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Samson » July 9th, 2022

OPEC+ production rises to its highest level in three months

9th July, 2022

OPEC and its allies led by Russia in June raised crude oil production by 390,000 barrels per day, but it did not reach its targets, which raised its compliance to 192 %

According to a survey prepared by S&P Global Commodity Insights , the 13-member Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) pumped 28.13 million barrels per day in June, an increase of 210,000 barrels from May, with steady gains made by Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Angola and the UAE, while allied countries produced The nine-member OPEC 13.26 million barrels per day, an increase of 180,000 barrels per day, amid the recovery of Russian oil, and thus the production of OPEC + rose to its highest level in three months at 42.09 million barrels per day in June

The alliance fell short of its collective goals by 2.70 million barrels per day, while increasing compliance with quotas to 192%

Iraq, the second largest producer in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), witnessed a decline in its production to 4.38 million barrels per day in June despite the increase in federal exports, as data showed that flows from the Kurdistan Region declined, and the country decreased in a large part of its oil stocks. Raw in June. According to Shafak News

Saudi Arabia raised its production to 10.55 million barrels per day in June, driven by an increase in summer crude burning. However, the survey found that this is still about 110,000 b/d below its quota of 10.66 million b/d  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » July 9th, 2022

It Is Expected That Dozens Of Laws Will Be Passed During The Next Legislative Term

9th July 2022

The Parliament’s decision, Representative Gharib Askar, expected, on Saturday, to pass dozens of stalled laws during the next legislative term, indicating that the parliament’s activity depends on accelerating the formation of the government.

Askar said in a statement to “Al-Maalouma”, that “the next legislative term, that is, after the Eid al-Adha holiday, will be active in all its details, and dozens of stalled laws will be passed.”

He added that “what hinders the parliament’s work is the government’s transformation into a caretaker and its inability to send any legislative details. In the event of the formation of the government, the legislative term will turn into a parliamentary activity.”

Askar pointed out that “the political differences are less compared to the previous parliamentary sessions, which enhances the hope of enacting laws, especially the budget for the next year, and even the introduction of the oil and gas law to end the file of selling the oil of the Kurdistan region of Iraq.”   



Tivon » July 9th, 2022

Remember, I told you guys that Al-Kazemi was lining up the bowling pins? I said he is positioning himself for a Blitz play. He is about to go all out. Why?

Because the EFSL has “Citizens Entitlements”. And that is based on the Oil & Gas Law and the dues that come with it that Mazhar M. Saleh stated as a paragraph in the EFSL which is another reason why after the draft became a complete law was not challenged by the government.

This is probably the main reason why we have not seen a rate change. The Oil & Gas Law file once ended for good can change the course of everything in a very short period.

That’s why I think Al-Kazemi was/is waiting for the opportune time to reduce the USD price so that purchasing power can be established from the onset of the Oil & Gas Law being completely under Iraq’s control.

Keep in mind that the revenue of Iraq is 95% oil. This is what will give the EFSL its real power. Why?

Because as you read from a technical expert just a day ago the markets are stabilized along with all Contracts & Procedures. The last paragraph is already talking about the budget for next year. Why not this year? Because the EFSL will clear the slate for Iraq this year.

The areas list below is the targeted focus before a 2023 Budget is open. Because that will be for everything new.

The EFSL is for everything that has been stalled. Which includes the Oil & Gas. 

Reconstruction? Pending.

Investment Projects? Done.

Payment to Farmers? Pending.

Electric Dept To Iran? Done.

Ration Cards? Done.

Final Accounts? Done.

Reducing Unemployment? Pending. 

Oil & Gas? Pending.

Citizens Entitlements? Pending.

Social Protection? Pending. 

Raising the Value of the IQD? Pending. 

Import & Exports? Done.

Agriculture? Pending.

Corruption Files? Pending.

People Al-Kazemi is spelling it out for. All he wants is the cooperation. That’s all he needs to achieve everything. Reconstruction, Purchasing Power, Investment Projects, etc.

This man is trying his hardest to make it clear that he wants everything for Iraqi citizens now. Not waiting on the GOI or a budget they don’t even have time to entertain. When we are talking about the EFSL, we are talking about something that has full 100% capability to proceed with everything promised to the citizens.

This is not my interpretation of anything. You hearing it from the man himself. Along with other prominent figures. Now don’t get me wrong if it wasn’t for the EFSL being created. I would agree with some minds here that we need a fully seated government. And a 2022 Budget to accompany that government.

But times have changed since about three or four months ago. We are no longer on that timeline. Because as you can see it’s a split between two dimensions now. In one reality you have political figures still trying to drum up enthusiasm about the 2022 Budget and a GOI. On the other you have Al-Kazemi with a seated cabinet working outside of the government with the EFSL where he is using the stipulations in the constitution to carry the EFSL.

And it is working as evident to what the Federal Court made Kurdistan do with the Oil contracts. What you seen today makes that very clear. Especially with Al-Kazemi visiting Mosul. I mean he spoke with a German Ambassador for God’s sake about Reconstruction in liberated areas.

How is it that this is not clear enough that the guy has all the power neccessary to complete the reforms without a GOI? He is doing it now. IMO

Al-Kazemi: He added, “Our people and our sons deserve a lot, and they have experienced difficulties, and it is time to intensify efforts to serve them, and remove all obstacles,” noting that “many obstacles and problems can be resolved in cooperation and coordination in order to facilitate procedures and speed up work mechanisms.”

Al-Kazemi continued, “The country is witnessing a specific political situation, but this should not prevent us from working in the service of our people with full force and without any hesitation.” He called on “political forces to assume their national responsibility in resolving the political crisis,” declaring that “this government is continuing its duty vigorously, and it will not delay in providing service to our people with all its capabilities.”

Samson » July 9th, 2022

Alia Nassif comments on the revenues achieved by customs in Iraq

8th July, 2022

Representative Alia Nassif described the high revenues achieved by the Customs Authority last June as “paving the way for saving Iraq from the rentier economy dependent on oil

And she said in a statement today: “The Customs Authority set a record compared to the months of June in previous years, as its revenues amounted to more than 99 billion dinars, despite the exemption of food and construction materials from customs duties in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers

She added: “We have always called on the concerned authorities during the previous years to monitor the work of the border crossings and to advance this important sector, because it will become one of the main sources of income for the people. And a real estate thief who will be summoned successively .. including the honest and successful in his work,” indicating that “the Customs Authority, after paying attention to it and examining the work of the outlets and their management by professional elements, returned their revenues to add strength to the Iraqi economy

Nassif indicated: “These revenues will soon contribute to reducing the risks of the rentier economy dependent on oil exports and contribute to the advancement of the rest of the important sectors if these funds are used correctly   LINK


MilitiaMan » July 9th, 2022

To add to the hard work and good analysis of Tivon, there is more to the story. That 95% oil revenues is going to be batched by the borders, liquid natural gas,   mining, tourism, etc.. The size of the money flow is going to be staggering. Everyone knows it.. Even those that read this forum  know we know it and well. imo.. ~ MM

Tivon » July 9th, 2022

Militia-Man,  It’s mind boggling that while all of this is happening people are still waiting on the formation of the GOI when Al-Kazemi is waiting on cooperation of the Executive & Legislative branches to complete everything for the citizens now using the now published EFSL that officially has legal authority supported by the constitution to not only reduce the USD rate but also to terminate the oil contracts with Kurdistan.

I have yet to find any statement from Al-Kazemi that in order to give the citizens everything they need requires a seated government and that he should wait to implement reforms. Please if anyone can find it I implore you to share it. I posted multiple statements from those officials supporting that notion. They just told you today that they basically don’t have time to form the GOI or pass a budget. So what is their solution? Pass something that will support the EFSL. I called this 3 days ago. 

Not conjecture. Clare is on fire with posting articles that align with my analysis on the matter. We are good. Al-Zamili is running the show. IMO  ~ Tivon

MilitiaMan » July 9th, 2022

We are in a good space. As you well know that on the 23rd the earliest possible session to include the issue of reducing the price of the dollar was likely done same. We know for the Supreme Judicial Council that the “necessary powers” have been granted to Kahdimi and we see evidence of that with the EFSL published in the Gazette this last week. So, yes your not likely to be wrong, as the CBI has been imo given the green light. They have had stellar reports form the World Bank and IMF in recent past as well. So Kahdimi has his advisor today tell us the story.. I like it.. Thanks for you hard work.. Well done.. ~ MM 


” “During the double financial and health crisis that our country was subjected to in 2020, the international community felt Iraq’s need for international aid to reform and reorganize the economy in order to achieve sustainable development and combat decline and corruption, so it was formed in London in the middle of the year 2020, what was called (The Iraq Economic Contact Group (IECG) (composed of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the European Union, and the Group of Seven major industrial countries).

He continued: “The aforementioned contact group expressed its willingness to support financial and economic reform projects in our country and to reorganize the financing, production and governance sectors, and the white paper was the result of that cooperation,” he concluded by saying: “I see that Iraq has many serious and promising opportunities to benefit from the intentions of the international community.” Positively towards achieving reform projects and economic progress in Iraq.”  LINK 


“Based on Article (61 Seventh-c) of the Iraqi constitution and Article (56) of the internal system, please include the issue of reducing the price of the dollar in the earliest possible session, according to constitutional reasons, and because of the economic repercussions that are taking place in the country and the collapse of the currency and its impact on  Iraqi citizen.  ” LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


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