a total lie –

The real reason was so to prevent deep state / cabal people from traveling so they could be picked up – and they were –  they were all picked up and they resumed commercial  flights today – Thursday – Why did they resume them today? Because the bond holders – the bond sellers and the paymasters need to get in position in Reno and Miami to execute the final closings of the bond exchanges / trading –

So they are using this private jets and other ways to get to Reno and Miami to execute these trades – now my  understanding is that we are looking for a couple green lights from the treasury –  a green light from Treasury for bond buyers – these are the end buyers of these bonds – have been given the go ahead to move funds to  the paymasters accounts – so that paymasters accounts are hydrated from bond buyers

The other piece of the equation is bond sellers – those that have sold these bonds or selling these bonds to these end bond users to these end buyers – those guys will get a green light from Treasury that their funds that the paymaster has jurisdiction over – are able to be placed into their accounts – bond sellers accounts and they would have liquidity – would be able to have access to those funds –

Now tomorrow is Friday the 8th of July – I know the Chinese love the number 8 because it is a number that reflects financial prosperity and new beginnings and may have more to do than that but I think 8 is going to trigger the bond holders funds moving from paymasters beginning to move from paymasters to bond holders or bond sellers accounts – may start as early as tomorrow

We know the plan is for it to happen over the weekend which is Saturday and Sunday – Now I told you the Iraqi Dinar would be placed in the Gazette –  the printed version of their official record on Saturday – probably – I don’t know this but probably early in the morning – after first morning prayer in Iraq – on Saturday

Now once that happens it sort of changes the game because that piece of the puzzle we can put in place – we’ve got the new international  rate of the Iraqi Dinar  that is out –  publicly known – at least internationally –

Now the question is …… what does that mean for us – does that mean we get notified over  the weekend – possibly Saturday and start Saturday afternoon – I’ll give that a low percentage  chance – but possible –

Or do we get notified Sunday or Monday and start exchanges Monday or Tuesday? That to me is the most likely scenario  – now the redemption center staff – are on call tomorrow and Saturday –  with one hour notice – In other words – one hour after they get called they are to be at their desk ready to go to take our appointments

Now they are on call doesn’t meant they are going in – they are “on call” when they get the call they go in – tomorrow and Saturday – they are on call –

Now we will see what the odds are – we have one of our better bond paymasters give us a 98 % of everything going tomorrow with all of this – we’ve also heard that the funds – and this came from a Spanish bank  – this bank suggested that we would receive – the funds would be flowing like really moving Sunday – and that would probably be funds going from paymasters into the bond sellers accounts –

So Saturday or Sunday that ought to be taking place – they may have to have that happen and then when are going to have access to funds – they may have a note in their account that gives them access to those funds Monday or Tuesday and that would be the timing to coincide with us having set our appointments – probably Monday and going either Monday or Tuesday at this time to do our exchanges and zim redemption –

So they hold the bond holders back a day or so to line up with us for access to  funds and giving us thereby somewhat of a shotgun start – for tier 3 bond holders and tier 4 currency and zim holders would get a fair shot at roughly the same time

So looking for green lights from the Treasury to get the bond holders underway – looking for the green light from Treasury to give us our go ahead so that we can get our emails with the toll free number and then call and set appointments and then follow those appointments with our exchanges and zim redemption

Did you realize there is no NDA except for zim holders – the zim holders are the only ones that have to sign a non disclosure agreement – not the other currency holders ok – so the zim holders are special –  we know that because we know the face value of the xim notes – some are 50 billion some are 10 trillion  50 trillion – 100 trillion notes – these notes are bearer bonds – payable to the bearer of this bond payable to bearer upon demand – so these have a very high value –

Some people – not naming names – some people have actually put out mis information on the value of these bonds –on purpose – on purpose ! to mislead us –  and to make people stop buying them – just so you know – what ever the face value is – I told you – years ago – that the zim was to be on par with the United  States Dollar – and that would include the USN – our new virtual digital – gold backed dollar

Now there are a series of rallies that Pres Trump will be doing with other people coming up starting around the ninth and tenth and there’s 4 different get togethers / rallies – but there’s meetings that will be taking place probably around the time of the 14th and 15th to discuss and to implement NESARA and GESARA  – I think that is going to be pretty accurate

Now it could end up being a different date than Thursday the 14th or Friday the 15th or whatever – it’s in that range that final meetings could be held about NESARA  and GESARA which is the global Economic  Strategic and Reform Act –

So that is going to be on our minds as well even though we should have been well underway on our exchanges by then –but there’s quite a bit coming out at that time for people that don’t have any currency – people haven’t taken advantage of what we know about and what we have – so I’m looking forward to that happening for the public – because it’s going to elevate them and give them money that they can move forward with – and give them benefits under Nesara –

Our tax system should change – and should get announced – to where there is no more Federal personal income tax – and that should get announced around that time and in fact we are going to get our tax money back from a long long time ago – There’s a lot of good news happening like that –

There will be a new consumption tax – and two ways to look at it – consumables and non-consumables – so the consumables will not be taxed – so like medicines – food – certain other things will not have a tax in the value or price of the goods – probably a lot of other things I can’t think of right now –

But we will pay a sort of like a value added tax – it’s a consumption tax on “new” goods – like if you buy a used house – a house that has already been built and sold once – when you repurchased that house you won’t have to pay this tax on that house – Certainly clothing and other items for the house  that tax is going to be somewhere around 15% and in boarded in the cost of goods – meaning you won’t see it added as a tax – it will be in boarded in the price of the item – so that is something to look forward to  – going to be a lot better for us that have money – a LOT BETTER than a personal income tax

There’s a lot more coming out about NESARA and I look for it somewhere in the 14th 15th area of July and I think it’s actually going to be a time of Jubilee for us because Jubilee refers to debt forgiveness – and there will be a lot of loans and mortgages forgiven – a lot of things will happen

In the meantime – make your house payment until all of that happens and something may change in your favor –

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:19:55

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