Dinarland Highlights for July 10, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 7.10.22


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[is the dong rate still $2.20...]

Still hearing $2.25-$2.30 is the projected rate on the dong….


Mountain Goat


More bragging…still 1/6 of a penny for a dinar…what goes?



The GOI has to be seated and fully functioning for a MAJOR CHANGE to occur with the exchange rate, because it will be a monumental task to accomplish, it will change everything in their country and how they operate, we here as investors look at the change as game over, but for Iraq it is step one of a new everything, so all aspects of the government need to be fully in place, a caretaker government will not cut it…the current government does not have the powers to send bills…



What will happen to the dinar has already been clearly documented by the IMF back in 2013.  Many didn’t believe it, but this is how monetary policy works. There is no RV. If and when the dinar ever goes up in value it will via float based on the economic growth of Iraq’s economy.


Tivon (KTFA)

{Response to Guest Guru Humble1 below}

The Budget” require the full power of the government. Not the EFSL. Big difference. That’s why in the same article they state they either pass the budget (Which They Can’t) or put full power behind the EFSL sense it is already in the Gazette and doesn’t require a formation of the GOI because Al-Kazemi is cabinet is considered already seatedWhy do you think he was able to pass the EFSL without a GOI?


Samson (KTFA)

The Central Bank : There is no future plan that includes changing the exchange rate

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Ammar Khalaf, said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The exchange rate at the present time – in our belief as a monetary authority – there is no justification for changing it…The economic circumstance is the main ruler…


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

{Response to Guest Humble1 below}

Did you miss the part where the Supreme Judicial Council spelled out the Caretaker Government verbiage is contextual and not implicit?Also that the Prime Minister can be given “necessary powers” in time of war and in emergency circumstances. Emergency Food Security Law was put into law during this past week.

It shows that he has the powers needed to facilitate the necessary Items that will support the citizens. There is not support  I have seen that the seated government is not able to do what is needed. The Finance Minister has the legal authority to allow the CBI to change the exchange rate, when they are ready.. From the sounds of the articles today, they very well may be ready as ever now… 

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